How To Make Money With Traffic Monsoon:Complete Guide

By | July 7, 2015
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This Is How You Are Really Ever Going To Earn Big With Traffic Monsoon

UPDATE: SEC has frozen Trafficmonsoon’s Assets and restricted its operation. The site is currently down. This guide Can still be used with any other revshare.

How to make money from the internet is probably something that a lot of people are looking so much into in the current times. There are thousands of places and multiple ways to earn money online. Yet, a huge percentage of people have no clue how to do so. Because of that, majority don’t make a single penny and sometimes loose even the little they had. The struggle is big and very real.

I might have seen Traffic Monsoon ads a couple of hundred times before i took a step to join the family. For two years i had struggled to make money online and even lost some at some point. it took me sometime to process whether this site(Traffic Monsoon) that everyone was so much talking and sharing earning screenshots of could be a thing that would finally get me out there to shine like everyone else.

I wanted to make money. I knew what was required to make money with Traffic Monsoon. I took action, probably the hardest and most difficult one. I plunged in with almost 40 ad packs (That is $2000, money that i had to borrow to get started and probably the most i have ever spent anywhere on the internet). I decided to step out of my own comfort zone and make things happen. That was a risk i had to take because I understood to make money i had to spend money.

Three months down the road, here is the most interesting part. Am i still in debt? No I’m not. Why not? Because i have already paid back the $2000 from Traffic Monsoon’s earnings.

Let me tell you a short story. I woke up this morning, found two commission notifications emails, those that i now receive daily whenever my referrals purchase ad packs. I’m kind of used to this now. There was also one that i had referred a new member to Traffic monsoon. Went on to log on to my account, found $120 earned in less than 24 hours, some of it while i was asleep. Purchased two more packs and went on with my daily businesses.

Earning more than $100 daily is something that i never imagined possible a couple of months ago. I’m quite aware there are people earning more than this out there but at the same time there are a lot more who are not making anything even with a concept as simple as Traffic Monsoon.

Why Am Saying All this.

I have come to learn that there are some people who joined Traffic Monsoon and expected the magic to just happen. I see it all the time in Facebook TM groups when people post screenshots of thousands of dollars earned. There are people who would ask why they are not making the same kinda money. The common reply is always buy ad packs.

Now i can’t figure out whether these people are too broke , afraid or they just can’t understand the revenue sharing concept. I intend to purely explain to people how they can really make money online with Traffic monsoon. Not single digit income but four, five, six and even seven figure income like everyone else.

How To Make Money With Traffic Monsoon.

Before anything, let me get a few facts straight.

  1. Traffic Monsoon is not an investment company, opportunity program, mlm or a hyip site. Its purely an advertising company that shares sales revenues with its members. When you put your money on the site, you are basically purchasing advertising services that Traffic Monsoon offers. No guarantees of income whatsoever. The revenue sharing depends entirely on the sales revenues that the company makes.
  2. You are not going to make any sizable income from cashlinks alone. Cash-links are paid to click ads that members purchase. You’ll be rewarded anywhere from $0.001 to $0.01 every-time you click on a cash link. The same applies when your referrals click on cashlinks. You’ll earn 100% commissions on that as well though its not going to make you rich unless you have thousands of referrals who are actively clicking everyday. I have been with Traffic Monsoon for almost 4 months now and I have earned less than $10 from my own clicks and about $30 from my referral clicks. You get the picture.
  3. The only way you are going to make good income is by purchasing sharing ads (ad packs). purchasing one or a number of these will qualify you for the company’s revenue sharing and you’ll earn something every hour depending on the number of ad packs you have. The more you have the more you’ll earn.
  4. You can only withdraw funds daily from a processor that you originally purchased advertising from. Pretty common. if you have never purchased any ad packs but you have earned something from cashlinks or affiliate commissions, you can only withdraw from Paypal. This is always so because admins try to control funds balances between processors.

Steps to making money with Traffic monsoon.

I can guarantee you that if you follow these steps you will succeed with traffic monsoon.

How do i know?

Because i have used these and they work for me. That’s how i’m earning more than $100 daily. Could be in the thousands by the time you are reading this.


Make A Commitment.

You need to declare to yourself that you want to succeed. You need to act and decide that you’ll make things work no matter what. You need faith, patience and consistence. That’s how i went on and borrowed $2000, purchased ad packs and started working daily towards growing my Traffic Monsoon account. If i hadn’t declared to myself that i wanted to really make money, then i would have probably stayed with cashlinks alone which would have taken me nowhere.


Payment Processor Research

You need to be sure that you’ll be able to withdraw money from a system before you join a program. Now i understand that Traffic Monsoon accepts global memberships but it doesn’t mean all payment processors will send funds to anyone anywhere in the world. When Paypal can send funds to someone in United State without any problem, it doesn’t mean it will do the same for someone in Tanzania.

It happened to me once that i had earned a lot with one site but when it came to withdrawing my money it’s when i discovered that Paypal could not send money to my country and so i lost everything.

You need to find out what processor between Paypal ,Payza and solid trust pay will work best for you in your country. After finding out, then that’s what you use to purchase advertising so you can withdraw with the same.


Join Traffic Monsoon

Skip this if you are already a member. If you are not, you can join through here. It’s advised to use a gmail email. Make sure to confirm your membership through the confirmation email you’ll be sent after you join. You’ll also be asked to put the email of your preferred payment processor account.


Click On Cash-links Daily

Even though you are aiming for the stars, don’t ignore these. As penny cents as they are, they are still income. Not forgetting its advertisement that someone paid for. Also you’ll be earning your sponsor a commission out of your clicks just like your referrals will earn you.

Don’t forget:

“One penny may seem to you a very insignificant thing, but it is the small seed from which fortunes spring.” – Orison Swett Marden

Cash links have also got their part to play in making the entire Traffic Monsoon system work.


Buy Ad packs

I can’t press enough on how important this is. It doesn’t matter what your excuse is, bottom line, if you want to make good money with Traffic Monsoon, you’ll have to purchase ad packs at some point. There is no other way.

traffic monsoon review

I don’t know your story, excuse or your bank account balance. My advise is always going to be, start as big as you can because you are going to grow fast, you’ll repurchase ad packs fast and most importantly you’ll break even faster. That’s what i learned from spending $2000 straight out of pocket. My heart was racing when i was spending that, but now i wish i had $5000 that day because i’m seeing the benefits.

I understand we are not the same. While it was easier for me to get someone to lend me $2000, it could be harder for someone to else to even access $500. There is an easier way to get your account growing without having to spend a fortune.

Rob Fraiser’s approach to get to 10 ad packs (Broke Man’s guide to 10 packs)

This is a strategy i got from Rob Fraiser its called the broke mans approach. Basically this will help you to get to 10 packs and from there on you’ll be able to repurchase an ad pack every five days without spending a dime from your pocket.

NOTE: This works with the current Traffic Monsoon earning trends, that is $1 daily for each active pack you have

Broke Man’s Aprroach

  • Purchase one pack for $50 from your pocket.
  • Stay qualified in the revenue share by surfing 10 ads daily.
  • After 7 days(week) you’ll have $7 in your account.
  • Use that $7 plus $43 from you pocket to purchase the second pack.
  • Now you’ll have 2 packs earning $2 daily which will add up to $14 after 7 days.
  • Use that $14 plus $36 from you pocket to purchase a third pack.
  • Repeat the process until you are up to 10 packs where you can purchase a pack every 5 days.

Its slower but you’ll definitely get there. Even after hitting 10 packs, You can keep using external funds whenever you can until you are able to purchase a pack daily out of Traffic Monsoon earnings alone.

After you hit 50 packs, you’ll start experiencing fast growth.

See my traffic monsoon results here


Stay Qualified

You are required to surf a minimum of 10 pages in the traffic exchange every 24 hours. That way, you stay qualified to receive revenue shares every hour. Once the timer runs out and turns red, you’ll stop receiving any shares.


Refer people to Traffic Monsoon

This is the second way you can earn a sizable pay in TM. Every time one of your referrals purchases an ad pack, you earn a 10% commission ($5). The more referrals you have the more you’ll earn.

I purchase 2 ad packs daily. That’s $100 spent and also that’s a $10 commission my sponsor makes daily from me alone. Assuming my sponsor has 5 people like me, then that’s $50 he/she makes daily. But what if he has a whole bunch of referrals like me? You get the idea.

Just to give you an idea of what is possible(see below)

traffic monsoon review

The only way you can get referrals is by promoting. Traffic monsoon has all the basic promotional tools for you to get started right away ranging from banners to splash pages. You can promote these or you can design your own custom banners, splash pages or sales pages for much better results. Like this one that i created for myself.

Places You can promote Traffic Monsoon

  • Your blog – My best signups came from my blog (this blog)
  • YouTube Videos
  • Solo Ads – Very effective.
  • Traffic Exchanges – Saturated but if you stay consistent you might get sign ups.
  • Safe-lists – Same as Traffic Exchanges.
  • Classified Ads
  • Traffic Monsoon – Through massive clicks package.

You can also read How to refer without advertising.


Cash Out

You might wonder how is this a step when it’s so obvious. I must say, How you cash out has everything to do with how your account grows. If you withdraw more than you are repurchasing, then eventually you’ll run your account to the ground. That’s why you need a good cashing out strategy.

Its best to start cashing out when you have broken even already. Its also a good idea to use a cashing out strategy that will benefit you and at the same time ensure growth of your account so that you can keep cashing out more and more. All the time you should make sure that you are repurchasing more than you are cashing out.

My Strategy (70-30)

This method works best if you have more than 50 ad packs. Basically you only withdraw 30% of your earnings and put back 70%. You can do it daily, weekly or monthly. I prefer daily.

I repurchase 2 ad packs and withdraw the next $30. I do this on the daily basis. No matter how much money i earn in a given day, i stick with this.

traffic monsoon review

I update my proof page weekly, See more stats and proof here


Watch My Traffic Monsoon Get Started Video


Update: November 1st 2015

So i have also decided to record a video showing an actual money withdrawal from Traffic monsoon. You are going to see how to withdraw your money from the site and also partly a proof that cash outs are indeed very Instant.

Okay enjoy the video below:

Traffic Monsoon Withdrawal $500 A Week

My Recent Traffic Monsoon Cashouts


Purchase more to earn more. Refer Many to Earn more. That’s how you are going to shine bright like a Diamond in Traffic Monsoon. Read my traffic monsoon review here. I hope this post was helpful. Let me know your additional thoughts in the comments below. Otherwise i wish you all happy earnings.

One more thing, if you are not yet on this boat, i’d love you on my team, So join my traffic monsoon team here.



Internet entrepreneur who loves to make money online through various genuine opportunities and blogging about it. You can read more about me on the About page.

402 thoughts on “How To Make Money With Traffic Monsoon:Complete Guide

  1. Kari

    This website was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something
    that helped me. Thanks!

  2. wizzo

    Hello Avitus! Nice review!sorry do u meaning that Paypal can not send fund to someone located in Tanzania?

  3. Avitus Post author

    Yes Wizzo. Currently, you can only pay and send money but you can’t receive money with a Tanzania paypal account.

  4. wizzo

    Thanks Avitus!So what payment processor do you think will support for Tanzanian!?

  5. Avitus Post author

    Wizzo. Payza and Solid Trust Pay work fine. I prefer Payza though…

  6. wizzo

    Hello Again Avitus! I would like to ask u what kind of Bank do you use in online transaction!To be sure before am involves with this bussness?

  7. Avitus Post author

    Hello to you too once again Wizzo,
    I’m not sure what you mean by bank, but if you meant to ask how i withdraw my money from Traffic monsoon, the answer is.

    Everyday i withdraw my money through Payza(you can see my proof above) . Traffic monsoon supports Paypal and Solid trust pay as well. so which ever is convenient for you.

    I use Payza because Paypal doesn’t support sending money to my country. From Payza i send my money to Neteller where i have a plastic debit card and i can spend my money however i wish.

    With Paypal you can have the money sent to your credit card or wired directly to your bank account. Same applies for Solid Trust Pay.

    Lastly Wizzo, join me in traffic monsoon here.

    I hope i have answered your question

  8. wizzo

    Thank you for that!am resident in Tanzania and I don’t know which Bank(CRDB,UBA……) to use in online transaction since most of them they take long time for my withdrawal from payza to appear in the Bank.That why i ask you which kind of Bank you use in withdrawal from Payza.

  9. Avitus Post author


    I’m also in Tanzania. My bank is CRDB but i have never tried to send my money straight to my bank account from payza. All the time i send to Neteller where i have debit card(mastercard) where i can withdraw from any ATM Machine. Maybe we can connect and share your experience. I have sent you an email.

  10. rose

    To buy 2 Adpacks and take $30 daily you would need to have a revenue share of $130 per day or 130 active Adpacks. So how are you maintaining that? Also, in time due to all the Adpacks expiring, you won’t be able to maintain the 130 per day by following this strategy. Can you expand?

  11. Avitus Post author

    Hi Rose,

    I have ad packs expiring daily, 1, sometimes 2, but i buy 2 before i make a $30 cashout. I’m at a point where i can maintain that forever, i’ve over 86 packs expired already. Mind you i have referral commissions coming in daily as well.

  12. Toks

    Hey Avitus,
    Great stuff here!
    The adpacks last 55 days from when purchased – when buying new adpacks(from earnings), does it restart the 55 days on the total sharing positions or will the initial ones expire?

  13. Avitus Post author

    Hi Toks,

    Thank you for stopping by. Well when you repurchase adpacks it doesn’t restart the 55 days on the total sharing positions,they’ll continue to earn you as they approach their expiry time. However, as you buy more adpacks that means your earning power increases which also mean you’ll repurchase more adpacks faster.

  14. Dirk

    Hello Avitus,
    As I joined TM a while back, I don’t know for sure that you are my sponsor.
    I hope you are. Can you check on that?
    When I joined I did it with email, but I will change it to
    Nice working with you.
    Thank You,

  15. Avitus Post author

    Hi Dirk

    I think you joined under someone else, didn’t see you on my referrals page. But whatever the case, i do hope you are enjoying life with Traffic monsoon. Thanks for your comment

  16. Edward Keyte

    Hello Avitus,

    Thanks for a very nice blog post.

    You mentioned above about Solo Ads being very effective; what Solo Ad services would you recommend?
    What sort of statistics have you experienced per number of clicks etc?
    Thank you.

    Edward Keyte recently posted…Guaranteed huge daily traffic.My Profile

  17. Avitus Post author

    Hi Edward

    Thanks for stopping by. Yes i’m also using solo ads as one of the sources of traffic to my businesses one of them being Traffic monsoon. My main source of solo ads as of now is UDIMI and vendors from Warrior forum.

    I recommend UDIMI for people starting out on solo ads because its cheaper than any other solo ads marketplace. You can get high quality premium 100 clicks for less than $40 on udimi while the same could cost you anywhere from $60 to $90 elsewhere.

    I use custom capture pages for my campaigns (like this one) which really eliminates competition because i’m the only one promoting it. And so i get over 50% optin rate, which is pretty high considering i use double optin which assures me of quality contacts. so out of 100 click i get atleast 50 double optin leads.

    Traffic monsoon converts pretty well mainly because its free to join.

  18. MaVaan


    A friend of mine asked me to check your site.

