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By | November 5, 2015
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All in one profits, the underdog and sleeping goldmine that nobody has been talking about. The company has been live since 2012 and yet very few internet marketers have exploited its goodies. I can tell you for sure, nobody is more grateful than its own members.

Ladies and gentlemen my name is Avitus and welcome to my straight to the point All in one profits review. I solemnly swear and promise to cut across all hype, bullshit and give you my honest opinion on this company.

But just before that…….I have two confessions to make!

-Yes I’m a member, and

-Never in my online existence have I ever stayed with a program that charged a monthly fee for more than six months until now.

Also known as Allinoneprofits or AIOP for short, this company has been a central hub through which I have built all my other online ventures. (Traffic monsoon, four corners alliance group and even AIOP itself).

There are more than one or two reasons for that and I’m going to get there in a minute.


What Is All In One Profits?

All in one profits is just as the name suggests, a set of all basic internet marketing tools packaged together in one bundle. That’s as layman as it can get.

If that was too vague. Here is better version.

Unlimited pro double opt in autoresponder, premium web hosting, Splash and Capture page builder, Link tracker, rotator, down line builder, internet marketing education and a 100% recurring commission business, packaged as one for a ridiculously low $11.5 per month fee. (If you stick to the end I’ll show you how to use AIOP at zero cost.)

Now, if for any reason I don’t have your full attention to this point,

You might need to peep over my traffic monsoon proof page and see, using AIOP tools, what I have managed to accomplish for myself in the last six months.

Before you ask, here are the answers to those obvious questions you might have

  • Yes I host my blogs on AIOP
  • Yes I build my list using AIOP
  • Yes I build my capture pages with AIOP, and
  • Yes I use AIOP at zero cost.


Here is the thing

More than money you can make promoting this company, program, opportunity or whatever word you choose, its true value lies within its product line. It’s a shame that most high ranking all in one profits reviews on Google and other search engines fail to point this out.

Most of them are what I call bait reviews, misguiding and scaring people but in the end offering a link to join their opportunities claiming that theirs are the ones that are truly legit.

Listen, I know you probably landed on this review to find out whether All in one profits is worth your time and money. For a fact everyone is afraid of being scammed and we have seen many scams come and go.

But I’ll tell you this, you are also allowed to test my theory if you wish.

If a program exists to purely rotate money among its members with no solid product attached to it (cash gifting), that opportunity will definitely die in a very short time.

Again such programs barely survive a year online. But even if they do, they won’t make it to two years.

Important Details

all in one profits, AIOP, allinoneprofits

All in one profits was launched in January 2012. More refreshing than knowing that this company has survived a test of time, 3 years and 10 months at the time of this posting, Isabela Capsuna is the CEO , /owner of this company with its origins in Europe (Romania)

all in one profits, AIOP, allinoneprofits 1

I quote –

AIOP is designed to be a complex  project, a whole advertising network providing web hosting and autoresponder services, along with all the essential web tools, products and services, software, educational material and training and all legal forms of advertising, a complete and complex web platform with access to a lot of ingredients making possible any business online.

As product is key, let’s dive into the details of the two main products that makes AIOP what it is. (Before we talk about the money you can make)

All in One Profits Products.

Web Hosting

This is number one all in one profit products. It offers premium web-hosting services. That means you can host unlimited number of domains on the same account with a popular easy to use c panel which is pretty popular in the market.

That comes with 500 MB of disk space, 5 GB of disk bandwidth, unlimited emails, all that backed up with a 99.9% up-time guaranteed.

This is the same kind of service that other big companies like hostgator and godaddy would charge you $10 a month. (For this alone).

Bundled with that, this service also comes with a how to video guide that takes you through the process. So even if you are a total newbie, you’ll be guided through the whole process.


The money is in the list. It’s a common saying in our space. You need to start building a list. That’s how people make money online. To build one, you need an autoresponder service and all in one profits has the best one for you.

This is the service that made me pay my way into the company without thinking twice.  For 2 years I have been searching for alternative ways of collecting emails without spending a fortune. Thank God I stumbled upon AIOP.

Companies know that people need to build their lists. And because this is almost a necessity, these companies charge a ridiculous high fee for a limited number of subscriber.

Let’s have a look at the industry’s biggest players i.e. Aweber, Get Response and mail chimp. For just 2000 subscribers, the least you can pay is not less than $15. As your list grows you’ll be required to pay more. That means as time goes and as your list grows, a point will come when you won’t be able to afford the services as shown below.

