Is Traffic monsoon Scam? My Results In Four Weeks

By | May 3, 2015
Traffic monsoon scam

Is Traffic monsoon Scam? My Results In Four Weeks

UPDATE: SEC has frozen Trafficmonsoon’s Assets and restricted its operation. The site is currently down.

It’s everyone’s right to be skeptical and hesitant. But before you rush to call traffic monsoon scam, take 15 minutes to read this post and maybe you’ll have a rather different perspective. It’s been four weeks since I joined Traffic monsoon and this is what I think of this revenue share site so far.

I never really trusted these kind of sites before. Neither did I really think that they worked. So I was a little bit hesitant to join at first. I read many reviews and it really didn’t help much to decide whether I should dive in all not.


The more Traffic monsoon reviews I read, the more I got confused.

This is what I discovered:

There are positive to mixed comments out there. Truth is, those who comment positively, are those who have joined Traffic monsoon already and enjoying the benefits. A few negative ones are from those who are not members of the site. They have no clue whatsoever what Traffic monsoon is. Basically their own judgment is driven by fear either from past scam encounters or they are just too negative and skeptical.

But Anyways

Fact is, when it comes to Traffic Monsoon income proofs and the amount of money people are already earning , those who are in will agree with me that it’s nothing short of INSANE. I have my own screenshots and I’ll be sharing them with you later in this post.


Lets Clear Out Some Air

You are not in yet and maybe you are wondering if it’s just all hyped up.

Nothing bad about that. In fact, it’s wise to do your due diligence before you join anything.

You are not alone. I did that too. And i’m here to give you confidence and tell you for a fact that Traffic monsoon is a real deal.

But, those are just empty words right?Allow me to share a little bit of my experience.

A few weeks back i was asking myself,”Are people really getting paid every hour in Traffic monsoon? “

I can’t forget the excitement and look on my face when I logged in to Traffic monsoon a few hours after I had purchased my first ad pack. There was a few cents already in there. I hadn’t expected any revenue shares that fast.

Now I was really getting paid to advertise? YES, the rumors where true. Traffic monsoon is paying revenues shares every hour. That was my AHA moment. I went on and bought four more packs and a few days’ later 19 summing my total entry packs to 23.

That has compounded itself to 32 packs at the time of this post. The coolest part is, that figure goes up every 1 and a half days.

Traffic monsoon scam

I update my proof page weekly, See more stats and proof here

I reinvest back what I earn during the weekdays (Monday to Friday) and cash out what I earn during the weekends (Saturday and Sunday). Below is $60 I cashed out today. See, I can defend my income claims. Results not typical though.

Traffic monsoon review


The Real Reason I Joined Traffic Monsoon

Why I joined Traffic monsoon is simple. I never really got in to primarily earn from ad packs. But rather, I needed quality traffic for my other business opportunity that I’m involved with (Four corners alliance group).

I couldn’t ignore the noise on the internet that traffic monsoon traffic converts well. I read a bunch of testimonials in Facebook groups and decided to give it a try.

About 48 hours later I had 4 leads already. This is nothing I had experienced form any traffic exchange site before.

So now I had killed two birds with one stone. I was getting traffic for my primary business but at the same time earning money from the ad packs sharing positions.

Traffic Monsoon Results So Far

Okay just a quick summary. I have been with Traffic Monsoon for about or over four weeks now. I have achieved 40 leads, 1 sign up into my business opportunity (4 corners alliance group), earned over $400 from the revenue share and cashed out my first $55 dollars on 26th April 2015. I have achieved that without referring a single soul to Traffic monsoon. YES! You can still earn without referring.

See I’m not an all talk guy, below is my proof

Traffic Monsoon Review


Traffic Monsoon results

That is from when I was at 30 ad packs earning $30 a day.

Since then my account has now so far grown, See more stats and proof here

Like I said earlier on, I invest back my week day’s earnings into buying more ad packs for more dollars and cashing out my weekends earnings.

That goes up every week by the way. Because every week I buy 3 more ad packs as part of my current strategy which is really working.

Nothing to brag about yet, but $55 a week on a minimum is making a lot of difference in my life right now.

I know a lot of people are struggling online, losing money into this and that, and the guru crap we get sold every day. If you are struggling and looking for a way out, Traffic Monsoon is your secret door. You can join for free now and start earning your way up.

I’ll tell you this,

Earnings from Traffic monsoon have helped finance my other online ventures. I create more online income streams using monsoon money. Advantage being that I don’t deep my hands into my offline savings pockets anymore to invest into online ventures. As my day job helps me clear out the bills, Traffic monsoon helps me pursue THE DREAM.


Question: Is Traffic monsoon scam?

Answer: NO, It’s not.

And here is why

  1. Trusted admin with a good business reputation. Charles Scoville is Traffic Monsoon’s administrator. Even though, this site only started in October 2014, I am sure it’ll be there for the long howl. Charles runs another similar site called ad hit profits which has been operating and paying its members for 2 years now. That’s a good track record.
  2. I have seen the money. This comes from my own personal experience. Not only have I seen people getting paid thousands of dollars, but I have also made money with Traffic Monsoon and continue to successfully cash out my earnings every week INSTANTLY.
  3. Registered Company. Traffic Monsoon LLC is a legit company registered in Utah. Authorities recognizes its existence. This proves the admins commitment to the business.
  4. Quality product. Main product is Traffic. If you are someone who has used Traffic Monsoon’s traffic at all, you can’t deny that it’s really quality traffic. In 3 weeks I got 40 leads and one sign up into my other business opportunity (4 corners alliance group). There are also other reports of people making sales with Monsoon visitors.
  5. No complaints. Since I joined, I have not heard of any Traffic Monsoon complaints. I have none myself. That alone proves that this site delivers on its promises.
  6. Admins Transparency. Charles is really doing a good job keeping Traffic monsoon members informed with the company’s progress. This kind of leadership builds trust and confidence among members and nonmembers who want to join. Currently there are weekly meetings being held in the UK. In June there will be meetings at various global locations like Morocco, Egypt, France and UAE. From the other standpoint, this shows the growth of the company and how global Traffic monsoon is.

Updated new post: How to really make money with Traffic Monsoon


Update: Recorded this video on 30th October 2016

Watch My Traffic Monsoon Get Started Video

Update: November 1st 2015

So i have also decided to record a video showing an actual money withdrawal from Traffic monsoon. You are going to see how to withdraw your money from the site and also partly a proof that cash outs are indeed very Instant.

Okay enjoy the video below:

Traffic Monsoon Withdrawal $500 A Week

My Recent Traffic Monsoon Cashouts


Traffic monsoon stands as a strong company offering quality services(Traffic) to its members. You can read my other review here. On the other hand it offers it’s members a chance to really make good sizable income online. You have read and seen the screenshots, That is as far as i can go. All i can say is that Traffic Monsoon is Legit and a top revenue sharing company.


Also recommendend: How to get referrals without advertising


Internet entrepreneur who loves to make money online through various genuine opportunities and blogging about it. You can read more about me on the About page.

236 thoughts on “Is Traffic monsoon Scam? My Results In Four Weeks

  1. prostate cancer treatment

    Incredible points. Solid arguments. Keeep up the amazing effort.

  2. Jhonnathan

    Hi!!!, I came here looking for a trusted review of TMS, and you gave me all I want to know about TMS. Excellent review, thank you for your time to share this with other people. Hope this continue as you explain, I will buy 1 ad pack to start with Rshares program.


  3. Avitus Post author

    You are welcome Jhonathan. Anything to help more people succeed. TrafficMonsoon is a very good revshare site. I wish you well in your business

  4. phil

    i see people posting big figures from earnings but (unless im missing something) no one talks about the money theyve put in. you have 30 actuve sharing positions on your pic above….thats $1500 in and only $428 out at the moment. its going to take you another 8/10 weeks to just break even but then you will be reinvesting all that money back in. no one says you only actually make $5 out of every $50 you put in (over a 40-50 day period)

  5. Avitus Post author

    Phil, you need to understand one thing.
    “One penny may seem to you a very insignificant thing, but it is the small seed from which fortunes spring.” – Orison Swett Marden

    30 active sharing positions have now duplicated into 79 active sharing positions to where i’m standing right now. SEE IMAGE BELOW

    That has all happened in just 11 weeks. Ofcourse you can earn money as a free member(without investing) but you wont earn as significantly as everyone posting huge proof screenshots. I do understand that i have to spend money to make money and that’s why i saw the importance of spending $50 to get back $55. I did spend a total of $2000 over a time of one month and as we stand now 11 weeks down the line, i have made a total of over $3500, making atleast $80 dollars everyday, reinvesting 70% into buying more packs for much bigger earning and withdrawing 30% of my weekly earnings. That’s enough said. It all boils down to how you passive things.

    You can follow my progress here where i update my weekly back office screenshots:
    or here

  6. phil

    I understand all of that. so you said you have invested $2000 of your own money i presume. is that the total figure you have invested of your OWN money?

  7. Avitus Post author

    Yes Phil, though not all at once. i started with 5 packs just to get my feet wet. After seeing the income potential i had to get more. My target really was to get to a point where i could atleast by a pack every single day from the earnings. so i had to stretch and get myself out of the comfort zone. so YES $2000 out of pocket.I have already broken even with more than $1500 pure profits which keeps on increasing daily by atleast $80.

