How Website Owners Earn Money : Make Money Blogging In 2017

By | January 2, 2017
how website owners earn money

I thought a post on how website owners earn money would be a perfect launcher for 2017. Also an interesting comeback post after 6 months of silence. It’s been a long time since i last posted, some of my readers thought I had quit.

Truth is while I was away, I’ve been doing a lot of research on many different ways of making an extra passive income but I have also been learning things that would improve content and engagement on this blog. I will be sharing some of those techniques in the coming posts.

So if you are new around here make sure to bookmark this blog and also follow my facebook page because I’ve got so much to share this year. The focus will still be giving internet marketing tips, blogging and business opportunity reviews.



Why did I choose to write this post.

First this will be a complementary post to the one i posted a while back on how to start a blog. I might have hinted on a few blogging benefits in there, but this one will show you the easiest way to earn that extra income from your website.

The second reason is to put more emphasis on why you should start and own your own online business. Something that you have more control over like your own blog or website.

…You’ll agree with me that,

Most of us were introduced to online marketing through business opportunities like MLM’s, network marketing companies or revshares.

Nothing wrong with that but i find it not safe enough when you are not the one who is really in control of the opportunity.  You’ll invest time in the business opportunity and maybe recruit a few hundred or even a thousand people in there and allover a sudden that business you invested in so much collapses.

Your skyscraper will have fallen to the ground and you’ll only be left with people you recruited blaming you and some calling you a scammer.

I can guarantee you it’s not a good feeling.

Experience is a good teacher and i have learned quite a lot of valuable lesson in these few years i have been involved with internet marketing.

The best advise i would give to anyone who is looking to make money online would be to start their own website or blog. This blog has been up for almost 2 years now and much of my online success has been contributed by this same blog.

Surely i have also joined many different business opportunities, some of which i have their reviews on this same website. But the truth is 90% of them are either shut or slowed down. That means my income has also not been consistent.

Then i came to a conclusion that, it’s better to be a business owner than a distributor. As a business owner you have control over what happens to your business.

How Website Owners Earn Money Online

If all i have said above makes sense, then i’m going to show you how you can make money with a website or blog.

It’s a very simple process that anyone who can read and write can follow.

First Step – You Need a Blog/website

A website is a primary component of the entire procedure. I will not go deep into the process of creating one as i have already covered that in the past. you can Read it here.

However there are things that i must stress on.

It’s easier when your website or blog is based on:

  1. On a hobby,
  2. Something you are knowledgeable about, or
  3. Something you can easily research on, etc.


Because you’ll be able to easily create good relevant content consistently. As you’ll find out on the next step, content is very key. But that is if you plan to be the one creating content.

Again, don’t rush into things. Research and find yourself a profitable niche . I’ll probably cover this part in one of my upcoming posts but for now you can simply go to google or YouTube and search “How to find profitable niches/keywords”

Once you have everything up then its time to feed your blog.


Second Step – Creating Content.

My first 3 blogging attempts were epic fails. And clearly “content” was the reason.

A lot of bloggers will tell you that content is king. That you should write superior well researched posts. Sure quality of your posts will draw attention but its not enough to do just that.

There are two very important questions that you must ask yourself first:

  1. Is there a need for what you are writing for? is there enough search volume for what you want to blog about
  2. Who is my competition? Will i be able to rank for a certain keyword.

I failed to answer those questions properly the first 3 times i tried blogging. I was writing good posts but i wasn’t doing any keyword research. So nobody discovered my blogs.

It’s important to use keywords that people are searching for. Again you should mind the competition. If you are content is based on keywords that big authority sites are using, you are never going to rank on search engines that will give you enough traffic to make good money.

If i were to summarize this step in one sentence i’d say:

Write content based on keywords with a good amount of search volume that have less competition to easily rank up on search engines. That will give you enough traffic to make good money.


Third Step – Getting Traffic

There are basically 3 kinds of traffic that you can use to make money on your site.

  1. Search Engine Traffic (The Best)
  2. Social traffic (Also Good)
  3. Paid Traffic (Expensive, not recommended)

Search Engine Traffic

Here traffic comes from search engines like Google, yahoo and Bing. But the focus is always on Google because its the biggest on the internet at the moment.

