FutureNet & FutureAdPro Review–Legit or Scam?

By | April 16, 2016
FutureNet review and FutureAdPro review-featured

FutureNet, a social media platform like Facebook that has launched its own revenue sharing platform named FutureAdPro. For several weeks, news about the company’s pre-launch has been trending on my Facebook. I have also seen some pretty interesting stats and proof of people already winning with this new program even at its early stage.

Even with its rising popularity, the question however is whether this company can be trusted or not.

Honestly, we haven’t seen any big launches in the recent times even though there are many revshare sites popping out every now and then. Fact is many people are talking about FutureNet and FutureAdpro and most of them are joining the program.

FutureNet Review

FutureNet review and FutureAdPro review-disclaimer

Before i say more its important to note that this FutureNet and FutureAdPro review is based on my own research. You can always go further and do some more research before you decide to join the program even if i happen to recommend it.



 What Is FutureNet?

FutureNet is a free to join social media platform that allows you to share updates (messages, pictures and videos) with your friends. At its basic function, it looks pretty much like Facebook. Because its a new platform, you can just send an invite to people and when they join, they become your friends. Or you can just search for a friend who is already signed up and add them to your friends list.

From there you can chat, join or create groups, share a post, recommend, like, comment and so much more.

The interesting part comes where you are rewarded in real money to do activities such as posting content and inviting people to FutureNet, liking posts, commenting etc.

FutureNet and FutureAdPro Review

This is calculated daily using special parameters. But that is more of the technical stuff. You can also earn media points which in turn can be used to unlock several advanced features of the site.


On the business level, FutureNet offers a way you can make money online. This is through a power matrix and FutureAdPro (revshare). I’ll be talking in detail about the revshare later in the post.

The Matrix

So, there is an automatic Matrix that has six entry points. $10, $25, $50, $100, $500 and $1000.

FutureNet and FutureAdPro Review matrix

You can choose to start at the lowest matrix and upgrade to the next next one as the old one fills. Or you can just buy into all 6 of them at once if you have enough funds.

$10 Matrix

So this is the Member level and the first matrix. Its only $10 dollars(everyone can afford). It fills up at 88,572 people. You earn 10% matching bonus for every member that you personally place under your matrix. And for any person who falls in the matrix either by you or from spill overs from your sponsors, you earn $0.50.

Your Potential income is $44,286 overtime while the company makes $885, 072.

$25 Matrix

Again this is a Basic level and the second matrix. Its $25 and fills up at the same 88,572 people. You earn 20% matching bonus and for each person falling in your matrix, your earn $1.25.

Your potential income is $110, 715 overtime and the company makes $2,214,000.

$50 Matrix

The Money game continues. Gold Level and third Matrix. It’s $50 and fills up at 88,572 people. You earn 30% matching bonus on your direct referrals and $2.50 for each person that falls under your matrix.

$221, 430 is your potential income overtime in this matrix tree. The company makes $4,428,600.

$100 Matrix

This is the Exclusive level and Forth Matrix. It’s $100 and it fills up at 88,572 people. You earn 50% matching bonus on personal recruits and $5 for each person falling in your matrix.

Your Potential income is $442,860 and the company makes $8,857,200.

$500 Matrix

Sapphire level and fifth matrix. It’s $500 to activate this tree.You earn 50% matching bonus and $25 on each person filling your matrix. Matrix caps at 88,572 people making you $3,020,781 overtime while the company makes $44, 286, 000.

$1000 Matrix

This is the last Royal Matrix. Its $1000 and also fills up at 88,572. Again you earn 50% matching bonus and $50 on each person that fills your matrix.

You potential income is $7,430,681 overtime.



FutureNet offers innovative tools that can be used to BUILD your current FutureNet business online and offline.

These tools include

  • A customize-able Landing page system
  • Momentum marketing system.
  • Future Cloud
  • Future Blog
  • Future video mail
  • Video production, and
  • Web templates

However, these do not come free, they can be purchased using media points or real money. Media points can be bought separately using real cash or you can obtain them as a percentage reward when you buy into the matrices.


Like many popular internet marketing opportunities, FutureNet has its own reward system for outstanding performers.

Rewards include

  • A smartphone
  • Tablet or a laptop
  • An Exotic trip
  • An Audi Car of your choice
  • Porsche Panamera

Of course there cafeterias to be met to qualify. These include points obtained, referrals, very active referral etc.

Points earned are based on sales turnover from all packages and upgrades. $1 equals to 1 point while purchases using media points do not earn you these reward points.

FutureNet Rewards

FutureNet review and FutureAdPro review

Payments and Withdrawals

FutureNet has a wide variety of payment methods as shown below which makes it easier to pay into the company.

FutureNet review and FutureAdPro review- payments



It’s refreshing to know that there are many options to withdraw money as well.

FutureNet review and FutureAdPro review- withdrawals

There are two things to Note.

  1. To withdrawal you money you must have at-least bought into the Basic matrix, that is the second level $25 matrix.
  2. Minimum withdrawal is $20 for Bitcoin and $50 for all the other methods.


FutureNet Pros and Cons.


