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By | January 3, 2017
adhitz review,

Adhitz has been my favorite source of paid traffic for as long as I can remember. If you are looking for a cheap but effective paid advertisement solution, this should be your go to place. The good thing is that this site could be a home for anyone, experienced internet marketers all the way down to people who recently just got involved with this “make money online” Field.

Of course you can also make money with this site, but that won’t be the primary focus of this review even though I’ll briefly touch on that later in this post.

I made this Adhitz review to explain how this site can benefit your internet business especially if you just got started with making money online and you don’t have a big budget for paid advertisement.

I’ll hint you first

This source works best with mid to Low ticket offers/opportunities. If you have anything like revshares, matrix or opportunities that don’t involve very high startup cost, you’ll likely get good results depending on your funnel. I tried it with Traffic monsoon and four corners and I was not disappointed.

If you have high ticket offers like MOBE and Empower Network, then you should try other sources like Solo Ads, etc.

Adhitz Review

Adhitz is a Cost per click(CPC) advertising ad network that serves advertisement through publisher sites registered with the network. It’s a subsidiary company of ClixSense, whose Corporation is headquartered in Hampstead, NC. The owner is James Grago who has succeeded to grow and manage for over six years now since 2009.

The ad network has two sides. The publisher side and the advertiser side. So basically if you want to advertise your business you’d register under Advertiser and vise versa.

adhitz review,

It also serves two kind of advertisements, Banner and Text CPC ads. Since 2009 Adhitz has served over 25 billion ad impressions.It is  serving around 1.5 billion ad impressions each month at the moment.

Available Advertising Options

How it Works

Adhitz has its own large network of publisher websites. The concept is the same as Google Adsense. Bloggers and website owners can register for publisher accounts. Once approved they can start displaying advertiser ads served by Adhitz.

As of January 2017, Adhitz has over 900 registered publisher websites in its network.

Advertisers can choose to advertise on specific sites or across all sites within the network. Publisher websites are arranged in an order of how much daily visitors they are getting as shown below.

adhitz review

From experience, advertising across the network works better than site specific ads.

The company only charges per click. So, your ad will have an unlimited number of impressions. The cost per click ranges between $0.03 to $0.14 USD.

Cost per click is determined by geographic location. That is, a click from the US would be charged higher compared to a click from say Tanzania.

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You can choose to target your ad by country or by a specific site on the network. Your ad will have much less impression and might take long to expire but will be more targeted.

Types Of Ads

There are two major types of ads you can choose from.

1. Text ads – These are displayed on publisher sites as text on blocks.

adhitz review

2.Banner ads – These are typical image ads we are used to seeing around on websites. They offer 5 dimensions (468×60, 728×90, 125×125, 120×600 and 300×250). You can choose one that suites your needs.

adhitz review


How Effective are Their Ads

Like i mentioned before i have used Adhitz quite a lot. Especially when i was very active with revshare sites.

I have had success promoting Traffic monsoon and Four corners opportunities. Although i think my funnel system played a big part. I have also managed to build a huge double opt in email list with the same ad network.

I’m not sure how the performance would be with high ticket offers. I’m yet to test that. When i do, i’ll update you through this section of the post.

Pros and Cons of Advertising with Adhitz


  1. It’s quite affordable. Even internet marketers with a very tight budget can afford to advertise here.
  2. Unlimited Impressions. Your ads get unlimited views. You only pay for clicks.
  3. User friendly navigation. Setting up ad campaigns  is very easy. You can use less than 5 mins to set up an ad.
  4. Ads get approved relatively faster.
  5. You can also choose a specific site within the network where you want your ads to show.
  6. Good variety of ad dimensions. They offer 13 different sizes for text ads and 4 different sizes for image ads to choose from.
  7. You can also make money with Adhitz.
  8. There’s no ad bidding competition. Basically ads are placed on a rotator. They all have equal chances of displaying.


  1. Not very effective with High ticket offers. But it also depends on your sales funnel.
  2. Ad stats are not real time. They are delayed by up to 4 hours and updated every hour.
  3. You can’t renew an ad campaign. Once allocated funds are depleted, you have to set another campaign.
  4. Few targeting option. Important options like country and age are not available. There is only a geographical option where you can only target specific continents.

How To Make Money With Adhitz

I mentioned in my previous post that adhitz is one of many google adsense alternatives. That means it works like google.

If you have a blog or website, you can register for a publisher account. Once approved you can paste their ad code on to your website. Then ads will start displaying.

adhitz review

Earnings are registered per click. Once your account reaches the minimum payout balance that you select, your payment will be sent to either your PayPal or Payza account. This is usually done on or before the 10th date of every month.



Adhitz is a good ad network for both advertisers and publishers.

Like their saying goes, ” Advertising for all budgets“.You can advertise and get good results without breaking your bank account. I’d recommend this network to anyone looking to test out and understand cpc ads better before moving on to bigger networks like Google.

On top of all, you can also make money with them. If you are a blogger looking for various options to monetize you site, Adhitz could also be one good choice.

Thank you for making it this far. If you found this review to be helpful, like and share it with your friends. You can also leave your feedback or questions in the comments below.

If you have ever used them to advertise or publish ads on your site, i’d love to hear your opinion.

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