How To Get Referrals Without Advertising

By | May 28, 2015

How to get referrals: What works

Its been argued that the more referrals you have, the more money you’ll make online. 99.9% of all business opportunity out there will require you to recruit people to make a good sizable income. How to get direct referrals however, is not a simple task.

It’s regularly said by new members that they can’t get referrals, or just never will. Despite the fact that the best income is earned by the individuals who get direct referrals, many people don’t even attempt.

Sometimes people don’t want to try because of fear over what someone might think of them. Referring certainly places you outside your comfort zone.

“Measure your success not on the level of profit you’re making today, but on the level of the referrals you’re getting today” – Mark Hunter

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Advertising to get direct referrals

Experienced internet marketers will often recommend advertising as the single most effective method to recruit people into your business. To me, if “how to get referrals fast” is your main concern, then advertising is the way to go.


Will advertising give you quality sign ups?

With a good advertising budget you can get get a lot of referrals in a very short time. That’s very good and very bad at the same time. It all depends with the kind of opportunity you are promoting. If it’s one that requires team work, you could end up on a loosing side because the probability of getting referrals who are ready to put efforts to develop their own businesses is very low. Most people are jumping here and there looking for free lunch and easy money. If your opportunity doesn’t provide that, a good number of them will drop out. (Talking from experience)

Don’t get me wrong though. I’m not saying you shouldn’t advertise at all. It’s really a numbers game. The more you keep advertising and referring the more you’ll get good signups despite those who drop. But this is for people with no problem spending $1000 on a campaign.

What about the rest of us with a limited budget or just have no money to spend on paid campaigns like Vick Strizheus?

There’s a best alternative that works like a charm.

There are people like Rob Fore or David Wood who get referrals and sign ups around the clock but literally spend little or nothing on advertising. It’s not a Guru Secret formula or push button software that does the recruiting. This is how they do it…

How to Refer People to Any Business Opportunity.

Before i get to the actual process, there are four things you need to understand:

1. What problems does your business opportunity solve

“Our customers don’t care about our problems, they care about their problems” – Mark Hunter

People won’t join your opportunity to make you happy or because you have a cute face. They really don’t care if you are starving or filthy rich. They will join because they want to improve various aspects of their lives. Be it health, wealth, quality traffic or anything that provides value to them. If you can provide answers to peoples problems then you nailed it.

I believe every business opportunity has a backbone (problem it addresses). If you can build a strong argument around that backbone, then you’ll get relevant sign ups without hassle.

For example My TrafficMonsoon opportunity. Even though folks are making a ridiculous amount of money online with this, its backbone is centered around solving the web traffic problem. So my arguments will always be in consideration of people who want to get more clients and more visitors to their websites.

If i can convince and prove to people that is their one stop solution, people will join.

N.B : With Traffic Monsoon I make $70 daily while getting 2 to 4 leads daily for my other businesses. Check out my earning proof here. Read my review here


2. Refer with integrity

One reason people don’t like referring is because it makes them feel like they are scamming someone into doing something they don’t want to do.

Solution: be clear, honest, and align your message with the reality of what is truly being offered.

Define a step-by-step process for your referring routine. Create a powerpoint presentation, or record a video.

Have a conversation, build a relationship with your potential referral, and show them that you truly care about them.

Don’t rush things, or get frustrated if they have questions, or express any concerns. Recognize their concerns and their feelings, and share your experience with them. Help them overcome concerns by illustrating how your business opportunity can meet their needs, and solve a problem in their lives they have identified with you earlier.

Take your time, and realize also that the time you spend with your potential referral is very valuable. Not only valuable to you, but also to them.

You have something they want, and the only reason they are listening to you is because they want to explore what it is you have which might help them and make an informed decision.

This can be evidently seen by how Rob Fore interacts with people on his blog and Facebook page when people have question or just need to know more.

3. Get to the value you provide.

You won’t get direct referrals by nagging, pushing, or manipulating people to get started with your business opportunity. Simply figure out the challenges your potential referrals are burdened by, and help them see how your deal can help them through their challenges. You don’t need to pitch people, and drag them along into something they don’t need.

Focus on what your potential referral can truly benefit from, and help them see why it will be one of the best choices for them. To effectively refer people, simply help them recognize what your business offers, and what they’ll be able to do with the services.

4. Love what you do

If you don’t love what you do, it will be hard to help others get started. Learn all you can, explore all that your opportunity has to offer, test, track, and fully give yourself the complete experience.

Then, with greater confidence you’ll feel a deeper reason for helping others get started. This is something that can change people’s lives, shift the whole direction of their businesses, and help them connect with individuals who could take their business to another level.

When you see a business for what it is, and how it can benefit another’s life, the less afraid you will be in talking with others about it.

Sure, you’ll face rejection, but this is simply meaning the person has chosen this isn’t a fit for them. Not everyone eats at the same restaurants you enjoy to eat at, and maybe one day down the line they will try. So don’t burn your bridges if someone isn’t interested today. Keep an open line of communication, and listen to them about things they might have which can benefit you.