  8. phil

    Thank you for sharing your experience. its not that i dont believe in the site or anything. i just saw people posting huge figures but never talking about their initial outlay. Many thanks. Phil.

  9. pierre

    Great review. At this time i have 26 packs. Looking to invest another $1000 to get to 50 packs quickly and be able to buy at least 1 pack a day. It ll goo up fast from there. First goal is 1000 packs. I ve red that to not lose income it s best to only withdraw 9% of. Revenue. So the exemple here is once i get to 1000 packs. That’s $30,000 in 30 days. 9% is $ 2,700 every 30 days. Here goes your “salary”.
    I d like to ask you if you could look into this MLM once called MLM shop and now called the business shop. Looks really good and legit to me. I d like to know your opinion. It s a spanish company. So english content might not be easy to find.
    Thank you and i wish you the best in your ventures.

  10. Ray

    Traffic Monsoon is rocking.
    I’m a witness…check my site.
    You’re right Avitus.

  11. Avitus Post author

    Hi Pierre, i haven’t heard of mlm shop, but i’ll look into it.

  12. Corina M

    Hi there! Yes you are absolutely right and I sat on the sidelines for about 2 mths before I took the leap.. I only started purchasing this week and already withdrew profit to make sure it was all legit and it is.. Can’t believe it and I have tried nearly every blimmen’ thing out there and never made a cent and now after 20 years i have finally found the one!! I can’t believe it still! GReat review and soooooo 110% accurate!!!
    Many Thanks all the way from Sunny Gold Coast Australia!!! 🙂

  13. Avitus Post author

    Hi Corina,

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience. I’m really glad you saw the opportunity and took the leap. From that i can tell you are very happy now. Happy earnings to you.

  14. Antonia

    Hi Avitus I’ve read your blog and I want to register to TM. I admire you. May I know your email add? So I can contact you if I have question in TM.?

  15. shailendra

    Traffic monsoon is only a scam and waist of time.I am saying it because of my experience .

    when i try to click 0.01$ or 0.02$ cash it didn’t work. and told me that ad is expire.

    when i tried to complain in TRAFFIC MONSOON WEBSITE, my site is not open may be possible they will give you few $ but before that they will use you 100 times of that amount.

    it is only a scam nothing else don’t wast your time.

  16. Avitus Post author

    Hi Shailendra

    Glad to have you on my blog and thanks for the comment even though I can’t quite understand why you call traffic monsoon scam.Is it because of a few expired penny cashlinks that you couldn’t earn from?

    It’s so sad that, you are busy preaching the “traffic monsoon is scam” gospel when thousands of people are earning a good 3 to 4 figures a day with this site (and not from cashlinks by the way). People who have bought real advertisement packages and they are earning good sharing revenue from it.

    Before you call traffic monsoon scam i think you’ll need to read this post:How to really make money with traffic monsoon

    Then head over to my earning proof page

    just So that you get the feel of what you are missing out.

    Anyways peace and love. wish you all the best.

  17. Danny Frederick

    How do I break even & start making a profit if all I have to invest is 50.00 and I’m only getting 5.00 in return?

  18. Avitus Post author

    Hi Danny,
    When you spend money on traffic monsoon, you are not investing. You are simply buying traffic.Let’s first be clear on that.

    Then ,

    To answer your question, if $50 is all you have and ever will spend on Traffic monsoon, it will take you 50 days to break even. Meaning you are ever going to make $5 every 55 days.
    But if you really want to make money with Traffic Monsoon you’ll have to raise that figure a bit. then you can work your way up using the compounding strategy. Otherwise you’ll have to refer a lot of people so you can get a boost from referral commissions.

    Just to give you an idea, i really stepped out when i got started and spent a total of about $2000( 40 packs). I’m now maintaining 100 packs with over 80 packs expired (a total of 180 pack purchased). I earn around $100 daily, i purchase 2 packs daily and i also withdraw $33 pure profit daily.

    So it’s really for you to decide whether you are going to deep a toe or dive in all together like i did.

    Anyways, you can read this post i wrote recently.It’ll help you a great deal: How to really make money with Traffic Monsoon

    I also share a strategy that should help if you don’t have a lot to spend.

  19. Tom

    My account is blocked after a couple months of work. I asked them for explanation, but nothing happend. Why is that, if the site is not scam? Sorry for my English.

  20. Avitus Post author


    I’m really sorry that your account is blocked. But that doesn’t mean Traffic Monsoon is Scam. I withdraw money everyday to my processor (instantly) without any problem. My hourly earnings are still pouring in without a problem.

    However there are things that could get you blocked. The most common one is when you open multiple accounts with the same information or when you log two different TM accounts using the same IP address.

    Sometimes when you get the log in captcha wrong 3 times consecutively, it could result into your account getting blocked. This happened to me once but after a few hours it was fine and i was able to log in back.

    You can read the F.A.Q section of the site for more information.

    But you can try to log in back. If you still face the same problem, you can try to raise a support ticket to TM. Be patient as it could take up to 48 HOURS.

  21. Denise Thiessen

    I want to thank you for such a great review of traffic monsoon I am also a member and love the program .
    Just recently I was shown another site which is the same type of program with ad packs and profit sharing but the ad packs are only ten dollars and they are saying they pay 15.50 for each in return they have all the same payment processors and mostly the same rules they launch today and thought you may want to check it out.

    All the best Denise Thiessen

  22. Avitus Post author

    Yes Tolga,

    It is not. Over 1,000,000 members now. How awesome is that! Stay focused everyone

  23. niyi

    hi… i joined this site but don’t know how to make money here… can someone please tell me what to do?

  24. Avitus Post author

    Hi Niyi

    Thanks for stopping by. I have a post on this blog that explains in detail how to make money with Traffic monsoon. Read it here. It should put you on the right direction.


  25. raaj

    I earned more than $140 from trafficmonsoon simply clicking cash link ads and recommending others. Payments are instant. Without a doubt I can say this site is great as it offers multiple ways to earn money.
    raaj recently posted…Earn from TrafficmonsoonMy Profile

  26. Cristian

    Very good company. Not giant earnings for small starters, but consistent earnings, professional support and real products that do help to gain visitors and potential customers or business affiliates for other businesses. People who have an issue should contact the company for support and also their sponsor. It is silly to complain about scam just because something does not look right. In life, nothing looks right, it’s all about change.

  27. bertrand

    TM ROI is 10% in 55 days? (50$ become 55$)
    Which means it’s about 5.45% per month, is that right?

  28. Avitus Post author

    Hi Betrand

    That’s correct. However its not fixed at 55 days.It can take longer or shorter than that depending on the company’s daily hourly sharing.

  29. rao

    hi, i have been seen many online websites ,everywhere need to do registration with Rs:1000/- so i denied what ever i haev seen . Let you tell me may i want to pay any amount for registration ? either how i can start ?

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  31. Beste

    Traffic Moonsoon is good site. Not Scam ! That why i will try to promote them at my blog

  32. frank g

    I have looked very closely at Traffic Monsoon. Yes it has a great Alexa ranking & I have heard their traffic converts well , all good so far!
    When I look closer at the business model I cannot see how anyone can make money without referring others.
    Here’s why
    To keep things simple lets say you start with 1 ad pack $50
    You buy 1 ad pack as above you get back $55 over 55 days (the rev share) once you click 10 ads every day ok sounds reasonable & that would be a 10% return on your investment.

    However it costs an additional 3.9% to purchase through PayPal or any of the other payment options also add a currency conversion fee if you are outside the US which is a 4.6% total cost on top of your $50, total cost to buy is $52.46

    The same applies when you cash out another fee of 4.6% so your total gain is 32 cents.
    It does not matter if you buy 1 pack or 20 packs the same formula applies.

    I can see some have invested $1000, $2000 etc but the formula is the same, you would get approx 0.8% return on your investment.

    Is this how it works or am I missing something??

  33. Avitus Post author

    Hi Frank,

    You can make money with Traffic monsoon without referring. I’m not just saying,this is something that i have experienced myself long before i got my first active referral. There are many other people i know who have not referred a single person but they are still withdrawing good cash out of the site. Its just that when you refer people, it boosts your earnings.

    Now, the fee on purchasing ad packs from processors.

    Please be informed that this processor fee is charged only when you purchase ad packs from the processor, in this case Paypal. But when you continue repurchasing from the account balance(revenue from sharing), nothing is charged. Mind you these processor fees are not charged by trafficmonsoon, but rather paypal, payza or solidtrustpay. That is how these processor companies are making money. The same applies when withdrawing.

    But before i proceed explaining any further let me correct you. People don’t invest money in Traffic monsoon. This is not an investment company. When you spend on this site, you are 100% buying advertisement. But with these combo advertisement packages you purchase you get a revenue sharing position for each. So the amount you earn depends with how many ad packs you have and how much the company made in terms of profit the previous day.

    Now lets be realistic. You wont understand Traffic monsoon if you think in terms of one ad pack. In fact one ad pack wont get you anywhere(a total waste on time). Traffic monsoon is more of a place where you spend money to make more money. The more ad packs you start with, the more money you’ll make in a short time.

