About Me

Hi There and welcome to my blog. My name is Avitus Ifunya, a blogger and reader ,highly fascinated with various ways regular people like me and you can earn a side income, all passively through the internet.

What i believe in

I believe anyone serious enough, can make money online. Every human being has a gift. A hobby or talent, with proper guidance, can be turned into a sizable income. That’s the core idea that gave birth to this blog – Turning passion and talent into multiple income streams.


………enough of that…….


I’m a human being and so i have interests/hobbies.


What are my hobbies?


…..let’s go…..



Making Money Online. It’d have been totally pointless if i didn’t have this as my first.I don’t want to retire on a pension and definitely wouldn’t desire to keep my 9 to 5 job forever. Yes i have a day job. But, my daily focus is directed towards quitting this rat race and live the LAPTOP LIFESTYLE. Life in my own terms.



I’m a hardcore gamer. If i was a pilot, id be a captain now considering the hours i have logged into gaming. I’m not about to quit today or tomorrow.

….Say woohoo if you are a call of duty fan, or maybe Battlefield and oh Yes FIFA.

Did i mention you can earn a passive income from gaming as well? At least you see now why i can’t quit.



I breathe SOCCER. Yes i’m a crazy soccer fan who thinks CHELSEA is the best football club in the world…..just kidding…..

But wait,

Did you know that the Barclay’s Premier League is the most popular football league in the world? So why not mix yourself with the majority?


Take five if you are a Blue fan (CHELSEA)



Movies and Series……Next to gaming, i think this could take second place. You get the idea.

By the way,

Breaking BAD was way too awesome……..



Travelling. Who doesn’t want to see the world. Go on vacation, see and learn new cultures, meet different people and make new friends. An ideal life for any Internet Entrepreneur.



Okay that’s enough…….

Obviously i have so many other hobbies that didn’t make the top list but hopefully that gave you a rough idea.



Laws, Theories and Daily Inspirations…….

First of i’m a Christian. Catholic to be precise. Everyone is allowed to believe in whatever they believe in. I believe what i am and what i have achieved in life to-date, is not from my personal efforts alone. There’s a greater entity involved and that’s God for me.

I take time everyday to pray and thank HIM for all this that he has blessed me with.


Second, i believe in the Universe and the Law of Attraction. Like attracts Like. Ask, Believe and Receive. Whatever you hold in your mind, that’s what manifests in your life. Negative or Positive.



My Favorite Quote

“Never depend on Single Income,Make Investment to create a second source” – Warren Buffet –



My Final Word

There could be life after death. There are so many theories on that. i don’t know. But i know you only live Once in this Life. So make the most of it.


With Best Regards,

Avitus Ifunya.

Avitus Ifunya