  1. The social media platform is FREE to join. A perfect point to start, interact, make friends with fellow entrepreneurs and observe the platform before you decide you want to invest any of your money into the system. Nothing to loose, just a perfect demo.
  2. You are rewarded with real money earnings just for being active in the social media platform. That is writing posts, liking commenting and inviting people to the platform.  This can be your first step towards making money with this site.
  3. Huge potential of earnings with the power matrix.
  4. Attractive commissions and bonuses. Future has an attractive 10-50% commissions on personal referrals. There is also a leadership bonus.
  5. FutureNet is a business that is built collectively. Everyone contributes to your success above and below. Your sponsor automatically builds your team from spillovers but also your referrals recruits’ contribute to the growth of your team and earnings.
  6. FutureNet has tools that you can use to build your business. landing pages and a marketing system. You don’t have to look elsewhere.
  7. The company offers rewards to performers ranging from a smartphone all the way to a luxurious car.
  8.  Good mix in the variety of ways you can pay and withdraw money from the system.
  9. Good company leadership with a skilled team to ensure the business runs smoothly. I’ll cover more on the company’s leadership and team below in this post.
  10. FutureNet has the cleanest and best website layout. Job well done by its programmers.
  11. Mobile app that enables you to access the site from your mobile phone.
  12. The Website is available in 18 languages at the moment which makes it universal.



  1. You can make money as a free member but to withdraw, you must be at least in the Basic level matrix.
  2. High minimum withdraw. $50 can be a bit higher compared to similar ventures on the internet.
  3. Lack of popular processors like Paypal and Payza.

Signup Now and Become my friend on FutureNet

FutureAdPro Review

Even though part of the same company FutureAdPro is the second segment and has it’s own separate website. It’s different from the social media platform and the matrix.

What Is FutureAdPro?

This is the company’s revenue sharing program. It’s similar to most rev shares like Traffic monsoon, beonpush, maps etc. Same tradition, same everything. You buy ad packs, you view your 10 daily ads and you earn money.

FutureAdPro launched on 1st April 2016 and has a separate website from the main company’s site.

Ad packs

The ad packs are sold at $50 each and expires at $60, meaning you have a $10 profit out of each pack. That is 120% Return on Investment which is pretty good. Also the company pays its revenue shares every hour that you qualify.

To qualify, you must surf a minimum of 10 ads daily. However, there is a holiday feature where you can continue earning without surfing but at a cost of 10% of your day’s earnings. You can take a holiday up to 50 days.

Depending on how many ad packs you have got, there is a fee to be charged:

  • no fee = investment in a maximum of 50 packs
  • $30 a year = investment in a maximum of 100 packs
  • $45 every six months or $80 a year = investment in a maximum of 300 packs
  • $70 every 6 months or $130 a year = investment in a maximum of 500 packs
  • $95 every 6 months or $180 a year = investment in a maximum of 1000 packs

FutureNet review and FutureAdPro review- status position

FutureAdPro also pays commissions on the status fees from referrals going 5 levels deep.

  • no fee = 3% on level 1
  • $30 a year = 4% on level 1 and 1% on level 2
  • $45 every six months or $80 a year = 6% on level 1, 3% on level 2 and 1% on level 3
  • $70 every 6 months or $130 a year = 7% on level 1, 3% on level 2 and 1% on levels 4 and 5
  • $95 every 6 months or $180 a year = 8% on level 1, 4% on level 2 and 1% on levels 4 to 6

FutureNet review and FutureAdPro review- status commissions



For each ad pack you purchase you get 800 advertising credits. These credits can be assigned to your text ads which will give you views to your ads.

You create your text ads by assigning a heading, body text and a link. There is a targeting option where you can target your ad according to age, gender, country and language. Then you can assign view credits to it.

FutureAdPro doesn’t have banner advertising like we are accustomed with other revshare sites.

Pros And Cons Of FutureAdPro


  1. Simplest way to make money online. Advertise and earn.
  2. Higher ROI at 120% which is slightly higher than most revshares in the industry
  3. Clean design and easy to navigate website.
  4. You can target your advertisement.
  5. Commissions go five levels deep.
  6. Holiday feature where you can still earn without surfing especially when you are caught up in places where you can’t access the internet.


  1. At the time of this post, FutureAdPro is still a new program, its difficult to determine future trends
  2. $50 per ad pack can be higher for some people especially newbies, hence making it difficult for them to buy many ad packs at once
  3. There’s a maximum cap of 1000 ad packs.
  4. There is a fee charged after you exceed 50 ad packs.

The Company

According to Scam adviser, both FutureNet and FutureAdPro are registered under FutureNet INC which has been around since 2014 with its origins in the Marshall Islands. The company is co-founded by Stephan Morgenstern and Roman Ziemian as CEOs.

FutureNet review and FutureAdPro review- founders and CEO

Stephan Morgenstern is a German who has been living in Poland for more than 20 years. He has been involved with MLM and network marketing for 25 years and has managed to build big teams from all over the world. Stephan was also a speaker in big events in Germany, Austria, Europe, Dubai, Turkey, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas.

Roman on the other hand established his first trading company at the age of 15. He has also been president and board member in some few companies which has given him experience in managing an international team of people.


The company also has employed a team of professional programmers and marketers who make the company’s mission and vision a living reality.

futureNet review and FutureAdPro review-team



The revenue sharing industry is still not very stable. It can be hard sometimes to determine genuine long lasting companies/sites from the shoddy ones. Even with those that seem to be well placed, it can be hard to predict their future progress. That’s why its always recommended to spend what you can afford loosing.

I can raise a few exception with FutureNet and FutureAdPro. They are not your daily cheap revshare pop ups. Even though i can’t guarantee anything, i can sense a long term existence. There’s definitely a huge investment that was put in place to create the two programs. Stephen, Roman and their team of experts are real people working behind the scenes, all with a good track record, both experienced and capable of running this company to see it rise to higher levels.

So YES, I’m already In with the social media, Matrix and the revshare. Will you Join me?

Signup Now and Become my friend on FutureNet

Register With FutureAdPro Here

Thank you for reading my FutureNet review and FutureAdPro review. Let me know what you think by commenting below, but most importantly like and share this review.


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