    Now i would like to use myself as an example.

    I started with around 40 ad packs( around $2000 money out of pocket). Through repurchasing from the profits, i now have 195 active adpacks and counting( worth $9,750). But i have purchased a total of more than 375 ad packs plus those that have expired.(worth $18,750).

    Assuming i didn’t have any referrals.
    For every adpack that i repurchase, i withdraw the next $5(getting my profit right away). I currently have 195 adpacks. That means i can repurchase atleast 4 ad packs daily.and withdraw the next $20 as my profit. thats more than $500 every month. The good thing is that my account is also growing as i keep purchasing ad packs daily from revenue shares.

    Now, suppose i have 500 ad packs(my current goal). Then that means i can repurchase 10 ad packs daily and withdraw the next $50. That is more than $1400 every month. It gets even better when you eventually grow your account to more than 1000 ad packs.

    ALL that is without having a single referral. But when you refer, it gets even crazier.

    i HOPE you get the picture. You are welcome to ask some more.


  34. nothappy user

    Traffic Monsoon is run by a SERIAL SCAMMER !!!!!!
    there are many bug related problems like today i can log into the site but always get to see the stupid login ad over and over and over and OVER.
    but i cannot click any ads because of being shown the constant login ad over and over.
    i don’t have any shares and THANK GOD I DIDN’T buy any or i would have lost my money.
    Traffic Monsoon is a SCAM waiting to happen that is run by a SERIAL SCAMMER !!!!


    you say that everyone that complains against Traffic Monsoon has no real idea about it and of course you do ??????

    why not warn and let people know that this is a SCAM !!!!!

    people reported that after they have invested big amounts of money shortly after they where BANNED !!!!!!

    PEOPLE DON’T listen to Avitus because he just wants you to sign up under him as his referral.

    he earns and you get SCREWED !!!!! he is telling lies just to gain some benefits from you all.

    inviting people in to a real big SCAM is UNETHICAL !!!!!!!!!!



  35. Avitus Post author

    Nothahapy user

    I’m confused.Did you just give your “TM is scam” rant because you couldn’t login? A few bugs don’t make a site a scam.Thats why their is a support team you can always contact to resolve your issue. Now correct me if i’m wrong but even big sites like google have errors or bugs but they get fixed.

    I must tell you though, Traffic monsoon is not a place for tyre kickers. With that kind of attitude it will be very hard for you to succeed with anything in life. Negative and angry people will always attract negative and angry people/situations(Its the law of attraction).

    Man, i don’t force people to sign up under me. I share information and my own personal experiences. Weather people join or don’t, its their own choice.People who visit this blog are grown up people, people with freedom to do or not do something.

    But you see, things you just said doesn’t disturb, discourage or affect my progress in any way because i know there will always be people like you who will always try to smudge on good things.

    Anyways, i don’t know about you, but its been heaven, happiness and more money since i joined TM. If making extra money is being scammed then i’m happy to be scammed. Keep your negativity and we’ll see where that ditches you.


  36. Tomasz

    What a bulls…t! You wrote that you earn a $55 a week! W O W – but you little scammer hasnt saidthat you invested $1600!!! to get this! SO you need a circa 30 weeks to get your money back – B E C A U S E – YOU CANT SIMPLY CASH OUT ALL !!
    This is a ponzi scheme – and it will collapse once people will stop buying more packs 🙁

  37. Avitus Post author

    Hi Tomasz

    I do really respect your opinion and comment. I actually didn’t invest $1,600 but rather bought $2,000 worth of ad packs to get me started. I didn’t say it here but i clearly explained how traffic monsoon works in this guide here. If you take a few minutes and read it maybe you’d understand.

    Tomasz its my 28th week now ,$55 a week was just way back. I’m flying around $500 a week now in actual money that i withdraw from Traffic monsoon. Thats atleast $2,000 a month. And this is not all talk. Below is my recent withdraw for you satisfaction.
    traffic monsoon withdra proof-$500

    Just for argument’s sake, i would be interested to know why you think Traffic monsoon is scam? Maybe then i’d be in a position to clarify some more.

    But maybe you’d be interested to know that Traffic monsoon just crossed over 1,000,000 members now. That’s just in a year. Rather than calling TM a ponzi scheme, You are welcomed at the anniversary event in UK where you’ll 1.understand the business in more depth and get a better idea of the business. 2, Enjoy a fantastic 5 Star – 3 Course Meal on the evening. and Lastly, laugh, enjoy music, and a good time with Traffic Monsoon members and top leaders!


  38. Avitus Post author


    There’s no problem if you have no money to buy adpacks with,You can still earn money by clicking cashlinks and referral commissions when you refer other people to the site. Then when you have accumulated enough funds, use the same to purchase ad packs. You can join my team by clicking this link.

  39. Raz

    I have been in the MLM market for 5 years now and have seen things come and go….

    watch out for the forthcoming excuses regarding not being able to pay out….

    such as system glitches, pay merchants experiencing issues and major delays to payments etc, very distressing.

    Look into banners brokers, the golden path etc. all launched by the same leadership. its a lot of people walking blind so a lot of decent people will be caught up in this not really knowing what is to come.

    good luck anyways as you may have already made your mind up to join.

    in the mean time if you want to see what a decent honest MLM looks like, 8 years which magazine champion, can be you tubed for its history and regarding what our primeminister had to say about it on you tube then check

    good luck!
    Raz recently posted…News titleMy Profile

  40. Avitus Post author

    Hi Raz,

    Traffic monsoon is not an MLM company. It’s purely an advertisement company that shares its daily revenues with its qualified members. I think when people focus on recruiting than the product being served(traffic), that’s where many get lost and and mistake this site for an MLM recruiting company.

    So far there’s nothing wrong with Traffic monsoon. If anything its growing stronger and more people are joining everyday. Payments are still instant across all three payment processors and more and more people are making a life changing income.

    I’m not here to tell people that Traffic Monsoon will last forever as i can’t see the future. But the leaders of the company are working to make sure that this company last longer than people expect. As you can see the site has more than a million members now and we just celebrated a one year anniversary.

    But what i want you to understand is that even your so called descent MLM had its day one, first year, second all the way to it’s 8th.

  41. prakash

    If i buy 10 add packs and if i click on 10 adds daily and earn $300 in a month. I dont want to purchase any more add further. i just only want to with draw the money what i earned. For how many days i will be receiving adds from TM ?

  42. Avitus Post author

    Hi Prakash

    You can do that if you wish. But you’ll stop earning from hourly revenue shares once the ad packs expire.

  43. Leem

    I was sceptical about Traffic Monsoon and one thing I didn’t like was the fact it wasn’t entirely clear about how it worked.

    I read up and asked questions. My main reason for looking into it was to gain website traffic and increase sales/purchases.

    I decided to join and give it a chance…. it was either that or to spend $50 on facebook advertising anyway.

    The opportunity to earn some of that back sounds good. And hopefully it will work for me too.

    One of the things I wanted to do was to write an honest, clear and transparent review of Traffic Monsoon from my perspective so others could make their own mind up if its a scam or not.

    I don’t believe it is a scam. I believe it can offer opportunities. For me it’s the traffic I’m mainly interested in.

    So lets see how it goes and read my review of it here:
    Leem recently posted…Traffic Monsoon GuideMy Profile

  44. prakash

    Dear avitus, i am prakash. i just want to know if i buy 20packs each and every day i will earn 20$. so in a month i would have earn 600$ ok. i dont want to buy more packs from then. i just want to withdraw my money every month. so how many days will i get adds at a cost of 1$per day. can i continue the same further?

  45. Avitus Post author


    You don’t get $1 ads per day, that is not how this works. You just get hourly revenue shares depending on how many packs you have. And by the way, it just happens that currently the daily revenues per pack stand at around $1 but that is not fixed, it could go up or down depending on the company revenues.

    But back to your question, if you buy 20 packs and assuming the revenues per pack still stand at $1, then you’ll earn $600 in a month, Yes you can with draw that and walk away. But your ad packs will expire on the 55th day after which you wont receive any revenue shares.

  46. Zdeněk

    Dear Avitus,
    only question. If I buy 1 pack for $50 and than I will not login to my account, what can happen ?
    1- I will have $50 on my account, or
    2- I will have $0 on my account (bacause I was not log in in 55 days).

    Really thanks for answer.


  47. Avitus Post author

    Hi Zdenek

    When you buy or have ad packs, you must surf a minimum of 10 ads a day otherwise you won’t be qualified for the hourly revenue share distributions. In your case, if you don’t login for 55 days then your packs will pause, you’ll not earn anything.They will only resume once you surf again 10 ads.

    An ad pack only expires once it has earned you $55, be it in 55 days, a month, a year etc.Not otherwise

  48. Zdeněk

    Dear Avitus,

    thank you very much for your effort.
    Now it is clear. Because I was worry about to log in every day and surf – cut-off the Internet, business trip etc.

    OK, when I buy it one, it will bring me money every day when I am log in.

    Thank you

  49. Avitus Post author


    technically that’s the concept. But the math changes when you introduce the repurchasing concept. When the 30 packs expire, you’ll have 58 new ones that you repurchased. So as you keep enjoying your $5 profit per pack, your account also grows overtime.