Google has their own search algorithm they use to rank information on their engine. I won’t pretend to be an expert but i’d say they rank information based on relevance (keyword mentions) and reliability of that information (how many links point back to that source). There are obviously more factors considered but these two are the main.

A well optimized post stands a better chance to rank high. When step two above is done correctly coupled with normal search engines optimization (SEO), you’ll achieve better ranking which will give you a good amount of traffic.

How Website Owners Earn Money Easily

Above is just an example of one of the keywords i’m raking for, “All in one profits“. That post is ranking second on google not because i’m an SEO expert. It’s simply because i did a very good job with step number two and just applied a simple basic on page search engine optimization.

Search engine traffic is best because above all its FREE.


Social Traffic

Social traffic is also a good source of traffic. It doesn’t require any optimization but requires active participation on social medias. I’m talking of Facebook, twitter, google plus, Instagram, Pininterest, tumblr, reddit etc.

Basically it requires you to build a huge following. Then engaging with your followers by posting pictures, articles and linking back to you site.

The more followers you have the more the traffic you can get back to your website.

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For more information on social media traffic you can read stream seo blog

Paid Traffic

I’m not recommending paid traffic for a blog or website.


Forth Step – Website/ Blog monetization

Congratulations for making it this far. This is the last step after which you’ll know how website owners earn money.

Simply put, bloggers make money by converting traffic into money. There are essentially 3 ways that can be done.

  1. Selling advertising space
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Selling your own product or service

 Selling Advertising Space

This is not an entirely new concept. In fact, its the most popular way of making money blogging.

Basically, companies or individuals pay you to display their ads on your site. You can be paid for clicks (CPC) or exposure (CPM).

CPC – Cost Per Click

CPM – Cost per Mile (usually 1000 views)

The most common CPC company that website owners use is Google Adsense. You register for an adsense account and once approved, you can start displaying google ads on your website (banners and text ads).

You can earn a few cents up to more than $1 per click.

There are many Advertising networks you can display your ads for on your site. Adhitz is one that i have also used in the past. But google Adsense remains the best of them all. I’d recommend it first to anyone looking to make money on their site by selling ad space.


Affiliate marketing

I must admit, much of what i have earned through this blog has come from affiliate commissions.

Affiliate marketing is when you help a company or an individual sell their products or services. In return they reward you back a certain percentage from the sales you generated for them.

There are two common ways a website or blog can earn you affiliate commissions.

  1. Promote an online business opportunity. When you join and promote a business opportunity on your blog, you’ll get referrals (downlines) and get paid for that. You can write a review and insert your affiliate link.
  2. Promote a Product or Service. If biz ops are not your thing, you can decide to promote a certain product or service that offers a commission for each sale you generate. You can register an account with multiple affiliate networks and promote their listed products. Some common affiliate networks include Clickbank, Commission Junction and Amazon Associates.


Selling Your Own Products or Services.

This is a much more advanced method done by very experienced bloggers or internet marketers. This can be an internet marketing course, software, e-books or a subscription service.



Most people pay a lot of attention on the last step. It wouldn’t surprise me if you also scrolled down just to read the various ways you can make money blogging. I used to do that, that’s why i failed the first 3 times.

Finding the right niche, using the right keywords and feeding a blog/site with enough content consistently will bring you a lot of traffic. Once you have enough traffic, it can be easily converted into a passive income through various monetization options discussed above. And that is how website owners earn money online.

I challenge you to start thinking of taking this blogging route in 2017. More often than not, you’ll not be disappointed if you follow through the above outline. It’s a cheap and worthy investment.

Thank you for stopping by, let me know if you found this post helpful. I also welcome all kinds of question. Or you can just leave a simple comment.

Like and Share this post. I wish you all the best in 2017.

Internet entrepreneur who loves to make money online through various genuine opportunities and blogging about it. You can read more about me on the About page.

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  1. Bec

    You have inspired me to create my own website, I know there is a lot of work to do but I like challenges. Im following you too in Facebook and Youtube. Thanks a lot Avituz!

  2. Avitus Post author


    Thanks for the comment. Yeah at the beginning it could be a lot challenging. But once you immense yourself and get a hang of it you’ll find that it simple and the rewards are amazing.

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