Share with them from time-to-time how things are going, and what you’re doing.Help them know that your intention is simply to help them, to meet their needs, and to solve a problem for them.

How to get referrals:The best way

This method i’m going to layout below will surely get you the best sign ups into any business. It’s a bit slow, yes especially when you starting out but it’s best for getting quality downlines.

What you should do (What Works)

1. Start a blog

 There’s no excuse, everyone can have a blog and blog. Whether it’s a free or paid one the results are the same as long as you provide value through information people are looking for.
Blogs get organic traffic from search engines. That means you only get the best targeted visitors. If someone lands on my traffic monsoon review post for example, i can be sure it’s someone who is already interested with traffic monsoon. If you have compelling content they’ll most likely sign up or you’ll at least get their name and email for future follow up.
Blogging is aimed at building an online presence or making yourself discover-able, equivalent to owning a stall or shop where you can have your goods on display. Constantly adding quality content will build your reputation both on search engines and people. Overtime you’ll start getting traffic which depending on the relevance of your content can be easily converted into sign ups.
I started this blog three months ago and i have reached a point now i’m  getting around 40 unique visitors daily on average. Guess what? I have achieved both leads and multiple sign ups from that traffic alone. As more content is being added and traffic grows, i’ll achieve even much bigger results.
Here is a video by Conutant to help you get started with building your own blog
2. Build Authority Online
 This is where you prove to people that you are any useful at all. Why should people listen or join you? What do you know, what are your achievements. Instead of being or pretending to be a Guru, you can choose to share your online experiences (knowledge, success, failures etc.). You can easily win people’s trust by simply being yourself.
I know a guy on YouTube (Jamie Myers) who post videos daily and all he does is share his experiences with various online money making programs. From that alone he has built trust and followers who’d join and follow him to any business opportunity he joins. I know because i have joined a couple of his programs because i thought he was unique and genuine, pretty much knows what he is doing. That is what people are looking for.
You can’t buy trust. You earn trust by sharing as many unique and genuine content as you can. That can be achieved either through article marketing through blogging and social media or video marketing on YouTube, Facebook, vimeo etc.
Overtime you’ll have followers and will have an easier time recruiting than never before. It’s starting to happen to me that’s why i can confidently say that it works.
3. Share Your Results
“Customers are buying confidence. It’s up to us to show it”. – Mark Hunter
At the end of the day people need assurance. You’ll find that after you have done your pitching the first question you’ll get is, “Where are your results?, How much money have you made?”. I have come to learn that people will sometimes join instantly when they see proof. This is why most internet marketers who have discovered this secret share screenshots displaying their income proofs or post videos sharing their results with a particular program.
Getting referrals is quicker with this. Just from sharing my trafficmonsoon earning screenshots, i have been getting at least 10 sign ups every week into Traffic Monsoon. Below is the recent screenshot (taken just now as i’m writing this).
How to get referrals
Same goes for every other program.


When you capitalize on the above laid method, you won’t have to rely on paid advertising to get direct referrals. This is what big names in the internet marketing world like Rob Fore are doing. Blog, Build Trust and Share your results. It’s enough to get you somewhere great with any business opportunity.



I hope this post was helpful. Let me know what methods you use to get referrals into your business through the comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts


Internet entrepreneur who loves to make money online through various genuine opportunities and blogging about it. You can read more about me on the About page.

16 thoughts on “How To Get Referrals Without Advertising

  1. Hannah

    Hi Avitus,

    I like reading your blog to a certain extent, due to the fact that, it seems you genuinely delivering your messages to those who are still skeptical of joining in PTC until they are fed with solid explanation and details. You said, blog plays a tremendous job in getting referrals, yes I do agreed, but my problem is, I do not know how to write a blog and do not know how convince people to read. Maybe they just pass by or pay a short visit out of curiosity.

    That is my main problem, until now I do not have a blog. I only rely on my Faceboook, nut again my Facebook only based on text or copied from other articles and paste on my fanpage. No communication at all with visitors or fans. Maybe that the sad part.

    Can you tell me the easy way, to make a blog and to encourage my fans or visitors to have the interest reading what I want to deliver to them in my Facebook. Your comments or advise is important to me.

    Please reply ASAP.


  2. Avitus Post author

    Hi Hannah
    Thanks for stopping by and i really appreciate your comment. Reading through i noticed you say your two big problems are, you don’t know how to write a blog and you don’t know how to convince people to read your blog. Well, i’m going to address them as follows.

    1. First, how to write a blog.
    Hannah, blogging is much simpler than you think. Its simply an expression of thoughts. Add a few words to your above comment and that could be a blog post already. That’s how simple it is. If you can talk about your experiences and things you know that you think might help others, then you can blog.
    For example
    In this blog i mainly talk about my money making programs, my experiences with them and also my achievements with them. i can share tips , advises and how to things, but its all part of knowledge that i already posses that i think may be of use to other people. That’s why i have a lot to talk about. But it would be difficult if suddenly started blogging about horses because i know nothing about them.