  50. Scott

    Hi Avitus, Great post love all your replys to comments! Question I just joined but i have 2 different accounts…not sure if that will be a problem…i am only using one of them…my concern is as i buy mu ad packs…then get blocked b/c of of multiple accounts…any thoughts?

  51. Avitus Post author

    Hi Scott

    Having two accounts is not allowed. Just make sure you don’t use the second one ever again….

  52. Ross

    Hi Avitus,
    i registred do TM with Paypal. Can I change my payment processor??
    Thank you

  53. Avitus Post author


    No but you can activate a second one by purchasing any traffic monsoon service with a processor you want to use hence forth. You can purchase a small $5 credits package and that will activate the second or third processor you want to use.

  54. Mohammed Naseer

    Hi – Does it make a difference to your earnings wether you set up a different banner each time when repurchasing an adpack, or alternatively you setup the banner once and then associated every adpack repurchase with the same banner ?

    I have been up till now been creating unique banners for every repurchase of an adpack, and somebody pointed out to me that this will create less revenue and to maximise the revenue being generated you should associate every adpack repurchase with the same banner.

    Is this true ?

  55. Avitus Post author

    Hi Mohammed,

    Haha, it doesn’t matter how many banners you have. whether you have 1 banner or 10 it doesn’t matter. It boils down to the number of ad packs you have, that’s the only thing that will determine your revenue.

  56. gerald

    Hie Avitus

    Can I participate from Zimbabwe? and how does traffic monsoon generate its revenue that it will share with participants?

  57. Avitus Post author


    Yes you can participate from Zimbabwe. Traffic monsoon is an advertising company and so the revenues are generated from its daily sales of advertisement to its members.

  58. Rashed

    I want to change my adding payza account from Trafficmonsoon .How will i do possible it.

  59. Avitus Post author


    Yes it is possible to change or add a new payment processor to your traffic monsoon account. You just have to make a purchase of any service in TM using the processor you want to add. After that, it should be enabled and you can make withdrawals through that as well.

  60. Gayan

    Hi Avitus,

    Great review ! i joined TM two months back and purchased my first 2 adpacks few days ago, so far it has got me 14 USD which i’m happy about. the only question i have is that withdraws are bit tricky as i’m from Sri lnaka. do you have an idea about this as we cannot withdraw paypal from SL. and Payza takes ages to verify and the customer support suck !

    Anyway keep it up

    Cheers !

  61. Avitus Post author


    The next best option is payza or STP. I would advise you to go for STP as they have their own debit MasterCard which ensures easy access of your money from any ATM worldwide. As opposed to Payza which would require you to send your money to your bank account(takes a week) or exchange it to another e currency(charges involved) to access your money.

  62. Bob

    Hi Avitus,
    Nice explanation by the way. Have a question though. Just joined TM with no knowledge of it. I bought more ” click lefts” I really dont understand what that does to your ad-packs?

  63. Avitus Post author

    Hi Bob,

    You bought clicks or ad packs? Let me know that first before i explain.

  64. Bob

    I bought both, but I don’t know what is the use of more clicks as I bought 200 clicks.

  65. Avitus Post author


    You need to focus on buying ad packs. Buying more clicks only extends the life of your banners but not your revenue share position pack since it only expires once you have earned $55. If you feel you need more clicks on your banners, a win win solution would be to buy another pack on the same banner.

  66. Stuart

    I work in Financial Services and attended a TM meeting a few weeks back. My assessment is that this is ultimately a Ponzi investment scheme in disguise. For any Ponzi scheme people have to make money and a lot of it, otherwise others won’t invest.

    At some point it will start to get difficult to refer new people, revenues will fall, the Ponzi scheme will collapse and then the site will stop.

    That doesn’t mean people can’t make money. If you get in early, make your money back and then make more before the Ponzi scheme collapses then great.

    But if you’re unlucky, the site could shut down before you’ve had a chance to recoup your initial outlay.

    I met people at the TM meeting that had invested $20,000 and had not yet recouped their money. These people were elderly, possibly having used their pension savings.

    TM is a Ponzi scheme and ultimately you should look at it as a high risk investment. High risk can come with high rewards if you’re lucky, but you can lose money you’ve put in. So be careful and don’t put in more money than you can afford to lose. And don’t trick your friends and family into believing this is anything other than a very high risk investment.

    I know people will say it’s not an investment, but it is. People wouldn’t be spending that much on ad packs if they didn’t believe they’d be getting money back. That’s the definition of an investment.

  67. Avitus Post author


    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. But let me share with you something that you might have missed or probably didn’t know about.

    Traffic monsoon doesn’t depend on new members funds(money coming in) to pay its currents members. If it were so, even i would be very worried because eventually if people stopped coming in, then the program would fall.

    But here is what is different about traffic monsoon.

    It is purely an advertising company that sales other advertising packages apart from the common ad pack bundles. From that it has built a huge reserve balance from these purchases made by its members.

    This reserve balance which is now in the 8 figures is what remains after Traffic monsoon pays all its members balances say if it were to shut down today. That alone proves that this is indeed a legit company that actually has solid services that members purchase apart from the adpacks. I for one purchase these other services from time to time.


    It’s confirmed that Traffic Monsoon does now have a full 100% PayPal business license, it passed the last verification as a true operating business offering a real service. TM now has its own PayPal business account manager too. Plus if anything goes wrong it is now covered by their 180 day digital services guarantee.

    I suppose not all ponzis have all these. . And by the way, that is what separates TM from other revenue share sites.

    Thank you once again.


  68. Stuart


    I agree with your assessment, in that it would be a Ponzi scheme if TM depended on members funds to pay other members and wouldn’t be if The majority of TMs revenues came from other avenues.

    I asked a lot of questions around TMs business model and I am not convinced TM is actually generating large amounts of revenue from its other streams. Here’s why?

    In order for any business to generate 8 figure profits as a business it needs a large regional Operations and Sales force. Basically it needs employees on payroll. It Has anyone actually met these hundreds of employees. Do they exist, how much does TM spend on staff salaries a year? Apparently even Charles doesn’t take a salary (what we were told at the meeting). Can a real business generate 8 figure profits, without substantial expenses?

    Secondly who are these big clients helping to generate such large revenues. Where are the testimonials? From a digital marketting perspective traffic is all about quality of traffic (I.e targeted traffic). TM can only offer unqualified volume through member clicks. Not good for an ad-agency.

    Facebook, Google generate huge advertising profits. They have huge offices, staff, salaries, expenses. TM doesn’t. And I believe it’s because TMs business model actually only relies 100% on members income paying other members. The more people that invest the more reserves you can build up. Eventually new members will dry up, so to will the reserves and then it’s all over.

    PayPal’s money back guarantee won’t apply to TM, your contract is to buy ad-packs and that’s what you’ve done, transaction complete! The income you receive from revenue share is what you need to recoup your investment. But that is not guaranteed by TM yet alone PayPal.

    That’s not to say that people can’t make money from Ponzi schemes. Just understand what it is and be careful you or someone you recommend doesn’t lose more than they can afford to. In any Ponzi scheme, those that got in and out first will be happy, but those that are unlucky will lose their money. TM at that point will say, you bought ad-packs and I gave you ad-packs, so I fulfilled TMs side of the deal. There is no more revenue to share so tuff luck. The problem is that people don’t really care about the ads, they’re in it for the return on investment (I.e. the revenue share), which is not guaranteed.

    If you have specific details about TMs business model / plan, financial accounts and tax accounts that disproves what I’ve said, please share.


  69. Avitus Post author

    Hi once again Stuart

    I really do feel and understand your worries. I don’t intend to blow this out of proportion but here is what i have managed to deduce from your recent comment.
    You have pointed out a number of your concerns, but really there’s one that carries them all.You don’t believe if a company like Traffic monsoon can produce such huge profits without an office with actual chairs and desks having staff on payroll or regional sales force as you put it.

    I’m going to ask you one thing Stuart. Does having an office with 100s of staff justify anything in terms of legitimacy or profits made? For all i know, a company can have all that and still con people all the same. Correct me if i’m wrong but one among many of the reasons why many people prefer to operate a business online is to eliminate all those operational expenses.

    Clearly from my own perspective, you don’t need a bunch of people in an office locked behind computer screens to make huge profit margins. As i see it for a company like traffic monsoon, if it needed any staff at all, it would have a full time programmer and maybe a few support staff, barely 10 people in total.

    Listen, I do understand the internet is a very tough and risky environment but that doesn’t mean there are no real companies providing real services that people buy and enjoy like TM.

    Don’t compare Facebook and Google with TM because even though they all generate their income from advertising, they are different and complex in nature.
    Google for instance is a search engine company. To do what google does, you need to employ technical staff (IT experts, programmers) have different departments etc. For that you need offices and buildings and all the things you mentioned.

    But even for multi billion dollar companies like Google and Facebook, they all had their humble beginnings. I don’t suppose they started where they are now. They probably started in a basement somewhere with only a handful of people.

    We can argue about this all day, but here is the one thing that people need to understand before they join. Traffic monsoon is a revenue sharing company. Revenues shared are not guaranteed because they depend on sales made. So if members stopped buying, revenues will drop and vice versa. But even as you buy those ad packs, you are not investing your money for any future returns at all but rather purchasing an advertising bundle.