    I see the potential and the numbers which seem ok, just as I went through your blog pages few questions rised to my mind, and I’d be interested to hear your view on them:

    1. You said you invested 2k to get started and that you paid that sum back to the lender already; You refer to it in a comment as you’ve made 1500 usd pure profit; But isn’t that revenue?
    2. According to the above, could you state approximately how much have you withdrawn, meaning how much profits have you made? Out of a quick look at the screenshots I’d assume you have withdrawn to paypal in the range of 2000 – 2500 usd in total, since the start, which would indicate that after loan money is covered you made between 0-500 usd in pure profits?
    3. Don’t get me wrong, no attack here, just questions to see better. Overall if TM can keep up the payments, they pretty much offer a guaranteed return.

  19. Avitus Post author

    Hi MaVaan

    I’m not sure i understood well your first question but Yes I did buy ad packs worth 2k in the first month when I got started, that was money straight out of pocket. And yes I’ve paid off the 2k already in money that I have actually withdrawn out of TM. Most of it is from ad packs revenue but I also have referral commissions that ads up to money that you can either withdraw or use to buy more packs.
    Below image is just to give you the idea of what’s possible
    Traffic monsoon $725 referral commission

    As for your second question, I do withdraw 33 bucks daily. I can withdraw more than that but I have just decided not to get too greedy because I do really want to grow and I’m chasing my next milestone(500 ad packs). As of now the $33 I withdraw daily is pretty much covered by the referral commissions. I make at least $30 daily in referral commissions alone and around $130 daily in ad packs revenue, a total of $160+ daily.
    Traffic monsoon $30 dollars commissions

    If you were to calculate, I withdraw around $990 to $1020 every month.

    But just to correct you. Traffic monsoon is not an investment company, please don’t confuse. When you buy ad packs, you are simply purchasing advertisement.

  20. MaVaan

    Hello Avitus,

    Thank you for clearing that out, great post. Wanted to emphasize that no attack here intended and you replied in a very nice manner.

    Have you calculated how long can u keep going before the number of adpacks expiries start to be greater than purchased ones?

    And true, I didn’t take into account the referrals, which seem to be the key here as mathematically just purchasing adpacks could not work on the longterm on a 70-30 share.

    On the other hand if the TM can keep up the ad payments, then just simply buy adpacks with 100k and let them expiry while surfing the ads to keep the sharing revenues coming in, and pocket the 5% return per 55 days and start over. Over a year thats one freaking good investment.

    Anyways, i’m interested to hear in details how you went from that 2k startup to where u at today in terms of TM adpacks only and not counting in the referral commissions. You have made good blog posts on the subject but would love to get more info on that.

    And I told my friend to signup under your ref link, since I appreciate you posting and answering openly about the subject, a rarity in the IM world. Keep up the great work 😀

  21. Avitus Post author

    Hi MaVaan
    I appreciate the nice comment and thanks for visiting again.

    Basically after the original packs you started with expires(55 days), you’ll start experiencing an increased rate of packs expiring overtime.This is quiet normal because expiring follows your purchase trend.

    Key is to always stay ahead of the race. purchase packs at a higher speed rate than the speed of packs expiring. That’s why its always wise to cashout reasonably to allow growth. So for example if you start experiencing 1 pack expiring each day, then you should purchase atleast 2 packs a day depending on the rev share you get each day.

    See the image below which is the current status of my account.
    traffic monsoon illustration
    As you can see, i have purchased a total of 277 packs since day one. But i only have 134 active ad packs, meaning 143 packs have expired already. That’s not a bad thing, because my account is still growing no matter how many packs expire each day. Currently, 2 packs expire each day, but i purchase atleast 3 packs each day, meaning my account grows by atleast one pack each day. When the 3 packs start expiring, i’ll be purchasing 4 packs. etc.

    The way i went from 2k start up(39 packs) to where i am now is very simple. To ensure quick growth i used to purchase a pack everytime i had $50 in my account.By the time the original packs where expiring, i had more packs than those i originally started with.

    And don’t get me wrong, you really don’t need to recruit to earn big with Traffic Monsoon. I know someone who is at 1000 packs right now, he hasn’t referred anyone and he is withdrawing 100 buck each day.

  22. MaVaan


    I’m interested in the plans you and others have used in order to breakeven on the startup cost, meaning the amount withdrawn equals initial startup cost, and then you start pocketing profits.

    I’m asking coz my mate wants to put in 10k to kickoff his TM plans, and I’m on the side looking for info on the statistics. Mostly what one can find is people showing off that they earned but you are the first who has said out loud what you have profited, which is awesome.

    Out of a quick calculation if my friend puts in 10k (200 packs), and compounds without any refs he’d be looking to 17k over all in profits after 365 days. But thats just one way of calculating it.

  23. MaVaan

    Ok, can work out much better plans than the above one, but then the question in my mind raises that how can this be sustainable over longterm.

    Of course the 2% share is much better than some other networks out there that offer 10% or even 50%.

  24. Avitus Post author


    There are a lot of strategies out there and each one works differently. But here is the one i think will work best for your friend.

    With a 10k start up, that is 200 ad packs. My calculations tell me he’ll be repurchasing atleast 4 ad pack daily from the rev shares. By day 36 he’ll have 407 ad pack and total earnings of $10,374 plus he’ll be repurchasing atleast 8 ad packs daily. Now from this point on wards he can start implementing the 91- 9 rule. This means for every ad pack he’ll be repurchasing onwards, he’ll be cashing out $5. This means, because he’ll be repurchasing at least 8 ad packs daily, then he’ll be cashing out $40 daily (5 times 8). By day 55 he’ll be repurchasing 12 adpacks daily and cashing out $60 daily (12 time 6).

    On day 56. the original 200 will expire leaving is account with 393 ad packs and total purchase packs at 593. At this point, he’ll get back at 8 packs per day, cashing out 40 per day. The good thing is from day 56 onwards his account will steadily grow.

    My calculation tells me, at exactly 9 months, he’ll be having 1000 packs, repurchasing 20 packs daily and withdrawing $100 daily.

    But to answer your question, he’ll break even in less than 6 months from day one, this is in total money actually withdrawn from Traffic monsoon. But he’ll have made a total of $179,000 in total sharing.

    All this is not putting in to consideration the commissions if he ever refers someone to Traffic monsoon.

    Hope i have made it clear enough.

  25. Todd

    Just found this site. Thank you for the great information. I was wondering if there waw any benefit to having two paypal account and two separate email registrations to TM. Would there be any benefit?

  26. Avitus Post author

    Hi Todd

    Having two separate email registrations to TM for one person violates Traffic Monsoon’s terms of service. They only allow one registration per user. This could only work if you introduce say family members to Traffic Monsoon, like say your brother, sister, son, daughter, etc. However, you should all have separate IP addresses or different internet connections to avoid being BLOCKED or BANNED.

  27. Dan

    Hi Avitus,

    Great post, and it’s nice to see someone respond to comments so diligently. Was wondering if you could help me out, as I read through your comments above on a good cashing out strategy, but I’m struggling to make the maths work myself. I am considering starting up with a purchase of $3500 of 70 AdPacks, would a 91-9 strategy work or would I have to use a different ratio to ensure growth when my initial 70 packs expire on day 56?

    Many thanks,


  28. Avitus Post author

    Hi Dan

    If you start up with $3500 today, you’ll have 136 ad packs on day 56 after the original 70 expires. The 91 – 9 strategy will work so well even from day one. But i recommend you start implementing it from day 56.

    Good start up and i wish you nothing but success with Traffic monsoon


  29. Chelsea B.

    I’m so glad I found your blog! I just started using TM and love it! I was confused at first but then just explored and got the hang of it. After just a couple days I’ve made $4 with cash links and rev share from one pack. I got hooked on doing ad clicks and since today i was slow at work from 2-8 I got over 100 clicks in. When I get paid next from work I’ll get another pack using my earnings and go from there. My only concern is how we do our taxes. I don’t want the irs coming around lol. Thanks for the great tips!

  30. Avitus Post author

    Hi Sivasan

    Unassigned credits are credits that haven’t been assigned to any of your sites. So they are just sitting idle in your back office. credits are surf credits. For each credit you posses that’s equivalent to one visit to your site for 20 seconds. So what you can do is assign them to one of your sites.


  31. Lupe fiasco

    Hi there !

    I would like to start like you ( 2000 dollars). I just want to know how long it will take for have benefit if I buy adpack everyday? ( I mean first take back my 2000 dollars then start to have benefit)

    Thank you very much !

  32. Avitus Post author


    With $2000, you’ll start with 40 ad packs. By the time these are expiring, you’ll have 79 ad packs if you purchase daily. I advise you start cashing out on day 86 when you’ll have steady 100 ad packs and growing. i also advise you follow the 91 -9 rule for maximum growth. This is assuming you don’t have any referrals. Therefore you’ll be cashing out $10 daily, when you reach 150 adpacks, then you’ll increase the amount to $15 daily and so on.

  33. Javier

    Right now it appears like Drupal is the preferred blogging platform out there right now.
    (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re using on your
    Javier recently posted… Profile

  34. Abdul


    I have purchased 38 adpacks and 2 of those are bought with my TM balance.

    Total money spent $1800(ignore PayPal fees).

    When am I getting all my money back? and start withdrawing funds provided that I repurchase with the balance on regular basis?

    No referrals are in my account

  35. Avitus Post author

    No, Im using wordpress which is still the most preferred blogging platform.

  36. Avitus Post author

    Hi Abdul,

    I advise you start withdrawing once your original packs expires. At the point which you’ll have a steady growth trend. I also advise you use the 91-9 rule which will ensure you are growing at full speed even though you are withdrawing.

    But really there is no rule book that states the right time to start cashing out. Basically for every ad pack you repurchase you can withdraw the next $5 (thats the 91-9 strategy). It doesn’t really matter when you start. some start withdrawing from day one. And majority delay cashing out to gain momentum first because when you want to grow, every single penny matters.

    I for example started withdrawing when i had gained 100 ad packs. That’s a goal i had set for myself. So again it all depends with what your goal is.

    Again i’ll advise you to start thinking of referring people. I can’t stress enough how important this is and how this can explode your account in a very short time. I can tell you,the amount i have earned from commissions has already exceeded what i originally used to purchase my initial adpacks. All that i withdraw now, is purely from daily referral commissions. That means i don’t touch my ad pack revenue anymore.

  37. Farakh


    I joined TM nearly a week ago. The first day I purchased 5 adpacks, followed by another 5 the very next day, taking my total to 10 adpacks. My question is: because I purchased my initial adpacks on two different days and not in one go would the 91-9 rule be suitable for me? Also, I’m waiting until I get to $50 in my TM account before I purchase pack 11. What would you recommend for my situation?

    A very informative and open blog post by the way Avitus, much appreciated!


    Thanks for your guide.My question is,can i eaern anything by just surfing before i think of purchasing an ad pack.

  39. Avitus Post author


    Yes but only through cashlinks. Cashlinks are paid to click ads. for each you can earn anywhere from $0.001 to $0.01 as shown below
    traffic monsoon cashlinks

  40. Dave

    Great article!

    After a business associate brought me into TM, I bought one pack and then I started to research them, and I came across your write up here, and I read it, and re-read it!

    Today I took the plunge and bought another 50 packs. . I really hope I have made the right decision, I too know you have to spend money to make money.

    My plan is to compound it continually every day until I break even and can start to withdraw and keep steady growth.

    I too plan on waiting until 100 packs at least before withdrawing, do you recommend I use the 9-1-9 method from 100 packs onwards?

    Thanks for inspiring me to go in big! I appreciate any help you can offer.
    Dave recently posted…Does Traffic Monsoon work?My Profile

  41. Avitus Post author

    Hi Dave
    I’m glad that you took massive action, Yes i do advise you use the 91-9 rule, especially if you don’t have any referrals.

  42. Hoque


    Can you advice me , is this ok to use my TM in iPhone / home and office PC and if I go holiday .
    If I use my friend referral link to open TM AC .
    When he buy any ad pack can I get commotion from
    him . Waiting for your reply .


  43. Avitus Post author

    Hi Hogue

    Yes its okay to use TM on your iphone, home and office pc. In fact that is what i do and pretty sure there are a lot of TM members doing that.

    On your second question,if you sign up an account using your friends referral link,he is the one who will get commissions from you buying adpacks and clicking on cashlinks. No you won’t get commissions from his activities(buying adpacks), instead those will go to his or her sponsor.

    For Clarity, you only get commissions from people who signed up with your referral link.


  44. Hoque

    Hi Avitus,

    Thanks for your quick respond . You are so kind
    to help the people who want to do this TM .
    Please can you advice with details what is 91-9 rules .


  45. Stautrou

    On line.
    of life:
    & Retired Persons
    in to DAILY MONEY


    1.Every Website
    2.That’s Our Product
    & Get Paid

  46. Avitus Post author


    I appreciate the good comment. The 91-9 rule is when you buy an ad pack and withdraw the next $5 or 2 ad packs and withdraw the next $10 ,etc

  47. Roger Beauton

    Hi very good review n also answer to questions. Ok now I personally do not have a website to promote yet. My questions come from me not having a large amount to invest .
    I may be able to scrape together enough for two addpacks am I a dummy or what I don’t understand how to make money with TM. I’m so confused is it possible to make money with only two addpacks. I’m on disability n have limited funds I truly missed the make money part I would like to join your team

  48. Avitus Post author

    Hey Roger

    I know enough to tell you that it always looks like you are limited somehow when you are watching from the sidelines. But when you are in the game playing, its a whole different experience, doors open up in terms of new ideas on how you can get funds to boost your account.

    I do understand not everyone has a lot to spend right of the start. In fact most of as didn’t. I started with 5 ad packs. and a few days later i realised it could get a lot better if i had more packs purchased. Then i got the idea that i could borrow money($2000) and boost my ad packs.

    My point exactly is, there’s always money somewhere, you just have to initiate the process by starting somewhere( in your case 2 ad packs). Its enough to get started because sometimes what matters is not how much you have but rather understanding the concept and your willingness to work.

    I know a guy who got started with Traffic monsoon flat out broke with 2 ad packs(only money he ever used out of pocket), but now he has over 500 ad packs and over 200 active referrals and withdrawing atleast $500 daily. What trick did he use? Nothing, he just worked(advertised his link by blogging, safelists, traffic exchanges, social media). He started getting referrals and commissions and suddenly there was more money to purchase ad packs with.

    You can do the same, Join, get your 2 ad packs, start working your butt off and sooner than you think it will all come to place.

    But lastly, i’m really honored if you want to join my team. And you can do so by going here.

    You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step

  49. ALI

    HI avitus,
    Thank you for your post ,very interesting , with all your advice i’m very excited to get more ad packs ,now a have 7 ,and 2 referrals ;and i will buy more and more ……..
    for all people who read this word , just go GO GO


  50. Kaiser

    Hi avitus, I’ve started TM just under 3 weeks now and have gained 78 ad packs but i too took a risk and spent $3000 straight out of my bank for 60 packs. I found an add on FB from TM one day and just decided that if i dont take a risk i might not have what i have today. im currently struggling with referrals. Even with promotions and banneres being placed and paying webtraffic sites still nothing. ive gained 2 referrals but they havnt even bothered to use the site. Don’t get me wrong, i like buying adpacks everyday but it just means i wont be able to take any earnings out if i dont get commissions which is really bugging me right now. any suggestions?
    should i invest another $3000 to speed up the process?