Aweber pricing

Allinoneprofits, all in one profits review, AIOP (Aweber pricing comparison)


Get response pricing

Allinoneprofits, all in one profits review, AIOP (Get response pricing comparison)


Back to AIOP autoresponder. For just the same fee that gives you a hosting account ($11), you also get an unlimited autoresponder service.

Unlimited means:

  • You can have unlimited subscribers (go for a million, it’s your choice)
  • You can send unlimited follow up messages
  • You can send unlimited broadcast emails
  • You can save unlimited campaigns

And as usual there is a guide video that takes you through setting everything up

Other products Include

  • AIOP Splash/squeeze page builder
  • AIOP Tracker
  • AIOP down line builder
  • AIOP Rotator
  • AIOP E-Library

All in one profits membership and Pricing.

The program has two membership levels. Basic and pro priced at $11.75 and $19.5 respectively. I decided to stick with the basic since I get all the above mentioned services with no limitation.

The pro membership is in my opinion not too important. Include are just a set of additional tools that i can do without. So for the time being I’m comfortable right where I am (Basic).

all in one profits, allinoneprofits, AIOP, all in one profits review membership chat

By the way,

If anything I have said from the beginning resonates with you. Here is my link for you to join. Yes you’ll be placed either on my downline or my sponsor’s downline.

Either way I treat everyone the same in terms of support.

On top of that,

I will also earn a 100% commission from you which brings us to the most interesting part.


How to make money with All in One Profits (Compensation plan)

At the beginning I promised to tell you how to use AIOP at zero cost.

Well, here it is – Get your first sign up and your monthly fee is pretty much covered. This is however for as long as that person continues maintaining their membership’s i.e. monthly fees. (Shrug)

Don’t walk away.

There’s a much more interesting game going on with AIOP compensation plan.


First of all, all in one profits uses a network marketing model. You receive monthly recurring commissions from those you introduce to the company. They become your downlines and you also benefit from the pass ups coming from their downlines and their downlines’ downlines.

For sure I’m a fun of 100% commissions and I know you are too. There are a few companies that have implemented this model in the past and we all know how motivational it can be. Allinoneprofits offers the same.

The most enticing thing however, is the pass up game coded into the pay plan. That simply awards AIOP’s compensation plan as one of the best in the industry.

Here is how it goes:

You sponsor your first person, he or she becomes your direct downline. You sponsor your second and you pass him or her to your sponsor. Then your third becomes yours and the forth your sponsor’s.

Simply put, all referrals down to infinity that falls under an odd number (1, 3, 5, 7……) becomes your direct referrals. And, all those that fall on an even number (2, 4, 6, 8……) becomes your sponsor’s.

Now most people would walk away laughing and cursing this to be the lamest pay plan ever. But here is the coolest stunt of all.

You also get pass ups from all your odd number referrals. Those pass ups also give you pass ups that gives you pass ups that also gives you pass ups down to infinity.

So basically, you get fed from every level down forever. Even if you ended up signing up 1 serious person for example, it could really sprout into a ginormous pay overtime. Just bar non CRAZY.


Now if any of that didn’t make any sense, you need to what this video below by Chris McLaughlin .

Hooked? Well you can join through here.

Why I joined all in one profits.

There are two main reasons why I joined AIOP.

  1. Cost minimization

One of the reasons I failed in my first online venture was the cost involved to run that business. I was a newbie and very broke. I was spending more on the tools required to operate an online business than the actual money I could make.

With all in one profits, I get all the essential tools to operate an online business (hosting, unlimited autoresponder and other packages) for a throw away price ($11/month). That’s just something I couldn’t ignore.


Having studied accounting as a profession, I do understand well how beneficial having your operational costs at the lowest can be.

Plus I can have all this at zero cost with just one sign up. Shoot me in the head but AIOP is just the best place to be at the moment.


  1. The Money

Ultimately we are all here to make money, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this right now. Even though I didn’t join this company to primarily make money with it, but just a simple fact that I can get paid good dollar while building my primary business sold me. I was in before I signed up.

After all, multiple side incomes (this blog) revolves around the idea of having multiple streams of passive income. AIOP is just another one of my passive income streams.



Whether you simply want to make money online or build your primary business, All in one profits will suite your needs both as a business opportunity and also as an online business tools service provider. It’s pro and newbie friendly, not forgetting how cheap it is.