    If that resonates with you, you can go ahead and join, if it doesn’t you can always stop and watch from the sidelines.

    I’d like conclude with the Paypal thing. Stuart, Paypal is a reputable company with very high security measures. Don’t you think before they embraced Traffic monsoon they did their own deep investigation?

    Anyways here is the video, Charles Scoville explaining everything.

  70. Julian Lee

    Very good review of Traffic Monsoon. I have been involved with them for about 3 weeks now. My daily revenue share is at $25. Not bad for 5 minutes of work.
    Julian Lee recently posted…Traffic Monsoon Day 14 updateMy Profile

  71. Medhanie

    Hi ..I tried to share in FB to my friends but i got the message that saying You can’t post this because it has a blocked it because a scam site??

  72. Avitus Post author


    Yes you can’t share Trafficmonsoon links on facebook because they were blocked. People were spamming them everywhere and so facebook marked them just like any other links that are overused. what you can do however, you can use the url redirects method which works very well.

  73. Carlos

    Hi, just a query you say 1 AdPack $50 will earn you $5 dollars a month. So as an example: does this mean 50 AdPacks would earn me $250 a month is this correct or have I missed something.

    I have 56 AdPacks now and purchasing one a day up to this morning .

    love your blog


  74. Pete

    Hey Avitus, just wanted to ask you about the daily earnings. I noticed they’ve dropped since last week from .094 cents to .089. Have the earnings been slowly going down like this since you’ve joined, or do they fluctuate? Only asking to keep my $2k “investment” as safe as possible. Anyway, congrats on your success with TM and thanks for all the help. Hope to hear from you soon!

  75. Avitus Post author


    Unfortunately i haven’t been monitoring the daily earnings of late. But since i got started, they have always been fluctuating around $1 per day per pack, either going up a bit or down a bit. Its nothing alarming really since distribution depend on the actual sales revenues.

    You shouldn’t be worried as Traffic monsoon is growing stronger and stronger by the day. As you might have heard already, the untouched reserve balance is now in the 8 figures which shines nothing but a brighter future.

    More than the one year of smooth operation and the CEO’s transparency, the growing reserve balance is what gives me more confidence.

  76. Damien

    Hi guys, I’m doing a bit of research into this one. It seems that many people are publishing some great success online with lot’s of ‘payment proofs’ etc etc. However, it is very difficult to determine the legitimacy of their claims. I have just signed up for traffic monsoon and will be purchasing 10 ad packs, is this advisable or not? Your own experience, Avitus, is certainly reassuring and I feel that I can trust this post as it is quite in depth.
    Damien recently posted…What is Traffic Monsoon? ReviewMy Profile

  77. Ivan

    HI,I am interested in this opportunity, but what is the minimum $ I can start with?

  78. Avitus Post author


    Well it depends with how many ad packs you can start with. One ad pack is $50 which should be the minimum you can start with. But the higher number of ad packs you start with the better.

  79. Chris Y

    What would happen if all ‘investors’ wanted to take their full investment out at the same time? The whole house of cards would collapse as the Director Charles Scoville has spent most of your money on fast cars and faster women!
    Ponzi schemes can be a legitimate investment but you need to get out while the going is good – you have been warned.

  80. Robert Brown

    How do I get involved in Traffic Monsoon?
    Can I build a Business by referring others to do the same thing I want to do?



  81. Avitus Post author


    Traffic monsoon is not an investment platform. But just to answer you, if everyone was to be paid off the worth of their accounts, Traffic monsoon would still have an eight figure reserve balance that would remain untouched.

    If this is a ponzi scheme as you say, then its the best of them all – You have been enlightened.

  82. Avitus Post author


    You’d start by joining through here. Then if you want Traffic monsoon as your primary business you can do that and refer others building your down-line and earn unlimited commissions. But as referring is not necessary to earn, you can buy ad packs and advertise your other businesses as you earn an hourly income depending on how many packs you have.

    Here is my documented weekly results to show you what’s possible.

    But you can also build your other online businesses by advertising through Traffic monsoon as TM is now a huge advertising ground with over 2,000,000 members worldwide

  83. Gayan

    Hi Avitus Did you ever get a error while withdraws like “Your payment processor is not available for withdrawal” ?

    Gayan recently posted…KumanaMy Profile

  84. Avitus Post author


    What processor are you using? If its paypal, i heard it was down yesterday. but i think it should be fine now

  85. Gayan

    Hi Avitus its solid trust pay. what my personal thought is that i used paypal initially do add funds then i changed it to solid trust.
    Gayan recently posted…KumanaMy Profile

  86. Avitus Post author


    Yeah i get you. To use any processor you must activate it first by purchasing any kind of service with it. After its activated then you can withdraw with it.

  87. stan

    Nice review of TM. I am a member and seeing nice results without referring anyone. That is a huge plus alone. i wanted to comment on the “ponzi” scheme comments. I chuckle at these comments for this reasons: EVERY business and bank in the world is a ponzi scheme. If everyone stopped buying from Walmart, Microsoft, some of the biggest companies in the world , would they be able to pay their employees? if we go to any bank and try to withdraw a substantial amount of money, guess what? Most do not have the funds handy there. Its the same principle as TM. We all trust these other business systems as legit and legal but want to say TM is a ponzi scheme, when in fact its only doing similar to any other business around. If more people understood this and realized all they need is ONE solid online program, like TM, so many more lives could be changed having better financial situations. Take care…nice job.

  88. Avitus Post author

    Hi Stan,

    Makes a lot of sense. Thank you for your million dollar comment.I hope more people get to understand that.

  89. TM gal

    Hi everyone,
    hope am in the right place..
    Am a regular at Traffic monsoon since Dec 2014 .All been great until recently,,from Nov 25th 2015 to date,
    *Can’t view my account details.
    *Can’t surf the 10 daily ads for Rev shares.

    Is any body else having the same issues??
    Note: I sent in a ticket on 27 Nov 2015 03:46 PM but NO reply yet.

  90. Avitus Post author

    TM gal,

    Everything is fine for me. All i know is there has been time to time site maintenance this week due to server overloads but everything is fine. You can try and send them a support ticket again.

  91. jiba

    I’m just curious about how much do you earn exactly? First of all, you have to pay $50 dollar to buy 1 Ad pack…. but if you are buying with Paypal, you need to pay transaction fee…. that’s like 2 dollar something…. after that, you earn around $55 for an ad pack…. if you wanna withdraw the money, you need to pay 2% transaction fee (if you are using paypal, unless you using payza which is $0 fees) …. basically, you lose 3 dollars on transaction fee….

  92. Avitus Post author


    When you put it that way, it may seem a total waste of time.

    Transaction fees are only charged when you buy packs from a processor(payza, paypal and Solidtrustpay). For most people this happened once when they made their first purchase. From then on you can repurchase using your rev share income through your account balance where there are no fees because there are no processors involved.

    But mind you, these fees are not Traffic monsoon money. They are fees charged by processors for using their services, its how they make money(processors are not free).

    Even with all those fees there is still a lot of money to be made,that’s why traffic monsoon has over 2 million members and more crashing in everyday. Visit my traffic monsoon earning proof page here and all that have said will make sense.

  93. Joseph

    Seems like another plot to make the rich richer and the poor their prey, wondering wtf? You deposit thousands, you can get somewhere. Deposit $200, all that 80% of us can afford, you make pennies. Then, you quit. And repeat with the next poor guy. Yes people! Most definitely it is possible to make lots of money, but unless you are wealthy, depositing lots of cash, you more than likely won’t.

  94. Avitus Post author


    Before you go on the monsoon cursing rampage it would be very wise of you if you first asked yourself why the Rich gets Richer and the Poor gets poorer.

    I’ll tell you why!

    People who get rich, see an opportunity and grab it. They set goals and go down to work to make it happen. They never quit no matter how slow things move.

    People who get Poorer, see an opportunity and imagine how difficult it will be to achieve their goals. They might take little action or no action at all. They also end up quitting and loosing even the little the had.

    Now, most people think Getting Money is the problem here, but its not. You’ll always find the means to get the necessary funds to get started if you take care of the prerequisites.

    What are these?
    -You need to decide that you want to do something
    -You need to take a self oath that you’ll do whats necessary to make it work
    -You also need to promise yourself that you’ll never quit.

    Combine these three forces and nothing will stop you.

    Talking from experience, at the beginning of this year i was just as broke as anyone complaining that they don’t have enough money to get started with Traffic monsoon. In fact i didn’t have even that $200 to spare. Yes i have a day job, but every cent always seem to disappear as soon as that salary hits your account.(bills to pay, a few debts to pay, groceries, electricity and just a few more things, you are back to being broke again).

    I saw traffic monsoon and said to myself, this is it, i’m doing this and i’m going to make it work. Just like that, i borrowed here and there a total of $2000 and even with my heart beating so fast, i closed my eyes and dumped it in the site and started right and then working my butt off. 36 weeks later, here i am, i don’t have to lie about anything, here are my results.

    You can sit down and complain in coldness, or you can stand up, decide and jump out of the Poor boat and swim your way across to the Rich boat. Its true, the water is cold, you’ll face currents but once you are there, you’ll see that it was worth it.