  51. Avitus Post author

    Hi Kaizer

    It’s a matter of being patient and consistent. Non of us got referrals right fact having 2 referrals in under a month is very impressive. Keep doing what you are doing and referrals will just come over time. You can also write an email to your 2 referrals introducing yourself and showing them how the site works and what they need to do to start earning. That works for me. Let it be your practice to keep in touch with your referrals especially at this early stage when you don’t have many.

    I’m curious to know what sort of web traffic you are buying. You can try solo ads at, they are cheap and very effective. You can try traffic4me as well.

    One other thing that will help you with getting referrals is to have a blog. I’m currently writing a post on how to use a blog to get referrals. Watch out for that as i will be posting it soon in a day or so. I believe it will help you. Blogging accounts for ninety percent of all referrals i have, so don’t ignore it.

    Now on the withdrawing part. Kaiser, having no referrals doesn’t mean you can’t withdraw and still grow your account. You can use the 91-9 rule. That is for every ad pack you repurchase, you withdraw the next $5 and so on.

    Adding another $3000 will definitely boost your growth. If you have it at your disposal, by all means go ahead and do it.

  52. Kaiser

    Hi avitus

    The websites im using is and another i used was you can check them out. The second one seems to take way longer to even get clicks or referrals as it seems the first one got me the 2 referrals a lot quicker then expected but that could of been luck i suppose . Anyways thanks for replying back to me and as you can see i also have a paid web hosting page for traffic monsoon which explains the site to. The contact details are left on the top right so anyone can contact for details as it doesn’t exactly explain step by step like your blog which I find more useful. I found your blog afterwards 2 weeks in, then decided to finally leave a comment to you and others

  53. Lee

    Hi Avitus, your blog is awesome! Your enthusiasm, clear and concise language and interpretation to all is very welcoming and shows your honest and friendly demeanour. I’ve been with TM for 4wks now, I bought 100adpacks upfront and I’m currently sitting on 200. Fast growth definitely, I also have 1 referral. Please help me, I’m wanting to know the best strategy for getting my initial investment back, do I follow the 91-9 rule? and when? I have 28 days remaining in this cycle. Do I wait for Day 56 as you’ve mentioned to others? I would love to continue this growth without withdrawing, but this is a huge investment and although I can see a long bright TM future, I’m mentally not coping with nearly $8k (currency exchange) missing from my savings account. Any helpful advice for this worry wart please? I am seriously looking into the other parts of the TM business, at present I’m just clicking my 10 ads and cash links. Thanking you in advance!

  54. Avitus Post author

    Hi Lee,

    Thanks for the good comment. A very big hand for starting with 100 adpacks. I can nearly relate how you feel for spending such a huge amount, but i can promise you, its very rewarding.

    Okay,i always advise people to start withdrawing after day 55. The best strategy if you don’t have any referral commissions coming in is always the 91-9.

    I think you just need to focus on getting referrals now. Because that will boost your account and increase the chance of getting your money back in the shortest time.

  55. Lee

    Thank you for your reply and reassurance Avitus! I just need to focus on the positive, I see my earnings growing daily, but yes some real work needs to be done with finding referrals.
    What’s your opening line for introducing TM to people? I’m not confident enough to know what I’m talking about, how do I even begin… Everyone’s a sceptic, till you prove them otherwise…
    Can you please help me with some tips on speaking to people about TM? Thanking you in advance!

  56. Matt Stevens

    I just found out about TM. I am trying to understand how one can make money on this platform. You purchase an ad-pack for $50, which will earn you $55 in 55 days. This ad-pack will remain active for 55days, but what happens to the money you purchased the ad-pack with after the 55 days, is that gone and you need to spend another $50 to replace that pack or you still have it to reinvest in another ad-pack. Because if the money that you spend to buy the ad-pack is gone then all you do is make $5 at the end of 55 day period assuming you start with the one pack.

  57. Avitus Post author

    Hi Lee

    I think people always believe in what they can see. People will always ask you, what have you achieved so far? And there’s no better way to do that than sharing your results(screenshots of your back office and or money that you have actually withdrawn from the program). That’s one of the reasons i have a facebook page where i share my results and also a proof page on this blog.

    Lee i think the best way to share Traffic monsoon with others is through your actual results. Show people what you have achieved and if it resonates with them they will follow you and join you. That’s what i’m through this blog and my facebook page.

  58. Avitus Post author

    Matt Stevens

    Yes $5 is the profit you get after the pack expires. At this point you either repurchase another pack for $50 dollars or withdraw your 55 and walk away. But this will only be useful if your are in it for the traffic,you’ll have gotten free advertisement because you’ll earn your 50 dollars back plus a small 5 dollar profit.

    But if you are init for the money, starting with one pack and leaving things at that won’t save you best. You’ll only be making 5 dollars in 55 days which is kind of a waste of time. That’s why people fight to get more packs to increase the rate at which they can repurchase more packs.

    Picture this, i only spent for 40 packs initially(out of pocket) but today i have atleast 250 packs which i acquired without spending anymore money from my pockets.

    So at this stage i’m repurchasing at least 5 packs a day and i’m also collecting the profits right away. But again all this is without considering referral commissions.

    That’s it in a nutshell.

  59. Hoque

    Hi Avitus,

    It’s me again , thanks again for all your good advice .
    Your Blog is great . I had a question about ASSIGN.
    Why I have to assign my unassigned credit.
    Is there any benefit to assign ? If assign I have to
    assign in my ad pack or can ad my website ?
    I got still 250 unassigned credit .
    Waiting for your kind reply.

  60. Avitus Post author


    unassigned credits are advertisement credits that you acquire when you surf your 10 daily pages. These are just credits you can assign to one of your site that you want promote within Traffic monsoon. one credit is equal to one visitor to a site your promoting. That’s their only use.

  61. Ovye

    Hey Avitus

    Its ovye here, you are doing a great job here. pls how long or days it take for payza to send your earning to you netteler account?

    i mean, when you withdraw your earnining from TM to payza then from payza to Neteller account. is it instantly ? how many days from TM to payza ? and how many days from payza to Netteler ? and how many days from netteler to your master card?
    Ovye recently posted…6 Reason To Start Your Own Online Business TodayMy Profile

  62. Avitus Post author


    Traffic monsoon withdrawals are always instant, say a few seconds. Delays are very rare. Payza to Neteller depends on the online currency exchanger you are using. I use Magnetic exchange which usually takes 3 to 4 days. Once its been sent to my neteller account, i can access the money over any ATM machine worldwide because i have a neteller debit card.

  63. Simsalon

    Hi, thank you so much for writing this guide, it really helped me to better understand the concept of TM.
    I do have a question and I can’t seem to find the answer to it anywhere else on the internet. What happens if I go on a vacation, and I’m not able to click the 10 required ads? Can I just pick up from where I ended when I come back home, meaning I just click the 10 ads when I am able again? Or does missing 10 click in deadline mean you cannot use TM ever again?
    I so hope you understand what I’m trying to ask you, it’s hard to explain, when English is not your first language 🙂 Maybe it’s better to just ask, what do you do when you go on vacation? 🙂

    Thanks a million!

  64. Avitus Post author


    I do understand you pal. You don’t have to worry about going on vacation. When the counter hits zero, The revshare earnings just pauses for the while that you haven’t viewed the 10 ads. Its like when you are watching a movie on your bluray player and press pause to attend to another matter. When you come back you can resume from where you left things at.

    But again Traffic monsoon can be accessed from anywhere in the world, you just need internet which i believe the internet is everywhere now. I f you have a smart phone, that could help as well.


  65. Simsalon

    Sweet, so no worries about that then. Ok, so if I were to stay in a hotel, I can use their wi-fi to click on my ads and everything else you can do on TM? I am also signed up to Neobux and there you can’t use any shared network environments for viewing ads, that’s why I thought that maybe it’s the same with TM.
    You really do deserve all the referrals you can get, for helping us amateurs like this 😉

    I wish you a lovely day.

  66. Abbi

    hello , i have purchased two add pack , and i have clicked 20 adds today . my websites shows i have 2000 visitors left
    what does it means ? how i will get earn , i am confused

  67. Craig

    Hey man.

    I was just doing the math here, and even without referring anyone. There is A LOT of money to be made here! like… an awful lot. Beyond words.

    My concern is on how legal this system is. Listen, I’m not talking about if it works or not. Cause selling drugs works, and there’s a lot of money to be made. But it’s not legal!

    So, I’m concerned about that with Traffic Monsoon. Honestly. Basically we’re spending $50, in order to get $55 over a period of a few days. And from there it’s a matter of just scaling up. And that sounds a lot like a Ponzi scheme to me. And I don’t like how that sounds, cause we’re not really purchasing anything.

    What are your thoughts on this?
    Have you talked to any accountant or lawyer about the money making methods on this system?

    Thank you 🙂

  68. Avitus Post author

    Hi Abbi

    Congrats for purchasing the 2 packs. Don’t be confused. It’s really very simple.

    Here is how it works.

    From now own, you’ll be required to stay qualified for the hourly revenue distributions. You do that by making sure you surf a minimum of 10 pages or ads every day. This keeps you in the green zone meaning every hour you’ll be receiving revenue shares. You can log in every hour to your account and see your earnings go up each time. That’s how you earn from ad packs.

    On the other hand, ad packs are advertisement bundles. So for each pack, you get 20 PPC clicks and 1000 traffic exchange credits. These are then assigned to whatever banner and site url you configured when buying packs. 2000 visitors left means you are yet to get 2000 views to your site.

    That’s it

  69. Avitus Post author


    Traffic monsoon is a revenue share advertising company. That means TM sells advertisement bundles and instead of keeping all the profits, it shares the same profits among its qualified members. So people who buy these ad packs are people who buy advertisement packages and for one pack you get 20 banner clicks and 1000 traffic exchange credits. Same concept as google ads or Facebook ads, except these other companies don’t send you a paycheck. They keep all the profit.

    On top of that, Traffic Monsoon is a legally registered company in UTAH, United States with all the necessary approvals. It started in October 2014 and as we are speaking, the site has now over 1.9 million members worldwide. It’s not ponzi as you think.

    By the way, earnings are not guaranteed since you are simply buying advertisement. Its just the company’s courtesy to share its revenues. That’s why assuming people stopped buying ads, the company’s revenues will drop and so will the daily distributed revenues.

  70. Aleen Ajao

    Thanks for your several posts. Please advice me, I stay in Nigeria and I have a job that keeps me online for a minimum of 7 hours a day. I am comfortable with only buying 1 adpack and consistently surfing 10 or more sites dayly. How well can this take me?

  71. Avitus Post author


    I can only understand if you buy one for starters(testing the waters) then plan to buy more in the future. But if you are comfortable with buying only one forever, even i have a question for you. Are you comfortable with earning a $5 profit in whatever time it takes your ad pack to expire?(currently 55 days).
    If Yes then go for it. If No then plan to buy more because one pack alone will just have you chasing your own tail.

    Unless you are so good at internet marketing, then you can pull of some off the chart crazy marketing stunt that will get you hundreds of crazy determined referrals who’ll have you earning commissions around the clock. Then you can use some of those commissions to buy some more packs.

    But tell you what my friend,

    Most of us started out flat out broke on this. But the determination to succeed, made us pull of the impossible. Makes me think, sometimes its not about the money, its the determination to succeed that will push you and get you there.

    And in my experience, everything good happens outside the comfort bubble/zone.

  72. Mo

    I like this blog very much…and how much effort you put in.
    i just wanted to know….i started with 29 adpacks and reached 89 adpacks…and after 56 days am back on 60 adpacks…i was thinking of buying another 29 so that i go back to around 90 adpacks…and grow to 200 adpacks before this new batch expire…will i have enough time to reach 200 adpacks before the 29 expire again considering some adpacks will expiring daily (i think)…
    also is the 5 day and 2 day withdrawal system ( for 5 days u reinvest your earnings and weekends u withdraw your daily earnings) as effective as the 91-9 strategy?

  73. Avitus Post author


    Adding 29 more adpacks sounds like a good idea, you’ll definitely grow faster and reach your 200 packs goal in no time and Probably before that batch expires. But even if it does, that’s not a bad thing because you’ll be repurchasing more than the expiring packs.

    On the withdrawing part
    Its best to implement the 91 – 9 rule especially when you don’t have any referral commissions coming in. That way you can be sure that your account will grow even as you withdraw.

    When you have have referral commissions coming in, that kind of changes the rules of the game. You can adjust to whatever strategy.

  74. Mo

    thanks for answering so swiftly!

    If i reach 200…How quickly do u think i can you grow to 500 adpacks and 1000 adpacks…including 2-3 referrals giving me 300$ commission

    What about the 70-30 withdrawal strategy u use…is that suitable aswell? or when can u actually use that

  75. Avitus Post author


    After you reach 200 packs, assuming you don’t have any referrals, it will roughly take you at least 8 months,that is while withdrawing some money everyday using the 91-9 strategy. If you are not withdrawing,you can get there sooner

    But if you have referrals earning commissions everyday, it could happen a lot sooner than you think.

  76. magnet777

    hello Avitus

    is it possible to purchase adpacks directly with my traffic monsoon account balance when i reach $50 in earnings?
    or can i only buy new adpacks with my payment processor even if i reach $50 in account earnings ?
    i need some clarity please.

  77. Avitus Post author

    Hi Magnet777

    You can purchase with your account balance. That’s what i and everybody else does. Unless you want to put put in some more money.

  78. mia

    hi there i m worried my timer ran out today what do i do now ?

  79. Avitus Post author


    When your timer runs out, you just have to surf again your 10 ads. This is a daily task.

  80. Kesiah

    Hello. Please I will need your contact details so I can call you let’s talk directly. I’m Kezi in Nigeria. Thanks man

  81. Mia

    How can this be a business or money making. You said you spend 100 and you take out 30. And you earn 100 each day. This means you are going 30 into the negative daily. How can this be a profit making business? How how

  82. Avitus Post author


    I wouldn’t advise you follow this startegy if you don’t have referral commissions coming in. If you are just starting out, just use the 91 -9 strategy. For every pack you repurchase, you can withdraw the next $5 you earn.

  83. tendai

    Thanks Avitus for the info and kindness ,hve just signed under you , hope we will work together well as you will help me climb the ladder to Financial freedom,thanks.

  84. Luckson

    Just signed under you and i would like to get some referral and i was hoping you could show me how to go about it with solo Ad.


  85. Azim

    Hi Avitus,

    First of all thank you for this very informative blog of yours about Traffic Monsoon.

    I have some questions if you don’t mind answering.

    1) If purchase 50 AdPacks to start off with initially and follow your strategy but without withdrawing a single dollar from their account on a weekly basis and don’t have any referral commissions, how long will it take to break even and would I be able to reach your current week 33 “earnings from sharing = around $30k ” after 33 weeks?

    2) Have you ever once repurchased AdPacks from your Referral commissions at all? If so how many?

    I will greatly appreciate it If you can respond back when you can.

    Hope to hear back from you soon.

  86. abdi

    thanks for sharing a very clear concept. I have a question, if i purchase 100 adpacks first time, and i will get 100 dollar a day, then if i buy 1 adpack every day and withdraw $50 every day that means after 55 days i will have $2750 and 55 active adpacks which means i have lost $2250 of my original investment which was $5000 and i have also lost 45 adpacks of my original 100 adpacks that i bought in the first place….pls can you elaborate how could i maintain to my active 100 adpacks and how can i get my full investment with profit. I appreciate your answer

  87. Avitus Post author

    Hi Lucky,

    Will send you an email explaining everything. Just give me 2 days as i am currently travelling.