AIOP already has more than three years on its track record. I can’t think of nothing more than the solidness of the services it offers as being one single factor that makes this company sink proof. As we have all witnessed many come and go, I can only say that this company’s journey has just began and the sails are still holding tight.


That concludes my all in one profits review. Join my team here and have your free trial. Please, if you found this article helpful, kindly like and share it with your friends and loved ones. But most importantly, your comments are very valuable, let’s discuss this further.


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43 thoughts on “All In One Profits Review – Read Before You Join

  1. Avitus Post author


    Thank you. PLS is a very good system. But i’d only recommend it if you are experienced and already making money online. Its price can be high especially for beginners who are just getting started online.

    All in one profits on the other hand is quite affordable and offers all the necessary tools to get you start building your online business.

  2. sam

    Thanks for the reply yes PLS is a bit expensive beside we need to spend some money too in traffic that makes it more expensive to handle.

  3. Hassan

    HI Avitus,

    I’ve just joined AIOP under your link. I’m from France 🙂 I’m in TrafficMonSoon already. I want to congratulate you for your huge progress, you just inspire us 🙂 I have now 7 packs, 2 active referrals (18 of total). But now I want to build my online business to refer much more people 🙂 I’ll train myself with the E-Library.

    My TrafficMonSoon’s strategy is quite a bit different : I wanna refer a lot of people to click in cashlinks to build a first income in order to invest in adpacks and some other online ventures.
    My goal is to refer more than 1000 people, to make like 30-50$ per day. I’ve found a marketing strategy that explains how to refer 30-50 people a day for PTC sites. So I will try that. When I’ll be able to earn 500$ ou 1000$ a month, it will be very easy to buy adpacks quickly 🙂 Then with my earnings proofs I’ill be able to refer investors like you did.

    What do you think about that ?

    Kind regards,

  4. Avitus Post author

    Hi Hassan,

    Congratulations on your success and progress. That is actually a very good strategy, it is my strategy as well because sometimes you can’t tell if someone is going to be active or not. But if you can still earn from them clicking on cash links, that’s actually a very big plus. So key is to refer as many people as you can and ptc sites are very rich fishing grounds,

    Go for it.

  5. Hennie

    Hi Avitus,

    Just read through your review, cool information, I have just about tried everything possible to make money online since 2007 up to now and lost a lot of money, still I am enjoying what I am doing and I just cannot stop, I have been going at it on and of since then. I will surely join AIOP under your link and give it a shot, at least I will get something in return and also possible success, look and sounds good to me. Hope to get some more info from you in future. Originally from South Africa, living in Thailand and currently working in Saudi Arabia, cannot stress it enough how bad I need to get out of this place.

    Best Regards,


  6. Abu Rayyan

    Can this be used to get more referrals for Traffic Monsoon?
    If so, then how?
    Thanks again and keep it up.

  7. Avitus Post author


    Yes this can definitely do. I use AIOP to build my list, track and also to make and host landing pages i create. See this sample. capture page, and sales page. .i have hosted these on my blog domain but AIOP can do the same as well.

  8. Pheavy

    Hi, thx alot for ur blog it does help me alot to get more understanding of TM. Somehow can i ask question with withdraw mvethod cos i use paypal account yet i dnt know now how to withdraw money with paypal and does paypal work in my country (Cambodia). Thank
    Pheavy recently posted…All In One Profits Review – Read Before You JoinMy Profile

  9. Avitus Post author


    I’m not sure if paypal is available in Cambodia. But as of right now don’t bother with paypal as TM is transitioning from paypal to its own bank so there won’t be any need for it anymore in a few months. Instead , you can register a payza account and use that for all your TM activities until TM fully transition to its own processor.

  10. glandan

    Hi Avitus. just joined your AIOP and hoping to start a blog soon. This is one of the most inexpensive platforms Ive come across so far. Thanks or the info.

  11. Sam

    I have few questions I see you use adsense on your blog does AIOP gives you that bandwidth to support many visits with 5gb are enough ? I think I will answer me this question I think that’s why you are using hostgator I think, correct me if I am wrong I am thinking to build my blog and make a strategy with TM traffic then start using adsense to monetize it more when it has some more ranking
    second question does AIOP autoresponder has good performance? I mean on its delivery some system like PLS need to pay for Aweber to solve that lack of delivery what’s your experience on that. Also can I connect AIOP to aweber or getresponse?
    Third question do you have any strategy for TM using AIOP ie, A Funnel that your team can use
    Thanks and have a nice day

  12. Avitus Post author


    For this particular blog i use HOSTGATOR, because i started this blog before i started using AIOP. I mainly use AIOP for building my list and marketing funnels for programs i’m involved with. The main reason is that they are inexpensive and unlimited.