    That’s all i have to say.

  95. Anonymous

    I recently registered at moonson bit I don’t know how to click the add to start earn money?
    what will I do.can u pls help me.tys

  96. Anonymous


    I joined TM last week and purchased 100 adpacks. I plan to reinvest all the money back for the 1st 55 or so days until my 100 packs expire and hopefully by then i will have around 300 packs in total if im correct? So I plan to start withdrawing some money after that and continue reinvesting more back. Hopefully this strategy will work.

    Also, I would just like to add I have been reading up on TM reviews for a good few months now and talking to people about it. I have heard some good success stories from friends. I have also read alot of stories online saying TM is another scan, however I cannot find anything where anyone has actually said that they have been scammed on the site!! So I have heard and seen that it works and its a success but other than people saying its a scam I dont know of anyone that has actually been scammed in TM.

  97. Avitus Post author

    Please watch my get started video on the post above. You’ll see how to go about clicking ads to start earning right away.

  98. TM gal

    Thanks alot Avitus for the reply.

    My Issue been resolved today and my account is back to normal. 🙂
    The cause been on my laptop all along,
    I didn’t realise I would lose a fortune for downloading AdBlock while using TM.

  99. Anamech

    Hey Avitus!

    What a review!!! And all these comments! I have been reading up on TM for some time and KNOW that this is what I have to do. $50 for me is a lot of money so I am using other opportunities to generate the money. Clixsense, MyPayingAds and doing the cash links on TM itself till I get that first $50 and start growing!

    Man! This is some exciting stuff!!


  100. Alexander

    hello….am wery wery wery suspicious because i am a big jinx and money yust don’t love me 🙂 hahaha
    and with all that proves i have a feeling that when i invest the site will go down and crush and all my money will be gone …..
    am planning so far in a week or 2 to invest some amount i would like to make around 400-500$ by month and i have to invest to buy 10 adpacks that is like 500$ right ?
    so i have a question about that how long does it take before appears on my profile 500$ i mean to break even and start earning ?
    and one more thing i really really want to start earning with this i don’t want to pull my money back before am not sure that am making around 400$ by month …how long does it take with my planned invest ?
    thank you

  101. Avitus Post author


    “money doesn’t love me” is a very bad and very negative affirmation. You need to get past that because people who are making it with Traffic monsoon are people who have really decided they want to succeed.

    10 packs is a good place to start, atleast you’ll see the potential of this business and how much you can earn if you stretched further.Time is really a very big illusion and i advise you don’t obsess. It will take you longer or shorter time to get to $500 a month depending on your own personal efforts and ambition.

    But to answer you anyways, you’ll need at least 150 packs to make $500 a month in actual money withdrawn without referrals which might take you almost 2 years if you only start with 10 packs and stop at that

  102. tony

    Hi and thanks for a great site 🙂

    question if i may – i started (heart racing) beginning Oct with 40 adpacks – reached approx 98 then the 40 dropped off BUT i had around 98 active adpacks –
    BUT i buy two per day – or just under 24 hours – yes i set the alarm clock for 1am or 2am or whatever time it will hit $50 BUT i am losing two a day so i am not getting ahead.
    I dont have any referrals but understood TM didnt require referrals (yes i know they help)

    Any suggestions please – quite frustrating the last 3 weeks not making any headway
    (had one withdrawal only of $125)

  103. Avitus Post author


    I can understand your frustration but it doesn’t mean your account is going to pause their. One of the mistakes i realized is that you didn’t balance how your were withdrawing your money and that can definitely affect your growth especially if you don’t have any referrals.

    If you had done it right, after that first batch expired, you were supposed to have around 77 packs form which your account would be growing by 1 pack a day as others expire and as you also withdraw daily a minimum of $5 using the 91-9 strategy.

    But nothing to worry, stop any withdrawals and just keep repurchasing until the error corrects itself then you’ll start noticing growth after which i advise you start implementing the 91-9 strategy.

  104. Zain

    Hi everybody i would like to share my experience with TM so far..i made $232k in 6 months time and reach to $1700 everyday without a single referral.. i would highly recommend TM to everyone .. and forgot to mention i withdraw $64k so far and still target is to reach $2500 per day…

  105. Monique

    I am unable to get any support from TM regarding blocked account (double account). I was showing new referral (my mistake), but it only blocked him after he made his deposit. Not having any luck with support tickets, and judging by their facebook page a lot of people are having problems as well.

    Scary thing is I have bought a lot of adpacks myself, and worried if I will not be able to get into my account one day.

  106. Avitus Post author


    Usually when an account gets blocked, its normally for a few minutes or hours before you can access it again. Avoid having double accounts or using the same network with someone else logging into traffic monsoon or anything that can get your account in trouble. Worse, if your account gets suspended, you might never recover it.

    You do not need to worry, as long as you play it safe and abide by the site’s terms of use, you’ll never fall into trouble.

  107. Benedict

    Hello Avitus, i really need your help in calculations. I want to invest $1000 into TM, after 3months how much will i have because i won’t be withdrawing but will keep on repurchasing. Also, when is the best time to start withdrawing my daily revenues and what’s the best strategy for withdrawing them. Thanks.

  108. Brad

    System problems are always scary. Seems TM is having a bit of a problem today for sure. This program, like any other advertising venture, has its risks. I personally will not make my ad pack purchases until the issues are resolved. I will follow FB and see if this issues are addressed. Seems Scofield has been aware of system problems for the past two months; but, they are still somewhat unresolved. Scofield is certainly trying to clean up his image of a scammer. Let’s hope he gets this resolved so we can all make some money.

  109. Avitus Post author


    Who is scofield? But anyways, i know sometimes the servers are getting overloaded because of the number of people logging in in traffic monsoon at once. As you know the site has over two million members now. But even with these overloads, nobody has been affected in anyway. You can wait until they are resolved as you say, but all i know is you are missing out big time.

  110. Avitus Post author


    If you purchase 20 ad packs($1000), you’ll have 89 ad packs after 3 months. The best time to start withdrawing for you in my opinion would be after you have achieved 50 packs. Then you can use the 91 – 9 strategy, that is for every pack you repurchase, you withdraw the next $5 you earn.

  111. H-Nudes

    I have been looking into this as a possible venture however, I do not understand what I am paying $50 for and why I am being paid $55 in return after 55 days. I don’t understand what ad packs are or how revenue can be earned from this. I know I might sound like I have been living under a rock, but if you could explain this so I can understand, then I think I may be able to take the leap and join TM.

    Thank you.

  112. Johny

    Hi Avitus
    I have purchased 30 ad packs yesterday and planning to purchase 40 in next couple of days, what is best time for me to withdraw my daily revenues.
    Would I h to wait for 55 days fo first withdrawal of revenue share

  113. Avitus Post author


    Your are paying $50 for an advertising service/bundle that gives you 20 banner clicks and 1000 views to your ad. So for starters if you are an online marketer and you wish to advertise something on the internet, this is a very good advertising bundle. Basically when you pay the $50, you are purchasing and advertising service.

    You can also earn back your money for each ad pack you purchase which currently sits around $1 per day per pack. This is not fixed as it could rise or drop depending on the company sales the previous day. A pack expires after it has earned you $55 giving you a $5 profit per pack you posses. This is based on a revenue sharing concept where by instead of a company keeping all the profit from sales it makes, it distributes back the profits to its qualified members.

    You can also use accumulated account balance to repurchase more packs daily. This will build up your packs overtime and you more money. Basically the more packs you have, the more money you are going to make. It’s as simple as that.

    One thing you should note however is that, Traffic monsoon is not an investment company, it’s a revenue sharing advertising company.

  114. Avitus Post author


    Its always best to wait until the first batch expires, then you can decide on the strategy. (i recommend the 91-9 strategy)

  115. Dirk


    we are a Team of experienced Facebook Marketers and are involved in different other systems, but all the systems we used before are with a monthly fee.
    Many of our customers ask us to join something for free…
    So we came along Traffic Monsoon, we build our Training Group with Support Chat and people love it to join us for free.
    Many of our customers did invest $0, but with our Strategy to find new referrals they make some $/day….

    So, if you have 10 referrals who make daily their cash link clicks, you get paid same….
    With only 10 active referrals it is already $1.

    Goal is for all to get their ad packs. Most have the first within one month….

    So they can start to make first little money, and because the referrals do same they earn additional $5 for every ad pack bought from the downline…

    Starts slowly, but grows constantly…
    Dirk recently posted…How to Build a Social-Media Strategy That Works for Your Online BusinessMy Profile

  116. christyna wydenes

    I don’t understand that so many people keep screaming that Traffic Monsoon is a scam. Are you member?
    Have you tried i, or are you just copy the words from someone else and have no idea where you are talking about.

    Interesting enough that Traffic Monsoon has paid all my with drawings, never any trouble and a great ROI.
    So tell me where do you get the BS from and where is that based on??!!

    A scam is a company that promise and doesn’t do, does NOT follow up in the way they pretend and put in writing.

    For them who keep screaming that Traffic Monsoon is a scam, sign up and see the result for your self and than be fair enough to publish your opinion.

    Thank you

  117. Avitus Post author


    I’m pretty sure if you tried even a bit to get $50 , you’d get even more.