  88. Avitus Post author


    First, if you start with 50 packs, then it will take you about 36 days to make $2,500 in total money earned at the point which you should be having aboot 100 packs from repurchasing. But if you meant break even in actual money withdrawn, following the 91-9 strategy(for each pack you repurchase you withdraw the next $5) then it should take you about 6 months. (This is actual money withdrawn from the site and the assumption is that you don’t have any referral commissions coming in.)

    Second, I repurchase ad packs everyday from earnings coming in from both ad pack revenues and referral commissions. So yes i do.

  89. Avitus Post author


    One of the keys to success is patience. You don’t need to be hasty because it will hurt you in the long run which as you have already noticed will hurt you in the long run.

    I suggest you follow a good strategy that will earn you money right from day one, grow your account and also benefit you in the long run.

    Here is what i suggest.

      With 100 packs start up, that means you’ll be earning at least $100 daily. Using the 91-9 strategy, you’ll be repurchasing at least 2 packs and with drawing the next $10 daily.

      Following this strategy and assuming you have no referrals, it should take you about 6 months to get your money back($5000 withdrawn from the site) and your account will have tremendously grown to about 340 packs. At this point you’ll be repurchasing atleast 6 packs daily and withdrawing atleast $30 daily.

      But if you refer people and they become active which means you’ll be earning referral commissions, things will move a lot faster and you’ll earn your money back a lot sooner.

      Hope this helps.

  90. Chris

    Hey Avitus,

    Liking this article a lot pal! Seems like you’re really doing a great job securing those multiple income streams. I was hoping that I could join your team, I’m just getting started here so all the advice you can offer would be amazing.


  91. fabulous

    My name is Femi,am a nigerian.pls Avitus, If i purchase 1 ADpack and am given 10AD to surf daily for me to qualify for d revenue sharing stuff,if I have 2AD packs does it means I will have to solve 20ADs daily for me partake in d daily profit sharing revenue.

  92. tony

    Great review! One question, say you purchase x2 packs @ a total of $100, what happens to that $100 when the packs expire. Obviously those packs no longer make money, do you basically lose that money or is it available to buy new ad packs?

    Thank you

  93. Avitus Post author


    Nope, you are just required to surf 10 ads only no matter how many packs you have.

  94. Avitus Post author


    when you purchase 2 packs, assuming you don’t repurchase anymore packs from the revenue shares, by the time they expire you’ll have $110 in your account and you can do with it whatever you want. withdraw it or repurchase new packs with it.

  95. allec

    Hey Avitus,

    Not sure if my message was sent in the end the other day! Anyway, I’m really enjoying your blog and videos, they’re very helpful, and you seem like a nice guy too! I want to join Traffic Monsoon and hit it quite big. I would like to know if I can be in your team? Maybe drop me an email if and let me know how I can join.


  96. Avitus Post author

    Hi Allec,

    I have just sent you an email. Apologies, i must have not seen your first email.

  97. Ryan

    Hey Avitus.

    This has been the most helpful Traffic Monsoon guide I’ve found so far. You are a true blessing and thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into making this post.

    Best wishes for the future bro, you deserve it.

  98. Avitus Post author


    Thank you, appreciate the comment, glad you find this guide useful. God bless you too

  99. Chris

    Congratulations on cracking the system and earning good money from it! Thanks also for explaining to everybody so concisely how you can profit from this system. Too many people say it’s a scam but is really is a great way to make money. I’m on just over 200 sharing positions and going strong now!
    Chris recently posted…Traffic Monsoon – Vital Information Before You Sign UpMy Profile

  100. SARAH

    Hi Avitus

    thanks for all the good work, my issue is that its difficult to use a different wifi – for example I used my mobile phone network and it had been used by someone I didn’t even know!
    so I can only do it at home

  101. Avitus Post author


    public WiFi can be risky as there are so many users and a couple of them might have used it to access their accounts. This might cause the same system to detect different users but same IP which might get you penalized by blocking your account or worse.

    My advise is, when you are not at home but want to access your account, use your mobile network instead. It’s safe that way.

  102. prasanna

    i have joined traffic monsoon today, but unassigned 45 work is there, iam unable to click the manage button, kindly help us resolve the issue.

  103. 5HAH3

    i don’t have a paypal account because papal is nt available in my country but i have payza account. i am curious that in order to withdraw money with payza, do i have to purchase ad pack from payza or can i purchase any other advertising (banners or text ads)in order to with draw money with payza?

  104. Avitus Post author


    I’m not sure i understand what unassigned 45 work is. But if its anything serious, you can just send them a support ticket to address your issue.

  105. Avitus Post author


    In order to withdraw money with payza, you must first activate it by purchasing ad packs with it. Otherwise you’ll only be limited to the processor that you used to purchase.

  106. abegunde omotayo desmond

    pls can i do this work on my phone, like apple ipad or samsung tablet. becuase somebody told me that i cant use phone with traffic monsoon. pls reply me to my mail thanks

  107. abegunde omotayo desmond

    pls if i buy 10adp at a start i can this help me

  108. abegunde omotayo desmond

    i have paypal acct, if deposit to that acct, how can i link that money on my paypal to traficmonsoon

  109. Avitus Post author


    Once you have the funds loaded in your paypal. You can go to trafficmonsoon and purchase ad packs with your paypal email. I have explained a little bit on that in my Get started video in this post. Watch it.

    10 ad packs is a good start, however you’ll benefit more if you start to promote your traffic monsoon link right away. This will get you referrals who can boost your income as well.

  110. Axmad

    hello bro.. an excelent expalantion from your blog… truly easy and understandble..
    my question is since you are located in africa, does trafficmonsoon pay diffent reveneu sharing for different countries or is it the same globaly?? let say im located in nairobi and decide to purchase adpack for 10k as a start capital.. do I get the same payment as my cousine from UK if I follow the same rules ( surf minnimum 10 ads etc)

  111. Avitus Post author


    Its the same all across the world. Money earned per adpack is the same for all members regardless of their location. The only thing that matters, is how many packs you have. That is what will determine how much you earn per day.

  112. nasir

    hi sir
    i join few days join tm but i not know how time rest time cash link which time avaiable please tell me time which time cash link avaible and i want 4 adpacks purchse and tell me how much time spend i will have 50 up to adpack without withdraw?please reply and advance thanks

  113. Robert

    Hi Avitus,
    Very informative site, well done.

    My plan is to purchase 20 adpacks and keep purchasing more for the first 55 days, can i then cashout my orginal investement and re-purchase new addpacks with the profit i have made?


  114. Avitus Post author


    There is no specific time when cashlinks are available. Their availability depends on how many members purchase this service. They also disappear depending on how many members click on them. as soon as the advertiser’s budget is exhausted, they also disappear.

    As for the adpacks. if you start with four, following the current trends, it will take you about 1 year and 7 months to get to 50. This is assuming you don’t have any referrals.But you can promote your link get referrals who will boost things for you.

  115. Avitus Post author


    Yes you can certainly do that. But the best thing to do would be to follow a much stable strategy like the 91-9.

  116. Pardeep Kumar

    Hi, I want to ask you something I join TM as a free member and I don’t purchase any ad pack and I have 24 direct referrals in my TM account and I surf 10 ads daily. I want to know if my direct ref. Buy ad pack.. is I also get 10 % commission or I also need to purchase one ad pack for earn that 10% from my ref. Ad purchase? Please help me 🙂

  117. Avitus Post author

    Hi Pardeep
    You can still earn commissions from your referrals even if you haven’t purchased any ad packs.

  118. Daniel

    Hey ,Thank you for the blog. Thats a nice info here.I have few questions- I have started with 20positions. If I do repurchasing for a six months how much active adpacks I will be having after I reach that level. Also my friend has started with 50packs how much he will be having if he does the same like me…. Please guide me.

  119. Tim W.

    This site was very helpful and filled with tons of great information that will help an individual make a smart business decision. Keep up the great work! Traffic Monsoon is the truth! i am blessed to have the opportunity presented to me and would recommend the business to others.

  120. George

    hi Avitus, great site mate. Been sign-posting most folk to here especially those seeking to see withdrawing proof. plus my folk from the motherland who are always full of excuses just to proove that a brother with similiar challenges to theirs is doing it. Keep it up by the way l cant see your TM results for 14-12-2015. Take care and keep on rising.

  121. Angel S.

    Hey Avitus, a friend of mine just referred me to TM but I’ve never done anything like this before but I’m definitely interested. If I spend $100 how long would it take to earn that back? Once I do I can withdraw everything profited plus what I put in? Sorry but I’m new to this.

    Thanks in advance.

  122. Avitus Post author


    It would take 50 days putting into consideration the current trends($1 a day), in 55 days you’ll have your 10% profit giving you a total of $110 in your account balance. You can withdraw your money anytime right from day one.

    But, Angel, trafficmonsoon won’t do you any good if that’s your plan. $10 in 55 days is not worth wasting your time for unless you have long term plans of using your earned money to repurchase more packs and grow your account to a point where you can make a good income out of it.

  123. Eric Dell


    Good morning sir!
    I joined your team on Dec. 4th and currently have 62 active ad packs. I am unclear on what happens when my packs start to expire. Do I begin to repurchase them or continue to buy new ad packs? Also, I have not gotten any referrals yet and was wondering what is the best way to get people to sign up. I plan to continue reinvesting all of my earnings into new ad packs until I can retire from my job. My final question is this:
    About how long will it take before I can withdraw $250 per day to live off of and still continue growing my account by 2 or 3 ad packs per day? Thank you in advance for your help with this!

    Eric D.

  124. Avitus Post author

    Eric Dell,

    Thanks for joining my team. From your explanation my guess is that you haven’t been repurchasing any adpacks from your daily earnings from shares.

    Right from the day you purchase your first adpacks, you are supposed to start repurchasing packs from your account balance. Don’t wait for them to expire before you can repurchase new ones. That way your account will grow fast.

    Remember to use the best withdraw and repurchase strategy like the 91 -9 so that you are always ahead of the race, that is gaining new packs as others expire especially now that you don’t have any referrals.

    And for the referrals Part.
    This depends with the approach you are planning to use.

    Nothing will beat paid advertising(ppc,solo ads etc) but i’d only recommend it for people already making enough money and comfortable enough to allocate some of it to advertising.

    But there are free methods that still work very well. The best of them all being blogging. As simple as this blog might look, it gets me at-least 1 or 2 referrals a day.

    You can also try traffic exchanges, social media and YouTube.

    Please refer to this post:how to get referrals without advertising and how to refer people from a blog

  125. Rajib

    Hello Avitus, I have a question. suppose i purchase 10 adspack at a time. After maturity can i cash out the entire money? Or is it repurchase process?

  126. Avitus Post author


    Once the money is in your account you can do with it whatever, be it to repurchase more, withdraw it or purchase other services by TM. But i feel Traffic monsoon will benefit you more if you had longterm plans with it, like say keep repurchasing until you have a good number of ad packs that will earn you good money.

  127. Avitus Post author


    I create my capture pages using Kompozer which is a free software. But you can also use, they have a splash page building tool.

  128. Gowtham

    Hi Avitus
    I got one referral and my referral clicking cash link every day, but i did’t receive any money for my referral cash link activity.

  129. Avitus Post author


    Check again if that person signed up under your referral link.did you get any notification?

  130. captain sam

    thanks for the info. please am currently signing up under you and i need you to tell me what do they mean by withdrawal code and also what type of payment information is available for Nigerians. thanks

  131. lawsiano


  132. youcef

    can we talk in private please? i find your blog helpful and i wanna invest some money in that but i just want to be more sure by talking to you
    would you like an email conversation eventhough a 15 minutes skype would be good if you would like . i would be happy also for collaboration in future . i’m a programmer for ios apps which can open work relation in apps business also .

  133. pronay sarkar

    hi Avitus, i am new user of Traffic Monsoon and i badly need gudieness for earning hope you will


  134. Joseph

    Hi Avitus,
    I am your fellow East African
    I am an admin of a certain money making website,
    Thank you for your nice explanation
    I beg your email for more communication
    Just email me through the given email so that I can talk to you further

  135. Avitus Post author

    Captain Sam

    The withdraw code is the one you use when you want to withdraw money from trafficmonsoon. This is the one you specified when you were registering with Traffic monsoon.

  136. Avitus Post author


    I have no way of knowing how true that is since i’m not part of that program. What you viewed was another member’s ad for another opportunity.

  137. Avitus Post author

    Hi Youcef,

    As i am currently on vacation , i think you can contact me by email until i’m back home then i think we can skype. Just send me an email through the contact me page

  138. Avitus Post author


    Just send me an email through the contact us page and i’ll get back to you.

  139. pronay sarkar

    hi,Avitus its pronay here..,i am from INDIA and i just getting started , now i am earning with just cash lincks….how i can get more ….please give me some idea ,hope you do …..because most of people in india don’t believe on ptc but i strongly believe on you…… so please …

    kind regards

  140. Morris

    My question is how do u deal with tax especially if you have regular day job. Do you wait until end of the year to do tax returns through self assessment or you inform tax man once you start investement. You know tax man not a joke

  141. Avitus Post author


    earning with cash links is just a little piece of cake that traffic monsoon has to offer. If you want start earning big the only way is to buy ad packs so you can earn start earning each hour. Then you can also refer people to earn commissions.

  142. Zed

    Hi, I purchased 5000$ of ad packs on November the 17th, other than missing the 10 click thing once, I have bought ad packs from the sharing positions. I estimate that the initial ad packs will expire on Jan 11, th plan is to withdraw 50 of th initial attacks an reinvest the other 50 ad packs, and the withdraw $50 dollars and reinvest all other sharing income, a day until I have recouped the initial investment. How does this sound.
    I went an invested 5000, 2500 of mine and 2500 of a friend. We couldn’t use him as a referral because he has to declare and wait for approval to buy or invest in anything.

  143. pronay sarkar

    hii Avitus its pronay here….. thank you so much for advise…… it will be very great full if you please tell me how can i get the referrals…..?(please with description)……..thank you again for reply ……..

    thank you

  144. D

    This is definitely one of the best sites that explains TM thoroughly. Thank you

  145. D

    TM has been great for the few months I’ve been apart of it. Questions: (1) My first purchase of $200 is plan to expire today (today is day 56). Will I get the return on today? I haven’t gotten yet. My plan is to immediately buy another 4 adpacks, bringing my balance to 10. (2) I understand that TM is working for many, but how do you foresee the future of TM? (3) Biggest Question: What other websites would you recommend using to make similar returns? I want to have MULTIPLE streams of income. I have faith and declare daily. Would appreciate your trusting answers on other sites. Thank you.