    With AIOP i don’t need a third party auto responder plus i can collect unlimited number of emails for the same price. I can also create unlimited campaigns.

    I only have one strategy. Avoid parades and separate yourself from the crowd(never use share codes). Create your own capture page, create a sales page, create your own auto responder emails, Hook them with AIOP and send traffic to your capture page. That’s what i tell my team and help them with building there own such systems if they need any help.

    This way, everyone gets to have his own custom funnel with no competition and they work all the time.

  13. Sam

    Thanks Avitus for your Reply very helpful in many ways and you are right about all you said, all this advices help me alot I am considering seriously using AIOP for what you have comment of it I am a traffic monsoon member and I was asking for a funnel becasuse english is not my native language so I could think to promote aTM with an english funnel first and then try to do my own and of course I have in mind making my own in my language spanish for spanish speaking people but you hit the right words that having my own funnel it is better thanks a lot for you valuable information ones again

  14. uch

    nice review
    never heard of this program before but sound really interesting. But have some questions for you about all In One Profits
    1,though I didn’t understand the compensation plan but am interested in using the services.
    is that possible?
    2,is there any thing like spillover like in fourcorners
    3,how do I sign….. e.g using PayPal, MasterCard,visa card
    4,How do I withdraw cash from the system.
    5,is there a yearly payment instead of monthly.
    6, Advertising Network Founder how does it work.
    7.can I see your typical result from this program
    Thanks for you reply

  15. Charmaine

    Hi Avitus,

    It was very interesting to read your article. I have always had the desire to own my own business and being laid-off from my previous employer dedicating just about a decade of my life to them, I have been overly committed to fulfill my own entrepreneurial dreams now [with a well-known common “gesture” to that corporate entity].

    I am a single mom with a huge desire to illustrate to my kids that they have the whole world in the palms of their hands [the internet] and they could fulfill any dream they desire. Avitus, please help me prove to them this is true. I am single-handedly trying to survive, now that I’ve just about exhausted my “emergency survival kit” and I’ve been searching the web going so many different directions as my funds are limited and I just can’t afford to make a wrong decision. With that being said, reading your article, has given me the confidence to commit to this venture “under your wings” but … yes, but … I just have reach out to you to see if I understand how AIOP works. I also have a few questions to ask before joining. I would post them here, but after reading all the questions Sam has asked, I feel a little intimidated as his questions sounded “foreign” to me [and not in Spanish as I know more Spanish than hosting lingo! LOL]

    I’m hoping it is appropriate to ask you to contact me at your earliest convenience to possibly answer some questions before I join.

    Thank you.

  16. Avitus Post author

    Uch i’ll answer you as follows:

    1. I use the services every day and its funny because when i joined this program my motive was not to make money but simply to use their services.

    2. There are no spillovers but there are pass ups from your downlines just like you pass up some of your referrals to your sponsor. You keep all even numbers and passup all odd numbers.

    3. Yes you can use paypal, payza, solid trust pay and even perfect money.

    5. You can request your payment any day and it will be paid within 24 hours.

    6. I’m not sure what you mean’t by Advertising Network Founder

    7. Results will vary a lot from mine or anyone else. Even if i showed you my results it wouldn’t guarantee you’d do the same. But like i said, i never joined this program for the money even though i still get the money from my sign ups which is really awesome and that’s from this review alone. But if i decided to promote AIOP as an opportunity i’d be making a lot of money.

  17. Avitus Post author


    Just write to me through the contact us page and i will respond to you queries.

  18. Murat

    Hi Avitus,

    I have joined with your link (mattpro). I was in AIOP since the prelaunch but I moved on to other programs because AIOP seemed to be not promising during those days. Now it’s good to see they are back with a new robust structure. I hope I will not ruin this second chance. I read the FAQs and noticed statements about founder members. Paying $55 per month for 12 months is required to become a founder member according to the FAQs. However I didn’t see any payment option for this upgrade after signing up. Do you have any information about it?

  19. Avitus Post author


    I was not aware of the founder member option, i will look into it and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

  20. DAMSA


  21. Omovigho

    Hello Damsa, i’m also a Nigerian. Paypal now accept Nigerians, and you can also link your Naira Mastercard with your local bank in Paypal. just go to for more info on how to to do this, just go to google and type “how to open paypal account in Nigeria”. I hope this helps.