  118. Jose

    Hi Avitus,

    Appreciate your commitment to keep replying back to user comments.

    I have few questions for you and hope you can provide precise answers to them:

    1. Where in PayPal terms and conditions say there is a 180 day money back guaruntee for money you deposit to traffic monsoon? Or atleast does it say (in writing) in Traffic monsoon website Traffic Monsoon does now have a full 100% PayPal business license and if anything goes wrong it is now covered by their 180 day digital services guarantee.? If not where do you get this proof of information? (Any web links you can provide is much appreciated)

    2. In one of your posts you said, your target is to rach 500 Ad packs, to make about $50 everyday. Lets say if you are not making money from referrals – and when you start with 40 Addpacks, it can take over 550 days (Over 18 months) to reach that target. Isn’t it? So to make about $1500 (£1000) per month you have to wait that long – doesn’t sound Wow is it?

    3. Lets say I start with 40 AdPacks and keep repurchasing from profits for 4 months (120 days) I decide to cash out in full – Under ‘TOTAL EARNED’ section it is expected to say my total earning is about $10,000, however if I stop repurchasing but still click adds for next 55 days (until all my addpacks expire) – so after 175 days (nearly 6 months) Amount I can actually withdraw is $3220 (Not $10000). And add to that I have to substract $2000 (Deposit from my own money) from $3220 for the actual profit after 6 months which is only $1220 (After putting $2000 of my cash to start with) – So by you referring people to ‘Total Earned’ section I see as completely misleading everyone..!

    4. Can you provide the exact proof which lead you to suggest there’s a 8 figure reserve balance in Traffic Monsoon business model?


  119. Avitus Post author

    Hi Jose,

    Thank you for your comment, i’m going to reply as follows.

    1. There’s no place on paypal where you’ll find its written that That traffic monsoon now has 100% paypal business licence. You’ll not find that anywhere on the web unless the owner(Charles Scoville) decides to publish that on Traffic monsoon. But then the question comes, where do we get this kind of information? The answer is Traffic monsoon events. This is where Charles reveals all this information with members with proof. So if an event happens near your town someday, you might want to attend and all your questions will be answered. There is one coming up in Vegas in February, not sure if the tickets are still available though.

    2. Yes my target was once to reach 500 packs(i’m way past that by the way as i’m currently sitting at 600+ now).And i’m making way over 50+ a day. My journey to that position was relatively short because i did invest time to promote my link which got me referrals and some commissions which where converted back to ad packs. But if i didn’t have any referrals it probably would have taken me 18 months to get there.
    But now,
    There is a question of whether it would have been worth it or not. For me it is. I’d rather make sacrifices now to earn more money at a future date than reach 18 months not making any money and look back only to learn that i could have done something about it.

    It’s also about evaluation and choices. If there is any other place you’d rather put your money that will benefit you more at a future date, you can always go with that. I believe Traffic monsoon is more of a long term thing than a get rich quick type of scheme like most people think. People who have invested time, made a commitment and decided to purchase ad packs should understand that.

    3. I think i once explained to someone in a comment somewhere above that, TOTAL EARNED refers to total revenue sharing plus commissions received since day one plus money in the account balance. This is money that people used to repurchase ad packs or otherwise withdraw. Its all in there. How is the Total Earned Money section misreading. For all i know its money you have earned back and you either repurchased or withdrew.

    I can sense that all you are trying to say is that the money made is actually not as much. Well, like i said before, Traffic monsoon is not a get rich quick thing. On the same account my results or anyone earning an insane figure is not typical. You have to be patient, consistent and also work hard sometimes. There’s nothing like an overnight success. How much money you make in Traffic monsoon is subject to a lot of factors like time, initial purchase, referrals etc.

    If people want to join TM, stay six months and make 6 figures from a 4 figure start up! – well, it wont happen to everyone much less to people who don.t put enough effort to build their business. The truth might be hard to swallow but its reality.

    4. And for your last question, the proof is at the events. Charles normally logs into the back office of traffic monsoon and also in the 3 processors where members who have attended the event can see for themselves what is happening behind the scene.

    Thank you. If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

    Happy new year!

  120. Hafi

    Hi, in your screenshots of your revenue. Did you withdraw referral money when it arrived or did you reinvest it every time. How many times can my initial capital be multiplied in 6months-1year ?

  121. Prazey

    Hi Zain! Can you also please share to me your key strategy with TM? I do not have any referrals. I want to know your strategy. Thanks.

  122. Jose

    Hi Avitus,

    Many thanks for your response.

    Contrary to what some say I have no doubt that we all can make money using Traffic Monsoon revenue sharing and its not that difficult to get an idea (by doing some calculations) on how much + how long it takes, but for how long…!

    The issue is most traffic monsoon related blogs and YouTube video posts keep highlighting the ‘Total Earned’ column. Even yourself has done the same (When we scroll right up to the blog post) – So it is very easy for someone who doesn’t think things through to get carried away as to the amount they actually can make for themselves using TM.

    As I mentioned in my previous comment (3rd part) someone can easily think they have made $10,000 (10000-initial deposit) after 4 months (Starting with 40 AdPacks) – as Total Earned column will say something like that, but in reality you only cashout much much less (If you decide to stop the repurchasing at that point)

    Not many join traffic monsoon thinking of growing a business with them – what people want is a way to make money. Fair enough, if you keep repurchasing adpacks for number of years you could make something decent at the end – but issue is unlike putting your money in a bank, we/ neither you nor Scorville could guarantee how long this business going to last.

    I’m not convinced about the paypal guarantee and 8 figure money Scorville told you about as I haven’t seen a written proof (Atleast about Paypal in Traffic monsoon website). I don’t know why Traffic Monsoon is not much transparent about this.

    So I phoned Paypal customer service and they said there’s no 180 day money back guarantee applied to Traffic monsoon and warned me from making a deposit. Even if I think in logical terms, what Traffic Monsoon offering is to buy ad-packs and pay off the income with revenue share – as long as Traffic monsoon does that (Which they do) I don’t think Paypal can get my money back if company goes bust. And if it does what happens to the money you make from re-purchasing addpacks? – I don’t expect you to know an answer to that though

    I think the bottom line is to make a decent amount of money people need to first risk and deposit a large sum to traffic monsoon and hope for the best that this business going to last for atleast for another year (Which is what I am doing at the moment) – And atleast cash out your initial deposit (& Maybe a bit of profit) – and keep repurshasing hoping business would last for another year or so to get a benifit out of this.

    If this business lasts for long, we all will look brave, but if the business collapse within couple of years of our deposit (atleast before we cash out our initial deposit) we would look like mugs. So people should consider these facts before putting their money into the business.

    UNLESS, people keep finding referrals like Avitus does. But I doubt an average person (Who only click adds in spare time and don’t want their family and close friends involved) would be able to find enough active referrals to build their Traffic monsoon business fast enough and have to hope for the best..!

    Look forward to your thoughts


  123. Avitus Post author


    I repurchase new ad packs everyday with all the money earned commissions plus ad pack revenue. On my withdraw day, i just wait for the balance to get to my withdraw threshold then i withdraw.

  124. Avitus Post author


    Key strategy is to buy ad packs and keep repurchasing until you reach the level you want.

  125. Nelly

    Hi Avitus,
    I always like come to your blog time 2 time to see what new.And what i see is amazing.
    Thank you for sharing your experience with TM and your success.This make me to keep moving with Traffic Monsoon and up to now i can see success coming to me.
    Thanks to you for the guide you provide and other thing.

  126. Taurus78

    I’m a bit worry at the moment. I couldnt withdraw money from my account balance. It said “Your payment processor is not available for withdrawal”. I’m using Paypal. Have anyone met this situation ?

  127. Prazey

    Hi Avitus,
    Thanks for the reply. How is 91/9 strategy being done?

  128. Avitus Post author


    You don’t need to worry. All your answers are in the last email update from Traffic monsoon. Check your inbox

  129. Anonymous

    Hi avitus! Can you please tell me if what i am doing is correct? For every closed adpack, i will withdraw $5? Thanks for the reply in advance.

  130. prazey

    Hi avitus! Did i understand it right? for every closed adpack, i withdraw the $5? Thanks again.

  131. Avitus Post author


    For each pack you repurchase/buy from your account balance, you withdraw the next $5

  132. snash


    I am going to have a shot at this. But firstly, I would like to know whether it will make a differance in signing up from a referal link or just using your own link. If I sign up using a referal link then whoever I get a sign up the referal person get a fee.
    What is the best way to do this to maximise your earnings without relying on a referal fee.

    Kind Regards


  133. Avitus Post author


    It doesn’t make any difference to the company or you. If you sign up under someones link they’ll benefit from your activities(commissions).

    The best way to do this to maximize your earnings is to get in hard. As in buy as many packs as you can. You’ll start out strong, your account will grow much faster and you’ll also be withdrawing good money.

  134. Sophie

    Hey Avitus? i would also like to try this out.i would like start with 20 packs.i hope it can grow to something big with time.this program can be done by anyone from anywhere in the world?how may packs do i need to be able to buy an ad pack every day?thanks

  135. Avitus Post author


    To buy an adpack a day you need to make around $50 a day which means you need to have 50 packs. But any where from 30 packs up could also do the trick.