  146. Zara


    Thank you so much for all the information you have provided, I truly appreciate it! You are honest and a great guy for helping people. I just learnt about Traffic Monsoon and so I found your website now. I hope its not too late to join and the company is still progressing as great as when you first joined? I’ll join under your referral link you posted, can’t wait to start! I’m a poor student currently studying but I will sacrifice and budget so I can start off with $2000 worth of ads somehow. Just wanted to write to tell you that you’re the best!! 😀

  147. GURURAJ

    Hi Avitus,

    I came to understand more about TM through your blog “Is Traffic monsoon Scam? My Results In Four Weeks”. Since then I am keep on reading your blogs on TM and also the comments and replies of your TM blogs. There is some clear picture, but some apprehensions are also there. Anyway, your blogs on TM are good. I am yet to join TM. My questions are:

    1. If I want earn $ 50 daily, what is the strategy I should do with TM ?
    2. I cannot get referrals directly or through blog, since I am not yet a blogger. I can get referrals only when I get payment and show it to the prospects. So do not take referrals income as a strategy.
    3. Since my country supports both Paypal and Payza, Can I prefer Payza, to avoid transaction fee ?

  148. pronay sarkar

    hi avitus can i get your skyp id or any contact id……. please

  149. Avitus Post author


    I can understand the kind of pressure you feel after you have purchased a huge number of packs out of pocket($5000) but the biggest mistake you can make is try to recover your money quickly especially when you don’t have any referrals.

    My advise is don’t be in a rush to recover your $5000. Follow a good withdraw strategy and you’ll be at a better position in the long run. With $5000 i’m assuming your initial start up packs where at 100. By the time this batch expires you’ll remain with 200 packs and grow from that. I suggest you use the 91-9 strategy. so that means you’ll be repurchasing at least 4 packs and withdrawing at least $20 daily. As you increase the number of packs you repurchase, the number of packs you withdraw will also increase. soon enough you’ll have recovered your money and get into the profit.

    If you rush to wwithdraw your money, you’ll stall your account.

    For better results try to promote your referral link so that you can earn commissions.

  150. Avitus Post author


    What do you mean by return? But i hope you have been repurchasing since day one(you don’t have to wait until they expire to repurchase, you should be buying new packs when you have accumulated enough balance in your account).

    Second, i’m not sure if you’ll get the right answer from me if you ask me about traffic monsoons future, but from a user (member) stand point, over the one year i have been with traffic monsoon i can confidently tell you that this company is here to stay. I mean the signs are pretty good, sales that the company makes, Paypal approval, reserve balance, alexa rankings and much more are all pointing up on a strong side, so we can hope that the it has only began and the best is yet to come. The future is bright for traffic monsoon.

    Lastly, i will advise you to start a blog and build a list. These are two biggest investments better than any program that will ever hit the internet. Brand yourself with these two and you can make money like an ATM machine.

  151. Avitus Post author


    I appreciate your comment. You are not late. The best time is always now. Traffic monsoon is growing stronger by the day.

  152. Avitus Post author


    First to earn $50 worth of revshare you just need 50 ad packs. You can purchase 50 packs or lesser and work your way up to 50.

    Second, there are several ways you can get referrals, blogging is just one method among media, ptc sites, traffic exchanges, solo ads, pay per click advertising, are just a few of both paid and free ways to get referrals.

    Last, you can go with Paypal. Its a big and stable company

  153. pronay sarkar

    thanks for all information , please keep in touch,becoz i need help in every step as i told u before…. and i send a request in skyp please ad me………. i will give u my updates….continuously……..

    thak you very much again..

  154. Abhishek

    Hi Avitus,

    My friend have entered wrong paypal email address during signup. Is there any way you can tell us how to change the paypal email address on the website?

    we cant seem to find one.

  155. Eric Dell

    I am buying solo ads with a few different companies and having some success with getting referrals.


  156. Avitus Post author


    I’m not sure but you could try and purchase any services then on the paypal login page when prompted to enter your password you can try and put the correct email as well and see where if it will work

  157. Mo

    Hi Avitus.

    Great blog its very informative for us newbies! I am hoping to invest $500 to get 10 ADpacks to start with. Can you please advise best stats to use.

  158. Avitus Post author


    Best strategy is to keep repurchasing more ad packs until you are at 50 packs before you can start withdrawing. You can invest time in promoting your link as well TO GET REFERRALS which will get you to your goal much faster

  159. Pixine

    Hi Avitus I have just signed up as a free member until I understand how it works before buying ad packs. I just struggle to understand certain aspects of the business. I’ve read your blog and found it quite helpful in general however I’ve often wondered where the traffic comes from and if it is true traffic as Banners Broker and Zeek Rewards had similar schemes but were found to be Ponzi scams as the traffic bought was fake and they relied on new members’ sign up fees to pay old members.

    Someone on You Tube said the trafffic bought on Traffic Monsoon is not external traffic but traffic from its own members that is why it encourages referrals. Can you please clarify this? Thanks. Can you please watch this brief video to understand what I mean thanks.

  160. Avitus Post author


    Traffic monsoon traffic is both from members and non members from outside the site. Outside traffic comes mostly from other traffic exchange sites, ptc sites and other advertising networks.

    Most people deem this traffic to be worthless but little did they know, its as as good as solo ads or ppc and very effective with home based business and make money online opportunities.

    Pixine here is the thing that most online marketers don’t understand. Before you market something online, you have to understand the nature of your audience(traffic) and pick a strategy that would best suite that traffic. for eg. i wouldn’t use ppc tricks on say ptc traffic or traffic exchanges tricks on solo ads. you have to be creative with your marketing before you blame the traffic.

    Most people are lazy, they throw out a landing page provided by the site and expect results from that kind of marketing.

    Okay, now back to your comment. I never was part or used Banner brokers or Zeek rewards but i know Traffic monsoon is not a scheme much less a ponzi one. Long before i joined traffic monsoon people called this company a scam, they still do today and i don’t expect them to stop tomorrow. Being part of this company for almost a year now, all I’ve experienced is the opposite of what those jokers are saying out there. Excuse me i call them jokers because they call this company scam and they are not even members, they don’t know anything. Its like someone trying to review an iPhone 6 plus and he/she has not even touched that phone. Where is the integrity there? who should we call scam there?


    Traffic monsoon is not using new members money to pay existing members. Little did people know, the site makes a lot of money from sales of other packages other than the ad packs that’s why even revenue shares have been stable at $1 per pack per day. On top of that the company reserve balance keeps growing, this is money that would remain if the company was to shut down today and everybody was to be paid off their accounts worth. But even more, Traffic monsoon is now fully Paypal approved. We all know how Paypal is a huge reputable company with a lot of security measures. If Paypal has done its KYC and is now working very close with traffic monsoon, who is Ethan Vanderbuilt(The guy from your video) to call it scam. This guy should get a life, he calls every company scam, i long stopped listening to him.

    Pixine, i hope i have helped you understand, If you still have questions you are welcome to ask further.

  161. Joseph

    Mambo vipi
    Soma ujumbe nimeutuma kwenye “contact us”
    Then nipigie simu ili tu-negotiate vizuri
    Nataka tu-exchange, mi unitumie kwenye tigo pesa alafu we nakutumia kwa STP, Bitcoin na Payeer na ninakupa commision ya kueleweka, just nipigie simu kwenye ile namba ili tu-negotiate vizuri .

  162. Renee

    Hi Avitus,

    Many thanks for the great insights shared on your blog. Am looking to grow my account for the long term as well and want to do so by applying the 91-9 rule. Now if I started off with 100 ad packs (i.e 5000 usd), that means I can re-purchase at least 2 adpacks daily using the 100 USD I should expect daily right?
    1) In applying the the rule, when you say for every ad pack repurchased, I can redraw the next £5 how does it work? since am repurchasing 2 ad packs each day with all USD 100 earned on that day, is the USD 5 am able to redraw coming from next day ?
    2) Also like you, I only want to start redrawing when i hit 200 ad packs goal. I guess by the time i reach that, some packs would have expired. Does it mean I would have lost out on those ones that i expired?

    Would appreciate some clarity here. Thanks for the guidance with the blog. Its great!!

  163. Kimi

    Hi Avitus,

    I’m really worried about this ending up as a scam although after stumbling on here ages ago I believe you so I signed up and bought ad packs. I noticed that the ads when I surf 10 a day, all the ads are from traffic monsoon users (like referral links) and other useless ads that people have used to get a referral. How is TM making money from this? All the revenue is from other TM users? It looks like that to me which is why i’m scared and thinking of withdrawing money back when I get to 55 days in case its fake? I bought 50 ad packs and in 24hrs the total I got back was 56. How?? I have no referrals and clicked 1 cashlink, I should get $50 a day, not $56? What’s going on?

    So I googled blogs on traffic monsoon and I saw one which said its a scam and in the comments, I saw you wrote a comment saying its not and that you’ve been on TM for 4 months now. The comment was dated June 2015, how can you be on TM for 4 months when you’ve been on since 2014 you say?? I’m so confused because by june 2015, you have been on TM for a lot longer.

  164. Pixine

    Thanks for being helpful and taking the time to respond. The more I understand how the company works the more confidence I have in the business model. I can’t wait to purchase my ad packs and commence. You are my sponsor and I appreciate the opportunity to ask questions.
    Are there any video tutorials that explain the different links on the login page please?
    After I’ve purchased my ad packs and viewed the 10 ads as required, if I wanted to promote my affiliate links and website/blog how do I use TM to do it? What is PPC?
    Thanks and God bless.

  165. Kimi

    ^^ I just checked again and with 47 ad packs bought, after 1 day (24hrs) I now have $63!! How??? No referals and one 0.001 cashlink clicked. I’m so confused with this. Every hr or so, I’m earning a few dollars more. Does this mean my adpack will expire?

  166. Kimi

    * Sorry to spam your comments but I noticed my mistake in the first post and I cannot edit it so I’m leaving another comment (sorry). I said in the first post it was 50 adpacks but it was 47, not 50. After 24 hrs of purchasing my first adpacks (47) I earned $56. I logged back in a few hours later, like 3hrs later and its now $63! How did I get $63 from 47 packs?

    And to clarify my comment earlier in case you don’t understand me : Why are the ONLY ads I see being advertised on Traffic monsoon all traffic ad and other related adverts? Nothing else. Literally those are the only ones, it can’t be a coincidence.

  167. Osman


    If I do like you do currently and repurchase adpacks Monday through to Friday and withdraw sat/sun will my account grow or will it only maintain the no of ad packs I have (I have currently 50 adpacks no referrals). How much will I adpacks will I have on day 55 if I do this strategy?

  168. Avitus Post author


    Nimeona email yako lakini mimi sina Bitcoin wala Payeer, halafu hata STP ninayo lakini siitumiagi sana.

  169. Joseph

    Ngoja nitafute exchanger ili niziweke kwenye Payza then tuwasiliane unirekebishie .
    Hapo vipi?

  170. Fazia

    HI Avitus!

    I am already signed up and an active member in TM.
    I came across you blog and i must say i am really impressed at everything you have included in this and you have explained everything in detail, Wow! I joined only couple of days ago and was searching ways of understanding it better and i came across you page and im glad i did. Thank you for the details it has helped me a lot.

    I will refer back to your page whenever i need to, and i hope to follow how you purchase add packs and follow that chain. It takes great effort to creat a page for the public and making a benefit for the public and you have been kind and compassionate to that, thanks again!

    All the best in TM and happy days 🙂


  171. Avitus Post author


    When i said you can withdraw the next $5, i meant the next $5 that you receive from the hourly revenue sharing income.

    Also second, ad packs expire after they have earned you back $55. So yes, when they expire they are gone for good.

  172. Avitus Post author


    You have to understand that you can’t advertise on Traffic monsoon unless you are a member. The ads you see when you surf your daily 10 ads are members ads and members can advertise anything as long as it doesn’t violate the site rules. One thing to note however is that most members are new to internet marketing and probably started marketing when they joined traffic monsoon and most likely for the money and not necessarily because they wanted to advertise something. As a results these members fill in their traffic monsoon link when they buy ad packs which makes those traffic monsoon referral pages to appear when people surf.

    Now on the earning part.

    Traffic monsoon is a revenue share site which shares all its revenues earned on the previous day back to its qualified members. That’s why every hour you see your balance increase. Money shared depends on the profits made the previous day. Currently, earnings per ad pack per day dances around $1, this is not fixed as it could drop or rise.

    Now you asked, where is this all money coming from. Most people think its money from new members joining in. But, Its money made from ad pack purchases and other services(traffic packages) that traffic monsoon has like the massive traffic packages, cashlinks etc.

    I hope its clear now, but you can ask some more

  173. Avitus Post author


    I think i have one video on this post, but i’ll be making another one in a few days to explain the various links on the page. Just be patient, i’ll update you. Its a good thing you are my referral because you’ll be the first to know.

  174. Avitus Post author


    Do you have any referrals? or do you depend entirely on ad packs. If so i’d suggest you use the 91-9. Its the best one out there.

  175. leshe

    hi avitus your blog is a great resource.

    am joining tm without injecting $50. but will simply rely on cash links till i can hv 50. as the pennys will count yo me raising the $50. do you hv a video that illustrates how to navigate tmz???

  176. leshe

    hi avitus great resource you have.

    Please help to distinguish between cash links which are found on the left side of the dashboard and activation ads which hv a timer in red at the top of the dash board.

    am joining as a free member.
    please correct where nessecary i can make money using links.
    2. referrals only

    your response will be greatly appreciated.

  177. Abhishek

    Hi there,

    just wanted to know few things.

    Question 1 – what if I forget to do the click and Timer is out for the day. Do I lost my money for that day? if yes, how do I recover it.

    Question 2- Can we do click for next day if our timer is on 23 hours remaining or do we have to wait until timer comes down to 3-4 hour?

  178. leshe

    thank you was using my mobile phone..

    please assist my account as been blocked. even though i did not try to log in today. even upon requesting anew password and entering it.

    considering this glitch and that i would lie to change my sponsor. as it is currently traffic monsoon.

    please help how toi open a new account considering the ip address issue currently i use my mobile phone to tether to my laptop. which hardware should i change?

    please note i opened my account on my own without guidance, which i feel i will need to be successful

  179. Alex

    Hi Avitus…Wow…what a great review. Well I started with 60 ad packs on Jan 5 2016. Reached 70 and I don’t have a plan to take any money this year. I will let it grow. Thanks for the blog anyway.

  180. Avitus Post author


    Cashlinks are paid to click ads that members buy for their different ads and available for anyone to click. One cashlink can earn you anything from $0.001 to $0.02. If you have referrals, anytime they click on those cashlinks you earn 100% of what they earn.

    Activation ads would be the 10 ads you are supposed to surf daily to remain qualified for revenue sharing earnings.

  181. Avitus Post author


    When the timer runs out, that means your earnings and pack expiration will pause until when you surf your daily 10 ads.

    Second, you are not refrained from surfing 10 ads just once a day. you can surf as many times as you can and every time you do, the timer resets to 24 hours again.

  182. Avitus Post author


    If your account is blocked, its probably because you logged in using the same ip that someone else logged in with. So the system picks multiple accounts. You do not need to open a second account because you’ll be able to log in again in just a few minutes. Just make sure you use a different connection though.

  183. Agustian

    Hi Avitus,

    Do you have Read new Information From Charles ?

    There are a few things going on as of recent please be sure to read our recent update.

    If you are trying to withdraw there are limitations which you can read about below.

    Any other issue that is not addressed. We need you to respond to this ticket with your issue. We have a large que of ticketes do to our changes on the site and our our advancement of TM owning our own bank!

    **** VIDEO of Charles & Balance included on website. (Please view)*****
    Thank you for being a valued Traffic Monsoon member.
    As you already know from the video, I’m currently in Dubai. One reason for that is to setup an office in the World Trade Center Dubai. Part of this process is also setting up a bank here, and having an additional business registration here in the UAE.