  22. sam

    Hi where can I send you an email?
    want to try AIOP for TM I am stuck in refferals worst I am stuck in my withdrawals as you know I I need AIOP for TM and where to advertise it with few money thanks!

  23. Miriam

    Hi Avitus, really enjoyed your blog post and I have not even gone thru all that you have but so far its reaching out to me. Would like to talk to you before signing up with AIOP. I have been looking on and off for a long time now. So much scams out there but you seem real…straight to the point and no hype, love it!!!! Keep it real

  24. Steve

    Hi There,
    I’ll first want to comment on your social sharing bar. I will suggest that you make it a bit smaller or let it float left since it is blocking some content and making it difficult to read on my notebook pc.

    By the way, I’m Steve Fynn from Ghana.
    I came across this blog whiles doing a search on AIOP reviews. I just wanted to find out whether guys are really using AIOP tools and what they think about it.

    I am really concerned about this because I am likewise amazed at the tools they provide and the price, plus the POWERFUL REFERRAL SYSTEM with 100% commissions. After getting to know this, I always try to help fellow affiliates tap to this All-In-One-Profits opportunity. So I also wrote a review about AIOP Success Tricks

    Since I joined for the past six months I have been earning $100 Monthly. So I use the tools for free and I am paid in addition. Ha! ha! ha… I am aiming to earn $1000 Monthly.

    My search for AIOP reviews has proved that there is NOT A SINGLE review talking about AIOP as being a scam.
    So Avitus, your are perfectly right.

  25. Avitus Post author


    Thanks for the comment on my social sharing bar, i have made the necessary corrections

  26. chris

    Hi just had a read at your blog post and i have to say I like it, I’m also in TM and fourcorners, I like the way its cheap to and easy to make capture pages plus we get hosting and more included. Overall Allinoneprofits is by far the best especially for newbies starting out but also good for people in the business a long time. Great review.
    chris recently posted…A Review on All in One Profits – Read This Before You JoinMy Profile

  27. Mary Owens

    Great review, seriously thinking about joining. Thanks.

  28. Marc Beaubrun

    I have some questions for you about all In One Profits:

    1. how do I sign….. e.g using PayPal, MasterCard,visa card

    2. How do I withdraw cash from the system.

    3. Is there a yearly payment instead of monthly.

    4. Advertising Network Founder how does it work.

    5. can I see your typical result from this program

    6. What online business are you using with All in one profits or are you just referring people to All in one profits

    7. How long did it take you to make a profit using All in one profits

  29. Avitus Post author


    1. To sign in you can go to their website and click on the join button or simply using the link of a referrer. (processors supported are Payza, Solid Trust Pay, Payeer and Mobilpay.)
    2. When you have earned some commissions you can simply request a withdrawal which will basically be processed in 24 hours to the processor that you use to pay your monthly subscriptions.
    3. Yes i think there is, but i’ll have to check if its still available
    4. I’m not sure i understood you here
    5. Marc i don’t primarily promote AIOP, i basically use it to build my list. I wrote this review and inserted my referral links in there, people join and i earn commissions. But I don’t have huge four figure monthly commissions to impress you with if that’s what you are asking. And that’s mainly because i don’t really promote AIOP, the only way i earn commissions is through people joining the program from this review

    6. Marc i use AIOP to build my list, i don’t specifically use it with a certain program.

    7. Not long. after i got my third referral i started getting profits

  30. William Ng

    I have a list of 500+ email and whenever i want to sent an email to all of them i would need sent it one by one to each of them.

    1. Can AIOP autoresponer works using my gmail account to sent.
    2. I also heard of Online Sales Pro. Do you have any review on this?

  31. Avitus Post author


    -Yes AIOP helps send emails to multiple emails with one click and of course the senders email will be your own email whether its gmail or any other.
    -I haven’t heard of online sales pro but i’ll look into it and probably write a review.

  32. SOLAR

    What kind of business can you do on AIOP besides the referral?

  33. SOLAR

    What business can i do with AIOP apart from autoresponder?

  34. Avitus Post author


    You can host a website on AIOP, You can create a marketing system with it. capture pages and landing pages. Plus you can also promote AIOP itself to earn commissions.

  35. Avitus Post author

    You can as well promote other businesses using AIOP. Its like other system you might have heard like THE POWER LEAD SYSTEM, except this one is cheap

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