3 Steps To Make Money With Revshare Sites

By | May 11, 2016
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Revshare sites are probably the easiest way for anyone to make their first dollar online. It doesn’t matter what level or experience you have, when you do it right, you are definitely going to earn something.

I started internet marketing back when PTC sites were hot. Most newbies like myself used to spend time on these websites clicking ads and earning pennies. But of course many of these turned out to be scam and quite a lot of people lost some money or didn’t make enough to live their lives.

It’s 2016 and just like PTCs used to be popular, Revshares have now taken the top spot. It’s all that is being advertised on the internet at the moment. People are really making some serious cash. I for one, withdrew more than $17,000 in 2015, more money than i ever thought i could make one day. In fact i was withdrawing around $1000 in a week.

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Alright, now you might be asking yourself ,”how do i make money with a revshare site?”
But before we go to that, lets cover what these sites are.

What Is a Revenue Sharing Site?


A revshare is a site where the owner distributes the company’s revenues among it’s paid members depending on how they are qualified. Normally, members would be required to purchase advertisement packages commonly known as ad packs to participate in the revenue sharing.

Most of the time, profits are distributed hourly or every 30 minutes depending on how the site’s admin has set his compensation plan.

Many rev shares are free to join but a few charge a monthly membership fees.


How To Make Money With a Revshare Site

 My previous post was about how to avoid scams. Today i’ll go through how you can make money with the same revshare sites.
So, obviously you must first join and be a member. But before you rush joining every site out there, it’s important to know that not all revshares can be trusted. Knowing so, you must be careful, who you are dealing with. You must always do your due diligence and make sure your investment is safe, just like I explained here.
After you have done that, it time to make money.

Step One – Buy Ad packs

This is the most basic and almost a must do step. Like i mentioned above, you must be a paid member to participate in the company’s profit sharing.
The only way you can become a paid member is through buying advertisement packages. There is an expiry period which is normally after a pack has earned you a certain percentage of the original ad pack value.
For example
Using traffic monsoon’s example. Ad packs are sold at $50 each and expires at 110%. That means overtime, once a pack has earned you $55, it expires giving you a $5 profit.
Profits always depend on the previous day’s sales. So whatever is paid every day can fluctuate accordingly. The daily rate that the company offers is what will determine how it will take until a pack expires.
Whatever the case you need a good strategy to manage your investment.

How Much Should You Put Into a Revshare.

This is one of the frequently asked questions. Basically, the more money you start with, the more you are going to make overtime. I can testify to that.
Most reviewers(myself included) will tell you to spend only what you can afford to loose, which is true by the way. The hard truth however is, if you cling to your money, you’ll rarely make anything in this industry. Apparently, its the risk takers who end up with all the money in their pockets.

A Good Earning Strategy

Normally i try to get in as high as i can. Like i said, the more packs you have, the more money you’ll earn, the quicker you’ll recover your seed money and also grow your account faster.

Don’t be hasty to recover your seed money. Once you start withdrawing more than you should to grow, your account will soon dry out.

Have a good withdraw strategy that will ensure your growth in the long run. I normally use the 91 – 9 withdraw plan which is much safer and good for maximum growth.

To summarize all, i’ll say a good earning strategy at this point will involve :

  • Starting out with what you can afford but as high as you can
  • Boost your growth by having a no withdraw period
  • Withdraw reasonably with growth in mind.

Then we can got to the next step.


Step Two – Recruit

I saw the importance of recruiting last year in 2015. I made around $30,000 in referral commissions in Traffic monsoon which was used to boost my account growth and of course i withdrew some.

A lot of internet marketers are scared and don’t like the thought of recruiting people into a business. That’s why when a business opportunity doesn’t tight people to recruit like the revenue sharing model does, many will run towards it.

But the truth remains, those who recruit, end up making more money than the average typical revshare member.

Time must come when you must face your recruiting phobia and man up. You’ll never come up at the top if you don’t refer people into your online business.

Some few false beliefs

People tend to give themselves excuses as to why they can’t recruit. Some of them are:

  • I don’t have money for paid advertisement.
  • Recruiting is hard
  • No one will believe me because i have no earning proof
  • I’m just a newbie, i don’t have a recruiting experience


To me those are just a bunch of excuses. Recruiting is nothing more than talking about your business to interested people.

That’s it.

Once you get that, then you’ll understand that it has nothing to do with  how much money you are making, your advertisement budget nor your online experience.

If you hard that, i admit it would be a lot more easier but even if you had just started with internet marketing today, you’d still be in a position to do it better.

I’ll tell you my secret,

One of the most efficient free methods i use to recruit people into my revshare businesses is through blogging and writing reviews. If you go through my blog, you’ll see that i have written several reviews and I’m getting sign ups through that alone.

But i could have easily given myself excuses like:

  • I don’t have blogging experience
  • No one will read my posts and believe me
  • English is not my first language
  • I can’t afford it, etc

See, anyone can blog and anyone can be successful from just that.

Okay, maybe you are not good at blogging, what about making videos. In fact videos could produce more results than a blog. YouTube is free and anybody can shoot a video and post it on there.  We are good with Instagram and snapchats, YouTube is not any different, you just have to be a little bit serious and make a point.

Free recruiting methods,

  1. Blogging
  2. YouTube
  3. Traffic Exchanges
  4. Safelists
  5. Talking to people, etc

Paid recruiting methods,

  1. PPC Ads,
  2. Solo Ads,
  3. Banner ads etc

What to do with your referral commissions

I call referral commissions as boosters. Use them to purchase more packs until you reach your desired goals. Then you can increase your withdrawal balance.


Step Three – Promote Your Other Opportunities

The traffic packages you purchase from revshares provide you with advertisement credits. These are banner and text ad clicks meant to be used to advertise your income opportunities.
Unfortunately, majority of revshare members tend not to utilize them. Some judge them to be poor traffic. But that’s not true. It has to do with how you have structured your funnels.
If you are a lazy internet marketer, chances are you are not going to see desirable results. But if you take trouble to customize your funnels and brand yourself, you are going to see massive results.
Anyways my point is, you should use these packages to expand your online empire and make money directly or indirectly.
What revshare traffic can do for you:

  1. Generate leads
  2. Increase your blog traffic
  3. Sales and sign ups
  4. Increase your followers, etc.

All these can make you more money in the short and long run.



There’s a lot of money to be made from revshares. I see a lot of people succeed, quit their jobs and boost their income to 5 and 6 figures. The same, a lot of people loose money because they use poor strategies or get scammed.
My advise. Take time to do your research and join a good programs.  Apply what i have discussed above and you should be on the right truck to make a good online residual income.
Always diversify your online portfolio to reduce the risk of starting from scratch every time when challenges emerge. So instead of having one stream, try creating two more one at a time and build them together. This will help you weather any storms.
If you found this post helpful, i only ask for a little favor. Like and share it. Comment below if you have any questions or contributions. I wish you all the best with revshare opportunities. Connect with me through Google+ and Facebook.
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