    We’re transitioning from using PayPal to opening our own TM World Bank.
    Our goal with opening our bank is to send you TM MasterCards for easier access to your earnings! We’ll also have complete control over the funds received by the company for revenue sharing, without any worry about the payment processors taking control of funds.
    This will also increase quality of our services and reduce risk of click cheating, because with the bank we’ll need to verify “Know Your Customer” documents to ensure that each member getting paid is uniquely different from all other members.

    What this means for you if you use PayPal:
    For the next 30 days you’ll be able to still make purchases with PayPal. We’re unable to process withdrawals through PayPal because funds will begin moving into Payza and our own TM World bank account to support withdrawal requests.
    We do recommend that you start using Payza for purchases for now until we get the TM World Bank completed.
    If you used PayPal for withdrawals, you’ll be able to gain access to your funds with Payza instead during this transition.
    There will be a space provided for you to enter your payza email address and begin making withdrawals of your earnings through Payza.

    If you don’t have a Payza account, get signed up for FREE here:

    We’ll be moving funds from PayPal to Payza, then to our own TM Worldwide Bank.
    Until the bank is finished getting setup, if you wish to make larger purchases unable to be processed through Payza or SolidTrustPay, you’re welcomed to wire the funds to the following bank details. Ask for the bank info.

    What Do you think about that ? I want to hear your Opinion.

    In my Opinion, It’s not fair for me, Especially for People From Indonesia

    Because Paypal is the Most Trusted payment PRocessor withdraw Money in indonesia, because we can Withdraw to local Bank Directly with Our Currency IDR . For Payza, and solidtrust, we can not Withdraw for our local Currency !

    Do you have any Suggestion? nice to hear your Opinion
    Agustian recently posted…PTC dan Revenue Shares Legal dan TerpercayaMy Profile

  184. Avitus Post author


    Actually its something that i have been praying Traffic monsoon implemented for a long time because i’m one of the people that do surfer from Paypal country restrictions. The introduction of TM world bank and Traffic monsoon master card is a good thing because now people wont surfer from processor restrictions. Many programs that implemented a company controlled processing system grew to be more successful like the Empower Network and Four corners alliance group.

    As Charles explained, it gives the company more control over the money and great stability to processing members payments in and out. This is going to revolutionize things for TM.

    As we wait for things to roll out , you can withdraw through payza. Withdrawals are still instant.i withdraw everyday now just as i withdrew $75 today. You can open a payza account if you haven’t already done so.

  185. Agustian

    Yes maybe it’s good for you, 🙂 yes we Hope his acount in payment Processor will not Freeze any more. and it will make Traffic Monsoon To be Scam in people perception. i already have Payza Account But as you know. In our Country we using indonesia Rupiah. and Payza cannot Convert USD to RUpiah. and Also payza have High Fee $20 for one Withdraw. (:
    Agustian recently posted…PTC dan Revenue Shares Legal dan TerpercayaMy Profile

  186. Rid

    I don’t understand the different of repurchasing ad pack and buying new ad pack. What it the different? Why would we want to repurchase instead of letting it expire and buy a new ad pack?

    Can you help me to understand this?

  187. Avitus Post author


    Its the same thing. Repurchasing is just a term we use to explain the act of using your account balance to purchase new packs.

    One of the reasons why people like to repurchase instead of waiting for a pack to expire is to gain more packs faster. And more packs mean more money you can earn.

    So for example if two people join TM and buy 50 ad packs each, person A doesn’t repurchase until the packs expire on day 54 and person B repurchases new packs every time there is $50 in his account balance. – On day 55 if person A buys new packs using his account balance he’ll have only 59 packs, while person B will have at least 98 packs. I guess you can see how repurchasing can benefit you.

  188. West

    I have been trying to withdraw money using my pay pal but is not letting me do that is the same pay pal account that I used to purchase my ad pack what should I do .

  189. West

    Since is not allowing me withdraw money from my pay pal should I just open a Payza account and use it to withdraw my money ?

  190. West

    I have sign to payza but still yet TM is not giving me the option of withdrawing with payza I can only see paypal as an option in the selection tap any idea what to do.

  191. Albusaidy

    Hey Avitus,
    I wanna start with this TM but I don’t know how it works. I a planning to to start with 10 ad packs. So please tell me how much I should withdraw after 56 days and how many packs I should repurchase in order to reach keep going untill I reach 100 ad packs ? Also can I repurchase after each week? And how many packs should I repurchase If the weeky basis. Thanks!

  192. Avitus Post author

    Hi West,

    Read your emails from Traffic monsoon. There was an update on that. But in short TM is migrating to its own payment processing system which will include a TM world bank and an introduction of TM MasterCard. Funds are currently being transferred from Paypal to payza and to the new system. So for now it might not be possible to withdraw from Paypal. As advised by Charles himself you can open a Payza account and use that to withdraw.

  193. Avitus Post author


    For you to see payza you must first activate it by purchasing any service using service. You can buy a $5 credits to activate it and it will appear in your withdraw options

  194. Avitus Post author


    What’s explained in this post is pretty much how traffic monsoon works. I can not entirely tell you how much you should start with but the higher number you start with the better because you will gain more packs faster and your earnings will grow faster.

    You can repurchase any time you want depend with what you want to achieve. But for fast growth i will advise you to repurchase every time you have enough balance in your account($50) to purchase a new pack.

  195. Mamun

    Hi Avitus,

    Your replies are great and very clear to understand. I am pretty new to this but a friend of mine is making money through it.

    He says to try and purchase 50 adpacks at first and from there purchase one every day. Now my question is say I purchase 70 adpacks, and I re-invest the money into buying adpacks every day, when would you recommend I should start withdrawing, and how much would you recommend the initial withdrawals should be around? Please don’t take any referrals into consideration for now ( that’s a bonus :)).

    I am happy to reinvest and keep doing so, rather than withdraw small amounts, but like you said above I want the account to keep growing and thinking how best to do it with $3500.


  196. Lott

    Avitus, when you have to surf 10 ads daily, I missed the deadline and the timer went red. This means I don’t qualify for any revenue sharing until the next day right? But I still got paid, none of my money stopped (my account balance kept growing so I didn’t miss a day of the shares. Why is that? So does this mean I don’t have to surf 10 ads daily?

  197. Avitus Post author


    70 ad packs is an awesome start. I always advise people to start with drawing after the first batch expires. How you withdraw however is a very important factor that can also determine your growth. Don’t be greedy, most people rush to recover their money as quickly as possible and end up stalling their own accounts.

    Relax and use the 91 -9 method. The number of packs you purchase daily, multiply by $5, that is what you withdraw daily. This way, you’ll earn money and at the same time grow your account steadily

  198. Avitus Post author


    Traffic monsoon shares its revenues hourly, so if you miss your 10 ads and your timer turns red, then you’ll only miss earnings of the hours when the timer was red. But once you surf your daily 10 and your timer resets, you’ll resume earning from that hour.

  199. Mamun

    Thanks a lot for your reply Avitus, it looks like you can’t really lose your money unless the business shuts down right?

    Say I did invest $3500, and 55 days later the packs expire then I still have that $3500 to withdraw?
    Would I also be correct in saying the real money to help withdraw comes from referrals?


  200. Avitus Post author


    Nope,You can still earn without referrals. I know people who earn good money without referrals. It’s just that referrals give you more freedom to buy more packs or withdraw more money. Getting referrals is optional but very rewarding.

    If you purchased packs worth $3500, and assuming you don’t repurchase any until they expire, you’ll have your $3500 back plus a $350 profit giving you a total of $3850.

    On the other hand if you purchased $3500 (70 packs) and keep repurchasing when you have enough balance in your account balance to buy one or two more daily, after they expire you’ll still have 136 active packs and earned a profit of at least $600 in money that you will have actually withdrawn using the 91-9 rule. As you continue repurchasing daily, your account will continue growing by at least one or two packs daily considering also packs that will start to constantly expire and money that you’ll be withdrawing daily.

    And this is the advantage of repurchasing packs.

  201. Mamun

    You lost me there a bit with the 136 active packs and $600? if I invest in 70 packs and buy packs everyday by reinvesting, then 55 days later the total earned would be $5460 (70+71+72+73+74+75……..+125)? that would then equal to 109 active packs in total after 55 days ($5460/$50 per pack = 109).

    How did you get 136 packs after expiry and $600 profit?

    Apologies for the constant nagging, but just trying to fully understand how this works.

    Thanks a lot

  202. Anonymous

    I need to join; how do I do it. am in Zimbabwe; I have a visa card. is it applicable

  203. Anonymous

    Hey man what do you recommend to do with the free credit?

  204. Avitus Post author


    Your calculation doesn’t consider the fact as you buy packs everyday your purchasing power increases. Meaning. after you reach 100 packs you’ll start purchasing 2 packs a day, 150 packs, you’ll be purchasing 3 a day etc. Until day 54 you’ll be at 202 if you follow that order, then after the original packs expire you’ll have remained with 136.

    And by the way. When you buy packs you are not investing but rather buying a service(advertising). When you use that term some people may confuse and think TM is an investment company or something.It’s not.

  205. Avitus Post author


    For now you need a payza account which you can use to buy packs into traffic monsoon.

  206. Ben

    Hello avitus
    Great blog, do you have an e mail that j can chat to you through,

    Many thanks

  207. Avitus Post author


    Just write to me through the contact us page and ill get back to you

  208. Mamun

    Hi Avitus,

    Thanks for your reply, I did take the extra packs into consideration hence 109 packs after expiry instead of just 55 packs.
    Is there a formula you use to get to 136 packs/202 packs?

    I did a calculation on ms excel but don’t get what you get.


  209. John

    Hi Avitus,

    I was really confused about traffic monsoon before I stumbled under yours blogs. I am really eager to join and I am also looking at the long term plan here. I feel that I will join under your referral link, but I ask you this;

    If i was to buy 100 adpacks, how long do you reckon it will take for me to make my money back (withdrawal) and be able to grow my account where I can start to withdrawal $30 a day using you 91-9 method?

    many thanks in advance,


  210. Avitus Post author


    If you start with 100 packs.It will take you approximately 7 months to fully recover you money from day one. But to withdraw $30 backs a day you need at-least 300 packs which should take you approximately 5 months to get there. I use this ad pack calculator

  211. Mamun

    Thanks so much Avitus, really appreciate the help brother.

    I must have been doing something wrong in my calculations.

  212. Abu Rayyan

    Excellent work Avitus. I can see that you are involved in many good things.
    Which one would you say is your primary business and highest source of income?

  213. Landon Tipps

    I have signed up but am a newbie with computers and ads. Do you have to own a website in order to buy adpacks? How do you buy adpacks?

  214. john

    Hi Avitus,

    Thanks for your help brother and quick reply, I can see everything more clearly now since seeing this calculator.

    in terms of the longevity of the traffic monsoon business as a whole, do you see this being here for the next year or years to come? or is this something you think is a sort of make as much as you can while it is in its early stages.

    I am aware they are planning to make a TM bank so this should really be for a longer term than a year or two?


  215. Rema

    Hi Avitus,

    Amazing information. I read every word of this post and found it very useful. Sad that I didn’t come across your blog earlier because I am already a TM member. Unfortunately, however hard I try, I am not able to get referrals to my account. I have not had a single referral so far in a month. I joined in February 2015 but did not do anything until December. I purchased 10 adpacks and am trying to accumulate more from the returns. Getting referrals is my biggest worry. I have banner ads on many TE sites, even tried some cheap solo ads but in vain. I am not sure I can invest in the kind of solo ads you talked about here. What would be your advice (if it’s not a trade secret) for me to do to get referrals? You do have an amazing blog here! Good luck with your business 🙂
    Rema recently posted…Cool Wallets For WomenMy Profile

  216. Avitus Post author


    My blog is my primary business,because i have full control over what happens to it and i also earn from it. Yes i’m involved in a number of programs but as you’ll notice nobody has full control over them except the owners,i can only refer to these as my secondary. Traffic monsoon is currently my top earner.

  217. Avitus Post author


    Following traffic monsoon track record since day one, it has always been going up and i as a member, i have never been disappointed. I know some people are a little bit shaken right now because of this transition process but once the dust settles and everything is in full swing, TM is going to make a space jump.

    In my opinion TM will be around a long while, i’m not worried, i can see and feel the owner’s passion, enthusiasm and vision. It has only began.

  218. Avitus Post author


    The secret ingredient is staging yourself above the competition. That’s all you gat to do. Don’t grab a banner from TM or your default TM splash page, advertise that and expect any referrals. It’s not going to happen. Why? Because everyone else is doing that and as you know the site has over 2 million members now. The ones who did that and succeeded where the early members back in 2014 when the site had just launched.

    How about you create a different custom landing page and banner. Explain in brief what the site is all about and what are the benefits. Throw in some proof and a couple of testimonials from facebook and you are done.Here is a sample of a custom page i used to promote for TM.

    For better results you can create a custom optin page, collect emails and follow up on those contacts using an auto responder. I use AIOP and again here is a sample of my custom optin page i built for TM.

    After that you can start worrying about traffic.

  219. Rema

    Thanks a ton Avitus. Very helpful indeed. I just launched my wordpress blog and am planning to write my experience with TM. I have been reading your AIOP page today and am impressed. Looks good to me. Thanks again.
    Rema recently posted…Cool Wallets For WomenMy Profile

  220. Lou

    Hi I am thinking about cashing out as scared atm due to the TM changes with regards to non withdrawals to PayPal. You said it’s best to start cashing out when you’ve made back your initial investment…I bought $3,500 worth of ad packs and they are almost up to 55 days. I’ve been repurchasing daily and my account says I have now earned over $4,500. Does this mean I have already earned back my initial investment? If so scan I start cashing out at weekends and repurchasing in the week to get my initial $3,500 back? Thank you.

  221. Bipin

    Hi Avitus, I have joined TM without knowing there is a referral option! Is there a way I can now join under someone, may be you? Also if I don’t have any sites to promote should I always use the Traffic Monsoon Campaign?

  222. Avitus Post author


    Unless you are planning to quit all together, you need a good withdraw strategy. You can’t withdraw through paypal because funds in paypal are being moved to Payza and the TM bank. TM Bank will be a dedicated Traffic monsoon processor that will allow massive growth for the site. At the moment you can withdraw through payza. If you had no account you can register one for free.\

    My advise is you use the 91-9 strategy to withdraw and repurchase if you want to progress. If you want out then it doesn’t matter what strategy you use. $4500 as you described is the total earnings you have received since day one.

  223. Avitus Post author


    I think its possible if you just joined under a site. Just send a ticket to support and tell them to put you under someone you want to be under. You can just promote your TM link if you have nothing to promote.

  224. Alister

    After reading your blog concerning payment processors PayPal in particular, I have made that mistake without knowing. I live in Tanzania and I’ve made my AdPck purchase through PayPal which means I expected to get paid all my earnings through PayPal, so according to your blog article I won’t be able to receive my earnings with PayPal. So what would be your suggestions, am keeping on repurchasing AdPcks and I haven’t tried to withdrawal any cash, I just wondering how will I go about it, is it possible to change payment processor now before I lose my AdPacks and earnings I’ve made so far?

    Kindly advise.

