Fort Ad Pays Review – A Hot $1 Revshare

By | April 18, 2016
fort ad pays review, fort ad pays strategy, fort ad pays calculator

Fort ad pays is another company in the revshare industry with a pretty good trend. With over 200,000 users in less than 2 years, it’s definitely worth looking at. The company has presumably paid over $15 million to its members according to the site stats which is quite impressive.

How popular is

fort ad pays review, fort ad pays calculator, fort ad pays strategy, fortadpays

Looking at its current alexa traffic rankings, you can clearly tell that the site is popular ranking at 4,806 in the world. while sitting at no. 419 in Spain where its based. Judging from the blue line on the graph, its traffic trend is a rising one. Not necessarily a guarantee for a genuine company, but its a good business indicator.

fort ad pays review, fort ad pays calculator, fort ad pays strategy, fortadpays

This  review is just opinion based on research that i have done on the company. I guarantee nothing. You can always go further and do some more research before you decide to join the program even if i happen to recommend it.



What Is Fort Ad Pays?

Launched on 11th of November 2014, Fort Ad Pays is a revshare advertising company. What that means is that, the company sells advertisement to its members and also shares the profit earned with the qualified ones (members with active ad packs). We are all familiar of the concept from other popular companies.

pedro-fort- fort ad pays

Pedro Fort Berbel is the man behind Fort Ad Pays Inc. which is also based in the Dominica. He seems to be a pretty descent admin. There’s no record of him being involved in any former scams. His Linked In profile shows that he is also CEO of another company and brand MLM Profit Shop. He also has a long track of sales experience.


Share Ad packs

This is the primary product line of the company. The ad packs cost $1 each and they do expire once they have earned you $2.25. Apart from earning,you receive 10 advertising credits for each Ad  Pack that you purchase.

Members can use these credits to promote their businesses or referral links in the directory or for purchasing PTC ads. The business directory is viewed by all members via the ‘surf’ feature.

Fort ad pays credits revenue shares every 30 minutes into paid members accounts. This is also governed by a 50% repurchase rule, that is your earnings are divided into two, repurchase balance and Cash balance. The cash balance is what can be freely cashed out through the payment processors.

You must surf a minimum of 10 ads every 24 hours to remain qualified for these revshares.

Other Related Products

These are other products that can be bought separately depending on the member’s traffic needs. You do not earn any revshares from these.

  1. Login Ads
  2. PPC Banners
  3. PTC Advertisements
  4. Text Ads, and
  5. Banners Ads

Payments And Withdrawals

Fort ad pays has three major ways you can pay or withdraw your money. This can either be through Payza. 2Pay4u or 2ClicPay.

To buy packs or pay for other site’s services, you must first make a deposit into the site. $10 is a minimum deposit across all processors.

$10 is also a minimum withdrawal amount. However there is maximum cap of $300 per account to be done every Friday from 9 am to 12 pm Spain time.


Fort Ad Pays Pros And Cons


  1. You can earn as a free member. You can join the company and refer people. This will earn you commissions that can be either withdrawn or used to buy ad packs.
  2. It’s a global business. Anyone regardless of their Geographical location can join and participate in the revshare.
  3. $1 Ad packs. Very low ad pack cost which makes this opportunity very affordable to everyone. This also broadens a chance of recruiting many people because of the lower cost.
  4. No need to recruit. You can earn with referring a single soul to the business.
  5. High commissions. Fort ad pays pays commissions up to 21% going 10 levels deep. This is good motivation for members to recruit and earn these high commissions.
  6. No maximum cap for ad packs. You can have unlimited amount of ad packs.This means that you can keep growing your account and increase your earning potential.
  7. Good and experienced Admin.


  1. The site is kind of cluttered. For a new member it can be hard to navigate around to find what you are looking for especially when you want to surf or buy ad packs. We have seen clean designs from popular sites in the industry like TrafficMonsoon, FutureAdPro and Beonpush.
  2. Payments are done once a week. This is coupled with a $300 maximum cap per account which is pretty low considering other site do offer daily withdrawals with no or higher cap.

How You Can Make Money With Fort Ad Pays


You should always strategize with every biz op that you join. When its possible to make a lot of money with these revshares, do not expect to become a millionaire overnight.

There are many strategies you can apply with Fort ad pays, but i think this could benefit you more.

  • First, Join the Business. You won’t make any money if you are observing from the outside.
  • Second, Buy ad packs. Luckily Fort ad pays packs are very very cheap. Any one can afford a dollar. You can start at any level but i think $500 is the best point to start. That will give you 500 packs.
  • Third, Give yourself a 180 days period to grow your account before you can start withdrawing. I think that’s why we do these reviews to know if a program can be trusted so that you can implement a strategy with a peace of mind.
  • Forth, Refer people. You can never underestimate the power of referring. Yes you can still earn without any referrals but recruiting can double or triple the growth rate of your account. luckily Fort ad pays is easy since its a low ticket revshare.
  • Fifth, Have a good withdraw strategy. Cashing out more than you are making will eventually cripple your account growth. Always make sure you are within your limit. The 91 – 9 strategy can come handy here.
  • Lastly, use the advertisement credits you get from ad packs to advertise your other businesses.


Fort Ad Pays seems to be one of the pretty stable revshare around. Much that has been said above proves that. No issues reported , no missed payment, the site has been operating smoothly for more than one and a half years which is pretty long in this unstable industry where company’s launch and die in six months or less.

Even though i can not for tell the future, i trust in Pedro’s experience that this company will be around a while. I’m already a member, you can join my team here.

Thanks for sticking this far. I hope you enjoyed my Fort ad pays review. Please leave me your feedback by commenting below. I will also appreciate if you like and share this post.

fort ad pays review, fort ad pays strategy, fort ad pays calculator

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