    You don’t need to have a self hosted account and paid domain to start blogging. There are a few free blogging platforms that i know that you can use and start blogging right away. For example, you can go to right now,log in with your gmail email, click on NEW BLOG, pick a name for your blog and start blogging. Here is a sample blog that i created in less than 2 mins using blogger: .

    2. Second, Convince people to read
    Hannah, you don’t have to convince people to read, you just have to write content that people want to read. I currently receive around 200 visitors daily on this blog from different countries. I didn’t convince any of them. i just write content that people are looking for. For example when i wrote How to make money with Traffic Monsoon, i knew there were people who needed such content. Same goes every post on this blog. That’s how you get people to read your stuff.

    You can use tools like google keyword tool/planner to know what keywords people are searching for and how competitive they are. Its advised to use the less competitive keywords as it will be easier to rank in the search engines especially for a new blog. Ofcourse there are other tricks involved to make your blog rank higher like backlinknks.

    I’ll be putting up a post later in time on how to start a blog and what to blog about, but in the mean time i hope i have somehow answered you. Feel free to ask more.

  3. naprawa anten Gorzów

    Ten post byl naprawde niezwykly, zwlaszcza, ze przegladalem bloga na ten temat w ostatni piatek.

  4. Avitus Post author


    I wish i could understand your language,but thanks for stopping by anyways!!!

  5. luthor

    Which language is that, hahahhaha man!! Thanx for being concise on the referral topic though, I think you polished its reality man!! Though there are some sites that people make and don’t know what to do to them and how to get referral

  6. Lisa D

    Hi Avitus,

    Very impressed by your blog and your wise words. I am one of those people who struggle to get sign ups…well in TM anyway. I’m in other programs and have sign ups…not lots now…i think the most i have in one of my programs is 24 and this program has not even launched yet and this is from free and paid advertising.
    I am looking into building a blog and thanks to you…you have given me an insight into what i should write about in it. I will hook up with you on FB as everyone needs someone like you. You are inspirational.
    I will be sure to show your blog to everyone!

    Onwards and upwards my friend,


  7. Avitus Post author

    Hi Lisa
    Thank you for your kind, sweet and encouraging words. I’m glad that you enjoyed this post. You are welcome again.

  8. adewale

    Signed up but yet to fund my TM,can i change my sponsor or sign up again under someone else,because my sponsor is practically inexperienced and has not been supportive in terms of how to approach the business.

  9. Avitus Post author

    Hi Adewale

    There are a lot of inexperienced people online. And that is not necessarily a bad thing. Even the most experienced marketers have a lot of people they are handling, so you might not get noticed and for that, end up in the same situation. I talk from experience. I once felt like you.

    Don’t change your sponsor or sign up again because it will not solve your problem. Take ownership of your business. Even if you fail or succeed, it will not change a thing for your sponsor. Success in any business is something that you should fight for with or without your sponsor.

    What is required is for you to learn what is required to succeed with TM, start working at that, be consistent and never quit.

    There are so many resources online that you can learn from. the biggest and my favorite is You tube and then google where you can search and get any information you need. For now, i will direct you to THIS guide i wrote on how to make money with TM.

    Forget about your sponsor, fight for yourself and claim your victory online. I learned this hard lesson, that’s why i have achieved what i have achieved today. Depending on your sponsor, that’s like putting your fate on him or her which is very risky.

    You can also read my 10 tips on : how to become a successful internet entrepreneur

    Contact him, ask him for guidance. If he replies and guides you, that’s well and good. But if he doesn’t assist you for any reason, don’t go black on him, curse or blame him. Just move on, dig and find where the gold is on your own.

    I hope this helped.


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  11. Hamza

    Hello avitus I really want to know the awnser to this question and this question is how to get referrals? I try soooooooo hard to get ppl to join undrr my name bit they think that it’s a scam and they laugh so I really wanna know everything about this company so I know all the awnser abd I want to know why we have to buy adpacks which I have no problem at all buying them and I really wanna train my self with all the knowledge that is going to benefit me😊 please mate help me as im stuck and im kinda getting frustrating now thanks.

  12. Avitus Post author


    Have you read my traffic monsoon guide yet? It explains mostly everything there is to know about traffic monsoon.

    Here is the guide.

    On the referral part, where exactly do you get stuck, how do you promote you link? Let me know that and i shall be in a better position to help you.

  13. stella

    hellow a new visitor to this website have gone through,and some how my mind is telling me to join it,am a Kenyan and i want to have something running to get me money,how do i go about in joining this traffic monsoon,what is the minimum amount,what is this ads i dont really understand expiry i mean nearly everything,kindly inform me because am interested send me through my mail
    thank you

  14. John Hebowi Manau

    I want to join up with Four Corners Alliance Group but I need a Sponsor’s Referral Link. I would appreciate very much if I can join up with Team or if someone can contact me and help me out. Thank you.

  15. John Hebowi Manau

    I want to sign up with Four Corners Alliance Group and I need to join up with a team.

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