  225. Avitus Post author


    You don’t need to worry, you just need to open a Payza account, activate it in Traffic monsoon by purchasing any service( you can buy $2 credits) then it should be ready for withdrawals. As you might have heard TM is transitioning to its own bank so later on there wont be a need for third party processors

  226. Avitus Post author


    I’m not sure if paypal is available in Cambodia. But as of right now don’t bother with paypal as TM is transitioning from paypal to its own bank so there won’t be any need for it anymore in a few months. Instead , you can register a payza account and use that for all your TM activities until TM fully transition to its own processor.

  227. jamal

    Hi Avitus
    It is has been a week since I joined trafficmonsoon and as such I still don’t have a good grasp of the whole business. I wish I’d seen your blog before joining as it would have been a great pleasure to work with you. I am trying to understand the whole maths strategy from internet but with no avail. However, your blog is by far the best for explaining the concept and being honest with all questions that people have in mind. You are really doing an excellent job and keep it up. I am also wondering if you could point me to a good resource that I can use to help me understand 91-9 and 70-30 concept as I am still hazy about the concept.
    Thank you

  228. Avitus Post author


    Appreciate your kind words. The 91-9 to strategy is a repurchase and withdraw formula that allows a maximum growth of ad packs in your account as you also withdraw a portion. As you know, each ad pack gives you a $5 profit after it expires. With the 91-9, you take the profit right away for each ad pack you repurchase. So basically for each ad pack you repurchase, you withdraw the next $5 you earn. For example, if i’m repurchasing one pack daily, then i’ll be withdrawing $5 daily. If i’m repurchasing 2 packs daily then ill be withdrawing $10 daily and so on.

    That’s the 91-9 strategy in a nutshell.

    The 70-30 strategy on the other hand is quite different from the 91-9. It’s okay to use this only when you have a stable inflow of commissions coming in daily to shock absorb the impact on your ad pack growth. So you need to have active referrals to implement this safely. The you implement it is that you repurchase ad packs from Monday to Friday then you withdraw Saturday and Sunday earnings. The downside to this method is that you’ll have a slower growth rate.

  229. Pheavy

    Hi Avitus,
    Thank for your respond. As my problem with paypal account currently i can only make payment but cannot withdraw money. So in this case should i just keep using paypal account until TM fully transition to it own processor.? Or is there anyway i could reset my payment account.

    Pheavy recently posted…All In One Profits Review – Read Before You JoinMy Profile

  230. Avitus Post author


    No, don’t use paypal. Register a payza account and use that instead

  231. Maanit

    HI Avitus
    I recently joined TM with 50 add pack. Now don’t want to withdrawn before 56 days as you recommended before someones. I recently tried to withdrawn a little money for testing in my payza a/c but 6 days gone still pending money in TM. I know its happening for TM transition peroid. But i have no idea about it that how long the transition period will be( i.e how many days/weeks/months) . Do you have any info or idea about it???????????? TM not giving clear idea about it. I regularly read your all comment/ instruction….. waiting for your reply.

  232. Judy

    Hi Avitus

    I read your blog and was really interested in getting started but then came across this website that says traffic monsoon is a scam and sells worthless traffic. At first I thought it was just some guy trying to bash TM but then I saw people leaving comments about how they invested a lot and couldn’t withdraw their money (mostly PayPal). It also talked about how the CEO had lots of other traffic websites before and now they are all gone! After reading this I became hesitant. What if I can’t withdraw my money? I was planning to open a Payza account

    Thank you


  233. Avitus Post author


    The main reason Payza has pending withdrawals is because it has no sufficient funds to fill out all withdrawals. But every after sometime when funds are available,they clear. In my experience it takes about 5 to 10 days for my withdrawals to clear. So i still withdraw every week regardless of whether i have any pending withdrawal or not.You can see my proof page here.

    There’s about $58,000,000 in Paypal(according to the screenshots) being moved to Payza and the TM bank. This amount will be moved in chunks and Paypal has given a 180 days time frame for the entire balance to be moved out. However, according to Charles’s recent update, the TM bank will launch on 6th February 2016. So we have about 9 days left.

    Maanit, it will really help you, if you join the Traffic monsoon Facebook groups. There is where we get all the recent updates and other information. There’s a Traffic monsoon event taking place in Vegas in February, stay tuned, a lot of information will be revealed out there as well.

  234. Avitus Post author


    It’s no surprise to me. People have been calling traffic monsoon scam since before i joined the company. I won’t blame you, i had a rough time as well deciding whether i should dive in or not.

    I never knew or heard of Charles before nor was i a member of the sites he owned before Traffic monsoon. Yes he had a rough start i must admit, but do people really know that background story, the real reasons why the sites closed? If you get time, go through this post, you might start to think differently. Now you can choose to believe that story or not, but in the 10 months i have been with TM, I’ve seen Charles’s personality, hard work and the kind of focused attention he has directed towards this company. He is not about to scam anyone.

    Now its funny because, all those people calling traffic monsoon scam are not even TM members.(WHAT DO THEY KNOW?). Almost all negative reviews i have read, are what i call referral baits taking advantage of people. “like hey don’t join TM, its scam with crappy traffic but here is my link to the best opportunity on the internet.

    But Judy, you should understand that the internet is a free space where people are free to express opinion. Its upon the reader to decide how to absorb and act on the information they read. Information at TARA TALKS blog is just opinion. That’s how he perceives Traffic monsoon. Whether he benefits from it or not, that’s his own business. Somehow there are people thinking like him following him on his bitter crusade against TM. There are other gangs as well. That’s life.

    I too have my own opinion, that Traffic monsoon is good. That Charles has good intentions of helping people make money online, even the ones that had lost hope.I choose to focus on the positive side and things that add value to me and people around me. That’s why i’m succeeding and continue to succeed with Traffic monsoon(proof). This company has come a long way since October 2014, its been steadily climbing despite all that negativity. Even if it was to shut today, it has enough money to pay off everyone and still Charles would walk away with an 8 figure profit, but that’s not his vision.

    Honestly, its a matter of picking sides. I won’t convince you to join or not. Don’t feel pressured. just gather enough information and make an informed decision.
    I chose to join, and i can tell you, that was the best decision i made last year(2015).

  235. lucia

    hi davits,
    i have signed up and want to start but have no idea how…i don’t know what to create my banner etc.

    Thank lucia

  236. Nikhil


    I followed all the steps through your vide. I selected paypal as the payment processor and on clicking save while buying the adpack, it said come back after an hour. why is that? is it something I did worng

  237. Nikhil


    I just bought an adpack using paypal.
    If TM is not going to allow withdrawls using paypal(my original payment processor), does it mean I have lost this amount. I am from Singapore and paypal does let me withdraw

  238. Avitus Post author

    Hi Nikhil,

    You haven’t lost your money, you can open a payza account and use that to withdraw. TM is transitioning from paypal to its own bank and processor, withdrawals through paypal have been disabled. You can use payza to withdraw instead.

  239. itzhak

    hi avitus,
    i found your site trough my trafficmonsoon sponser,your site is great!
    i am still wondering around here and trying to find the best way on making some money with the add packs program.
    i start with one and now i have 11 add packs 9 of them active,i don’t have funds to invest,what will be your best advice for me to keep buying add packs from my earning and still make it to a place where i can cash out profit
    and how fast it can be?
    thanks in advance
    itzhak recently posted…Your Home Business – The Little Red Engine that CouldMy Profile

  240. Avitus Post author


    Keep repurchasing until you are able to buy a pack each day(at least 50 packs before you can start withdrawing). Might seem a long journey from where you are, but its do-able. If you can’t add any more funds by any means then you’ll have to start promoting your link so that you can get referrals and earn commissions.Which you can in turn use to buy more packs and reach 50 packs sooner.

    Make use of your blog to get referrals. i can see you already have a good blog. Write articles related to traffic monsoon concept, rank them to get organic traffic. You’ll start getting referrals.

  241. itzhak

    thanks for that,let say i have 50 how much i can withdrow and still can repurchasing
    without any referrals

  242. Avitus Post author


    With 50 packs, that means you’ll be purchasing one and withdrawing the next $5 you earn daily.

  243. Matt

    Thank you so much, everything is clearer now, specially the 70/30 withdraw strategy.
    I have started last friday and doing the broke man way up to 10 packs. need to start a blog page and start promoting now.


  244. Lumai


    I want to start with one adpack and hope to see how your poor mans formular works out. I have been on TM for a month and half but i have been skeptical to invest.

    with you explaination, i will start the poor mans formula as you explained and see what happens after 7 days.

    Please advise, i read that TM will be doing away paypal and they advised that we tune to payza.

    am in zambai. will this work out?

  245. waywardson

    do you need a business or personal payza account ?

  246. Heilingbrunner

    Hello Avitus,

    thank you for your blog and the effort you put in, finally I found a blog which is really very helpful!!!! I was wondering how / where you created your own/personal custom banner/ splash page/ sales page which you were suggesting to promote?! I wish you great success in the future.

  247. Avitus Post author


    My opinion is that, its okay as long as its not something that everybody uses,otherwise you’ll only be creating competition for yourself. Unless otherwise there is a feature where you can edit and customize them to achieve a different feel and level of uniqueness.

  248. Ryan Miller

    Hello I was wondering if I could you the 10 cents from my account and the rest from my payza because my payza account is 10 cents short, when I go to buy the ad pack and choose preview under payza it doesn’t show up with a option to use some of my account balance to buy.

  249. Sarah-Ashleigh

    Hi Avitus

    Thank you for posting so much information, thanks to you i finally understand the concept of traffic monsoon.
    My question for you is, how many ad packs do I need to reach if I wanted to start earning enough on a monthly basis to be able to withdraw a living expense and keep enough in bank to continue earning?

    I know it sounds like I want to get rich quick but the truth is I am a single mother out of work and there is nothing on offer where i am. I have savings enough to start working with TM, But I really need to start making a monthly income and fast!
    Please give me a realistic idea whether this is possible with TM
    Thank you and much love

  250. itzhak

    i have a question regarding my balance…. it stay the same for more than 24 hr eventough i am clicking the 10 adds on time.
    i have 10 pack since feb 10 so i should have $20 by now and all i got is $9.30.
    until now i didn’t have that kind of problem do i nead to contact them for that or it will balance out

    thanks in advance
    itzhak recently posted…Loving Working from HomeMy Profile

  251. Avitus Post author


    Yes its realistic. Maybe before i answer your question, i should ask.Whats your goal? How much do you want to earn per month? But very vaguely i could say once you are in a position where you can buy at least a pack each day, could be a good starting point.

  252. Avitus Post author


    In the past two days revenue shares have shaken because Paypal was completely disabled, and because of that sales dropped since many people use Paypal to purchase services and as you know TM distribute revenues based on sales of the previous day.. Once people adjust to payza and solid trust pay. it will go up again.

  253. Avitus Post author


    i think i have explained everything in this post above. Just read it again.

  254. Sarah-Ashleigh

    Hi Avitus

    Thank you so much for replying!
    Ideally I would need to withdraw at least $2000 so I could carry on living as if I was on my previous wage. Is this possible?

  255. itzhak

    hi avitus,
    any news from trafficmonsoon? are all the members
    on pending mode?how long it could take to go back
    on track…

  256. Avitus Post author


    Yes any member who had active packs purchased prior to Feb 11, those packs are in pending because they associate with funds currently being held by Paypal. They’ll be active again when Paypal release those funds in a max of 180 days according to the updates. But also if the other two processors build up enough reserves, they’ll pay off and unfreeze the pending packs.

    Again, if you have any packs purchased on Feb 11 going forward, these packs are active and you can instant withdraw earnings from these packs usingg payza or Solid trust pay.

  257. Andrew

    Hi Avitus

    Kindly advise on which payment sysytem to use as a Nigerian. I would like to join your team and hopefully start with 30packs.


  258. Rehema

    Thanks for this blog it’s really helping people who want truthful information about TM because they want to buy ad packs or even join TM, i left a message for you but probably you have not seen it. Just reading through your messages and i think i have the answer to my questions. I was afraid of buying ad packs because of all the people writing negative stuff about TM, but i guess you cannot know you are doing a good job until you get haters. Thanks .

  259. Martin

    Great job Bwana Avitus. Quick question here. Do I need a website to make money with TM?

  260. Steve O'Hara

    Hey Avitus, finally found someone who speaks normal language and answers all questions.

    I’ve got three questions for you:
    1. Sadly, I’ve got 118 in pending, but I’ve now got 38 new active packs. I’m putting everything earned from these packs into buying new packs. I’m not going to take anything out until I get to 100 active packs. At that stage, if I understand your strategy, I should be earning $100/day, so could take out $10/day and repurchase with the balance – is that right?

    2. Referrals: Now, I really need to get TM humming for me – my goal is to earn $5k/month from this, within 6 months. So referrals appears to be the next key thing for me to work on. I have a reasonable grasp with online stuff (but no expert at all) but I don’t understand how to use the other TM products to get my referral programme started. Do I need to create numerous websites, FB pages, etc? Should I use whatever existing TM videos, images, landing pages etc, that I find online? Are the TM Landing page packages any good? How do I get traffic to these? I’m not able to show much in terms of returns, cos my packs are all in pending, should that be a problem?

    3. Is there anything else I should be doing?

    Appreciate you taking the time to read and reply, particularly as I’m asking for a fair amount of detail. Email me if that’s easier/quicker.

    Thanks – Steve

  261. Avitus Post author


    For your first question. Yes that is correct. At 100 packs, you’ll be earning 100 dollars, you’ll be purchasing 2 packs daily and withdrawing the next 10 dollars.It’s as simple as that.

    For the second part i.e is getting referrals.

    Okay i’ll tell you what works for me.

    My number one advise is GET A BLOG
    And start feeding it with helpful content. Most importantly write a good Traffic monsoon review or guide. Do some basic SEO for ranking on search engines. Once you start getting traffic from google, things will start happening. This is incredibly easy because there is little competition when you use this method.

    My number two advise. Social Media especially Facebook.

    Use your Facebook to promote your business in a meaningful way, NOT IN A SPAMMY WAY. Post your proof on your page with a meaningful, inspiring note and link back to your review or sign up link.(works like magic). Never spam people or groups.

    Lastly you can try paid advertising if you can afford. For maximum results, build an email list. Also, you can create your own customised banners, landing pages and sales pages. This will give you an upper hand.

    Lastly-yes there’s something else.

    Be consistent and patient. It might not work today or tomorrow but it will definitely work someday. And when it does, you’ll only get better and better.

    I guess thats all.

  262. John

    Hi Avitus,

    How do you transfer money from payza to netseller?
    Wouldn’t the double transfers cost you more transaction fees?


  263. Sylvanye

    Hello Avitus,
    Would you please check your TM messages and get back with me, I joined your team and anxious to correspond with you.

    Thank you,

  264. Kararaina Simeon

    Love your Blog, so informative and inspirational! Thank you so much!

  265. Pierre

    Hi there I just joined and yes its working

    Here is my question when does the add pack expire and do you get the money back for them when they do

    I just want to figure out the math, so lets asume that i buy 1 ad pack in 50 days that will make me 55 dollars pkus the 50 dollars i invested or just 55 dollars so that in 50 days all i make is 5 dollars

  266. Avitus Post author


    An adpack expires after it has earned you $55 overtime. So that means you make a $5 profit over every adpack you purchase.

  267. Miky

    Hi Avitus
    i am a little confuse with the part of buying ad parks, from what i understood i will need to attach a banner from a personal website before i can actually buy an ad pack, so my question is if one most have a personal website for the banner before buying ad packs? or can any website be used if so which type and where can i find one? please a little help here

  268. Avitus Post author

    Hi Miky,

    Basically you buy packs to advertise your business and also earn from profit sharing. Most people who don’t have something to advertise, put their own TM referral links and a TM banner link.

  269. Miky

    thanks so much taht explained it all also what about the option of add clicks? also what do you think of ultimaterevshare system just gone across them and wonder if their system is really cool seems like it makes them more stable than any other revshare platform , (wanna hear from the pro)

  270. Avitus Post author

    I’m not really a pro but i know since traffic monsoon and MAPs, there has been a lot of rev shares coming and going. Just be careful as you join them.

  271. Brendon

    Hey Avitus will you give me $2000 as seed money then I will be your referral ? In 10days you will have your money back with the commissions you earn from me, be that change in my life like the chance you had when you 1st decided to dive in head first! my Payza email is please send the money there You whould not understand how much you will be helping me! plus this is a really good short term investment please im begging you here.

  272. Avitus Post author


    In as much as i would want to have referrals, sending you money wouldn’t be so wise especially to a random person. Even you wouldn’t have done that.

  273. Malik

    Hi avitus i want to delete my traffic monsoon account and i want to create a new account can i do that

  274. Avitus Post author


    I’m not sure, especially if you have already verified your account with your ID. But why would you want to delete and create a new one?

  275. Charles

    hey Avitus,
    I opened my TM account but after verifying my account i was told to log in and start immediately. but when I tried logging in they told me IP has been has continuously brought that message and I can’t login. help me please

  276. Avitus Post author


    That is normal. Nothing alarming. you just have to feel in the answers to the security question. Then you’ll be able to access your account.

  277. Charles

    Thanks Avitus
    But I wanted to know why my account has continuously failed to log in from a computer. when I used my phone it opened but I didn’t see any adverts,even where to start from

  278. Avitus Post author


    I think that’s just a technical problem, you can maybe try changing connections. But you can always send a support ticket to TM, they can advise you better.

  279. christy

    Pls can I make more money daily by purchasing 10000 traffic exchange credit to my advert package

  280. Avitus Post author


    That will only increase the amount of surf credits to your advertisement. But it will not have any impacts on your earnings from ad packs. Otherwise i will just advise you to purchase new packs from whatever your were to spend on credits.

  281. jayne

    Hi Avitus
    I bought 25 adpacks on the 10th Feb so are inactive at the minute… I since bought5 more and am up to 15 adpacks now. I am in a position to purchase another 30 if I can make it work for me.
    I will be out of work from August so need to work out the best way to generate an income of 1k a month minimum by the end of the year if thats possible?? Could I ask your advice please..?

  282. charles kyota

    Thank you Avitus for your help
    I logged in my account and reached where they were telling me getting started,buy ad packs, my websites,buy credits,buy log in ads,among others.but now Avitus I don’t know where can i start from there, where do I get the adverts to click on

  283. amarnath

    Hi Avitus,

    I am new to TM.If I purchase 1adpack for $50.what is the impact of that pack?

    1.How much income I will get?
    2.What is the expiry period of that pack?

  284. Avitus Post author


    It’s quite possible because to withdraw $1000/month you only need about 350 active ad packs without any referrals.

    This can be achieved in a year or less depending with how determined you are. I did it you can do it too.

    I advise you start promoting your traffic monsoon link so that you can get active referrals which will earn you commissions that you’ll use to buy more ad packs. This will help you get to 350 much quicker.

  285. Avitus Post author


    Just watch my get started video in this post below just before the conclusion. It will show you exactly what you need to do.

  286. Avitus Post author


    One pack expires after you have earned $55. This means, one pack will earn you a $5 profit which will take you 55 days approximately.

  287. Samuel

    So If you have one adpack and you do everything required you pay $50 and earn $55 so $1 daily for 55 days.

    Is this correct?

  288. Samuel

    So If you buy one ad pack per week everyweek after awhile do you just earn $55 weekly if yoy do this.

    I mean how does the math work?

  289. Avitus Post author


    That’s correct. Its not fixed though, it could go up or down. Though It’s been $1 per day per ad pack since 2014.

  290. Samuel

    So if you brought 1 adpack per week it would take a few months before you broke even on the money you invested.

    Eg. Week 1. Spent $50, earned $7, Week 2 Spent $43, earned $14, Week 3 Spent $36, earned $21 right up to week 9 and beyond where you could total fund the purchase through earnings and stil make $5 weekly.

    Am I right ?

    I just want to get my numbers right before I join through your link 🙂

  291. N.Ananda Babu

    Hi Avitus,

    Great information and extremely good.
    While going through yr old blob pl refer the following …..

    You mentioned $5000 dollars will cover by withdrawing daily $10 with in the 6 months how it is possible…
    my understating is 30 day * 10 = 300 $ and $300 * 6 months = $ 1800 only but you mentioned in your reply as $5000….. pl answer me

    Old replay from y….

    One of the keys to success is patience. You don’t need to be hasty because it will hurt you in the long run which as you have already noticed will hurt you in the long run.

    I suggest you follow a good strategy that will earn you money right from day one, grow your account and also benefit you in the long run.

    Here is what i suggest.

    With 100 packs start up, that means you’ll be earning at least $100 daily. Using the 91-9 strategy, you’ll be repurchasing at least 2 packs and with drawing the next $10 daily.
    Following this strategy and assuming you have no referrals, it should take you about 6 months to get your money back($5000 withdrawn from the site) and your account will have tremendously grown to about 340 packs. At this point you’ll be repurchasing atleast 6 packs daily and withdrawing atleast $30 daily.

    But if you refer people and they become active which means you’ll be earning referral commissions, things will move a lot faster and you’ll earn your money back a lot sooner.

  292. Avitus Post author

    N.Ananda Babu

    What you assumed is that you’ll be stuck at $10 daily for six months. What you didn’t consider is that as you grow, the ad packs you purchase daily will also increase so as what you’ll be withdrawing daily.

  293. Debashish Majumdar

    Hi Avitus,

    Good blog, gave lot of insights to Traffic Monsoon. I have Paypal account do I still need Payza account to become a member of Traffic Monsoon? I am thinking of starting out with traffic monsoon as it looks promising, should I start with this kind of option as I am a complete newbie and does not have much knowledge on internet marketing/business?

  294. Avitus Post author


    Its good that you want to join Traffic monsoon. But to do so you must have a payza or solidtrustpay processor account. Unfortunately TM doesn’t have a paypal option anymore.

  295. N.Ananda Babu

    Hi Avitus,

    Thank u so much for your quick reply. I am having some basic questions , pl kindly help me the following…

    Pl kindly clarify…
    1.Senerio – Without compounding : Invested 10 Packs
    After 55 days: 10*55 = 550 $

    2. Scenario – With compounding : Invested 10 packs
    After 55 days they become – 28 packs
    Suppose if I decided to with entire 28 packs how many dollars will I get, pl kindly let me know the calculation.
    I am presuming : 28 dollars ( per day ) * 55 days = 1,540 dollars

    Pl kindly correct me if I wrong.

    Thanks in advance.

  296. Avitus Post author


    That’s correct. However that is based on the assumption that TM will continue to pay $1 per day per pack. Mind you this could go up or down.

  297. Debashish Majumdar

    Hi Avitus,

    I have registered with traffic monsoon today with you as my referrer. Currently it is saying “You have 8 unassigned credits on your account balance. You can assign them to your sites using ‘Manage’ button” . What should I do in this case? I don’t have any website of my own, should I provide any clickbank or any other affiliate offer?

    Thanks in advance.

  298. Avitus Post author


    Yes you can do that. It doesn’t have to be just your website. You put Anything that you wish to promote on Traffic monsoon.

  299. Pranav Sharma

    Hie Avitus,
    Great job man. Your blog is very convincing and informative.
    I am already a member of TM. Started with 5 adpacks around 60 days ago, those 5 have expired and i am currently left with 9 adpack. Please help to get to 50 adpacks asap. Your help will be of utmost importance
    Thank You

  300. Avitus Post author


    The most effective way to get there is through sponsoring people, earning commissions and using those commissions to purchase more packs. Are you promoting traffic monsoon? If so, how are you doing it?

  301. Sally

    Hi Avitus,

    Thank you for this very informative blog!

    I have a few questions:
    1. Is TM still a viable income option as of June 2016?
    2. What is the current status on TM Bank?
    3. What is your referral link?
    4. Is it possible to have your email adress please?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  302. Avitus Post author


    1. Traffic monsoon is still a viable income option. Actually i’d put more trust in TM than any other revshare opportunity out there. Despite the paypal issue earlier this year, the company is still holding fort maintaining the daily shares at $1 per pack each day and withdrawals are instant as always.Check my proof page

    2. I’m not sure about the TM bank, i guess it was pushed forward because of the paypal thing. But TM introduced Allied Wallet where you can pay by credit card. It’s being said that there will debit cards available for withdrawals too in the future. So we can all wait and see.

    3. My referral link is

    4. Yeah sure but i’ll have to inbox you in facebook.

    Thank you.

  303. Sally


    Thanks Avitus, I’ll be in touch 🙂

  304. Shady

    Hello Avitus,

    Very interesting blog. So what payment processor do you think will support for Singapore?

  305. Avitus Post author


    I think both payza & STP are supported in Singapore. But i’d advise you go with Payza.

  306. JAY

    hi there … is it true you are only promoting your traffic monsoon web page with TM … do you buy add packs to promote your traffic monsoon page ?

  307. Nael Saleh

    Hi there
    I am wondering if I could have more than one TM account under my name
    Thank you for your support
    Have a great day

  308. Nael Saleh

    Hi there
    What is the 91-9 strategy?
    Thank you

  309. Nael Saleh

    Hello there
    I have the STP as my processor, I want to take some cash out of the TM account. How do I do that?
    Thank you for your assistance

  310. Avitus Post author


    That was a long time ago. Not through adpacks though but through the massive traffic packages where traffic comes from outside TM. But since Tm is now saturated being promoted everywhere, it could take some time before you see any sign up through the masive packages.

    So i had to do things differently. I currently promote it on my blog and sometimes i use paid methods like solos etc.

  311. Avitus Post author


    Its against TM’s terms of use to have more than one account, you could get suspended. After all why would you want to have more than one account

  312. Avitus Post author


    You just click the withdraw button and follow the instruction you’ll be given next.

  313. Debashish Majumdar

    Hi Avitus,

    I would like to ask one question and that is if for some reasons I could not complete your clicking of 10 sites to remain qualified within 24 hours and the delay is not more than 30 minutes. Do I still remain qualified with sharing options? I could not find an answer to this problem.

    I have completed the task and the clock is now ticking but I am not sure of the outcome.

  314. Avitus Post author


    You must click 10 ads within 24 hours to remain qualified for the next 24hrs after surfing. As long as you clock is green, you’ll be earning your hourly shares.

  315. Shady

    Hello Avitus,

    I try to workout using Traffic Mon Soon Calculator as per link :

    and it provide me an Excel Spreadsheet. However, I do not understand the method. Suppose if I want to invest USD$7000 which makes me have 140 Ad Packs, how much do I earn after 60 days? Could you please guide me how to workout this sum? Or do you have any other Calculator App for TM? Please advise.

    Many thanks

  316. François

    Hi Avitus,
    I want to thank you first for your post but I wonder if this method still working? But permit me, with only 10 click ads a day how can you generate leads in return, sorry I don’t get this.

  317. itzhak

    any update when the funds from pay pal will release?

  318. Leann

    Hello Avitus,
    My partner and I were considering investing close to 10k for TM. I am currently a college student and i’m looking to make some good money from my investment. How long would it take me to make my money back? I was also wondering how to make some serious money from TM. If i invest 10k would I make 5k a month? Also with the ad packs expiring how to do keep control on those to make sure i am constantly making more money? Thank you so much for your time.

  319. Avitus Post author


    When you buy adpacks, you get 20 ppc banner clicks credits and 1000 traffic exchange views credits. These credits will be asigned to a promotional link or banner that you set up when you were buying packs. Depending on how good your funnel is, thats how you get leads and sales to your offers.

  320. Avitus Post author


    I believe it should be sometime in August (Next month)

  321. Avitus Post author


    10K is a good place to start and you are more likely to reach 5k a month sooner than most people say in a year. That is without any referrals. But if you really decided to work and promoted TM effectively you’ll easily get referrals earn commissions and reach your goal way sooner.

  322. Umair

    Really nice introduction and well explained everything about trafficmonsoon. I got inspired by your blogpost and the story of 2000 dollars. Else I would have never given it a try.

    Right now I am new to trafficmonsoon right now and don’t have much to invest. So I am relying on referring other people. I saw your landing page, it is really awesome. I was wondering if I can use it.

    Thanks again for writing such a detailed post.

  323. Avitus Post author


    You could use my landing page but it has my links in there. Unless you make another one based on mine. I HAVE NO PROBLEM.

  324. Umair

    Thank You so much
    I will replace your links, with mine. Lets see if I can get a nice start without investing my own money.

    Thanks again 🙂

    Keep writing good stuff

  325. Christian Tan

    hello avitus, i am from indonesia, i want to start to join traffic monsoon

    i want to ask that we have to click 10 ads per day, is it for a pack ?

    if i have 50 ads packs, do i have to click 50×10 times ?

    thank you

  326. Avitus Post author


    the number of ads you must surf daily remains the same. It doesn’t matter if you have one or a thousand packs

  327. Shady

    Hello Avitus,

    It’s me again. Do you have any idea why TM does not support purchase Ad Pack using MasterCard/Visa Card directly? Seems it has to purchase via Payza? I have tried but not successful. This is very troublesome. Please advise.


  328. Daniel

    hi shady

    because in case of any problems as TM is experiencing now, if you have paid for your adpacks with your debit card, then what happens is, you would be entilted for a refund once CHARGEBACK application is issued by you , and you would of won, but because we all paid by using payza, you get FUCK ALL BACK. hence trafficmonsoon never agreed for debit cards transactions. hope that helps

  329. Raj Kumar

    i wants to create an ID in TM.i wants to now How it works.
    Any one cont me from india(09876274525)

  330. Avitus Post author


    It got frozen by SEC. You can read all the updates in the TM groups on facebook

  331. Orji Christian

    Hello Avitus
    As i registered on TM i cant find the cash links on my page, so i can click on them. Please what do i do.
    Best Regards
    Lagos Nigeria

  332. itzhak

    hi avitus
    any chance TM will be back in business soon?

  333. David

    I said on this blog that by September this would be OVER I was RIGHT.

  334. itzhak

    are you familiar with fortadpays? i have money on wallet 1 and i can’t withdraw
    and the support never reply my emails…please advice if you have any idea…

  335. Avitus Post author


    I’m not sure but i think they are dying out just like every other revshare at the moment.

  336. R. Brown

    I got this web page from my pal who informed me regarding this site and
    now this time I am browsing this site and reading very
    informative articles or reviews at this place.
    R. Brown recently posted…R. BrownMy Profile

  337. Ali

    Sorry to say but he should’ve known that the authorities are going to be messing up with him.
    He had businesses in USA before TM, and he did NOT learn on his mistakes.

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