  136. Steve

    Great work i will try to earn like that nearly .and wish you more earning ,good luck

  137. Raphal

    I would like to know when is an ad pack expired and how long does iT take to expired cause one off your post you Saïd you had 180 paks and now have a 100 and that THE 80paks expired why is that could you explain that 2 me

  138. Avitus Post author


    An ad pack expires after it has earned you back $55..How long it takes, that depends on daily revenue shares per pack. But because it has always been consistent at $1 a day per pack, it takes 55 days for an ad pack to expire.

  139. Ashok Kumar Swami

    Hi Avitus,
    I Ashok Swami from India. I read your blog yesterday,i feel very happy for a good hold on about TM knowledge,Thanks for it. After reading i have still some confusion in my mind, pls. help to solve my query

    Q : a refral commission hou mutch time fond if a refral person repurchage adpack and what is the percentage.

    Q : Is TM provide commission like MLM concept in depth of refrals, if yes than what is the system says ?

    if you have any other knowladge about this pls.explain thanking you in advance.

  140. Levi

    Hi Avitus

    I have a question, just say i purchased an Ad and the add was making more than a dollar a day would i receive more than $55 dollars when the Ad expires or is there a cap of $55 and i wouldn’t receive a cent more or less?

  141. Stefan

    Hi Avitus
    I am a new member here since a week ago. I buy 105 Adpacks and today i bought 105 more.
    I have today 222 sharing positions. I have not made any withdrawals yet, because i buy new adpacks every day.
    I only want to rebuy all the time and the fill up with 105 nw adpacks until i have done that 10 times.
    I have at that time bought for 50.000 USD and that is a lot of money. Do you think that there is any risk by putting new money in all the time to grow faster. My friend tell me that i dont have to worry, but…
    Do you think i do this in a correct way? I have in 9 days earned USD 700, not bad i think.
    Please give me some clever advice Avitus, because i think you seem to be just that, clever:)

  142. Prazey

    Hi Avitus,
    I am just worried with my adpack. May I ask what would be the best strategy for me to maintain or at least increase 1 per day on my active adpack. I do not have a referral and I am afraid I might not get the money back which is from my own pocket. Currently, I am now on my 3rd month. Please do help me Avitus.

  143. Avitus Post author


    I’m not sure i understood your first querstion. But if i guessed right, you want to know the percentage of referral commissions. Commissions are earned from your direct referrals. 100% on cashlinks and 10% on ad packs.

    As for you second,Traffic monsoon is not MLM but it pays out commissions only on your direct referrals.

  144. Avitus Post author


    An ad pack can only earn you a maximum of $55. More than $1 a day means your ad pack will expire sooner

  145. Avitus Post author


    The best way to know how much you should put in is ofcoz determined by your goals and projections as to what amount of money you want to earn after a certain period of time. And also that judges whether you want to put in some more or not.

    Starting out as big as you have is definitely beneficial because that means you’ll have started with many packs which will allow you to expand faster in a very short time. If i got it right you said you want to add more until you have done 1000 packs out of pocket. You’ll be suprised that by December you’ll have more than 6000 packs earning withdrawing atleast $500 using the 91-9 strategy.

    My big advise is, first don’t be hasty, Making huge withdrawals for show or just to recover you money faster. You will recover your money and make more money. You just have to patient and let it work itself out.

    Second, Use a good strategy. I advise you use the 91-9 strategy,its the best for growth and to know the right amount to withdraw without stalling your account.

    Third,Refer people to Traffic monsoon. You’ll be surprised how much more money you can make from just referring people.

    Lastly, Take advantage of Traffic monsoon services. in as much as you can earn money with traffic monsoon, this company is still a very good place to advertise. Its sad that most people don’t utilize TM traffic fully.

  146. Avitus Post author


    Use the 91-9 strategy. Its the best especially if you don’t have any referrals

  147. Avi


    I invested 50 packs last week. Please could you tell me in a small summary what you mean by 91/9. Does that mean if I earn $50 a day I can take 9% out. And then if I have $51 I can take 9% out and so on. Is this correct?


  148. Avi


    Does 91/9 mean that every morning I can withdraw 9% of my balance?


  149. Avi

    Sorry also if I buy a pack daily and then withdraw funds on a Sunday is this also a good strategy?


  150. Ronald Kerr

    I’ve been with Traffic Monsoon a little over a month, with just two ad packs….BUT, like mentioned above, it does work. I haven’t made enough money, or have that kind of money laying around to just buy $30 or $50 worth of ad packs…but I’m working on it. and I haven’t taken a payout yet, and it’s probably a good thing too, because NOW…..Traffic Monsoon’s payment processor, PayPal…is switching over to Payza. That’s the latest news, and I’m a little concerned on how long they are going to drag this out….I guess we’ll just have to see.

  151. Joe

    It has proved now a scam site! Current situation in February… I just asked for cash out thru’ Paypal, but they told me to change to Payza. When I changed to Payza, they demanding now purchase is compulsory prior to any Cashout! It’s going to be the biggest scam site of the year.

  152. Avitus Post author

    91 – 9, is basically taking your profits right away. each pack earns you a $5 profit. So basically each morning when you repurchase packs, you withdraw your profits($5 times the number of packs you have bought that day)

  153. Avitus Post author

    This wont be a good strategy if you are just starting out.stick to the 91-9

  154. Avitus Post author


    You obviously don’t read emails or stay updated with the current news through social media. If you did, you wouldn’t have tried to withdraw through Paypal in the first place. To activate any processor you have to purchase any service in TM, it doesn’t have to be ad packs. eg $2 credits and your payza will be on.

    Anyways. I’m so over the “Traffic monsoon is scam” argument. You can think of it anyway you wish. I still make money(PROOF) and a lot of other people are still making money.

  155. Avi


    Thanks for your response on the 91/9

    So I can even by a pack every morning and on Sunday morning after buying my last pack for the week I can withdraw $5 x 7 packs so will withdraw $35 on that Sunday instead of everyday as an example is that ok?


  156. Mike

    One question I have (it may be stated here and I missed it) is when you buy an adpack for $50 it says they pay out 110% = $55. My question is when you have earned back the $55, that adpack won’t earn you anymore (it’s done)?
    Each time the adpack pays you out the $55, you have to rebuy that adpack, so your # of adpacks don’t increase unless you have saved enough $5 to buy another adpack?
    30 adpacks x $50 = $1500
    30 x $5 = $150

  157. mike

    No matter if your investing money to buy positions or not Phil, the majority of the programs like traffic monsoon can generate a big profit not just from the positions you buy but how many referrals are under your belt because that’s the real earnings. Yeah, you don’t have to recruit but it’s an awesome way to make a killer income & a recurring one at that. The 50$ positions only returning $5 more after it matures isn’t all that good in my eyes.

  158. Avitus Post author


    Once an ad pack has earned you $55 it expires/it doesn’t earn you anymore. You don’t have to wait until the packs expire. Everytime you have enough balance in your account to buy a new you can buy and increase your earning power.

  159. lucia

    Hi there,

    I have opened TM account however i can’t purchase anything as yet since my payza is taking long to activate and the money i have sent there is still not in my account.Is this normal that payza takes so long to do so?
    Thanks Lucia

  160. Avitus Post author


    By activate do you mean verify? It shouldn’t take too long though.

  161. lucia

    Avitus,yes I mean verify.Also my money is still not there and it has been 2 weeks now for my money to reach the account and for them to verify it.I am bit worried that my money is gone

  162. Raph

    Hello Avitus,
    I just signed up.
    Please guild me.

  163. Acid

    Hi Activus+,

    I have some questions related to what You have showed. I’m still considering to join TMS.
    1. Your earnings $580 is something wrong?
    32 ad packs * 55$ = 1760$
    You have got paid (revenue share) 580$
    To earn something there is missing 1180$. Reinvested packs are still Your money.
    Could You explain?
    2. What is the point to by so highly not targeted traffic? Does my adverising of e-shop for pet fans interest one person from TMS members?
    3. Which outside companies, web portals (besides TMS members) are buying ads traffic from TMS?
    Please reply so I can be sure to put my money into TMS.

  164. Acid

    Hi Avitus+,

    I have some questions related to what You have showed. I’m still considering to join TMS.
    1. Your earnings $580 is something wrong?
    32 ad packs * 55$ = 1760$
    You have got paid (revenue share) 580$
    To earn something there is missing 1180$. Reinvested packs are still Your money.
    Could You explain?
    2. What is the point to by so highly not targeted traffic? Does my adverising of e-shop for pet fans interest one person from TMS members?
    3. Which outside companies, web portals (besides TMS members) are buying ads traffic from TMS?
    Please reply so I can be sure to put my money into TMS.

  165. Avitus Post author


    For your first question,

    The $580 was the total revenue that i had been paid to that point since day one. And that goes up everyday as you continue earning from the packs.


    I can not tell whether there are people who are interested in pets in TM or not. I know one thing though, the results of your campaigns will depend on how well your funnel converts. But i can also tell you that the composition of traffic monsoon members is mostly of people interested in making money online. if You have such offers, they’ll convert well with this traffic. However that doesn’t mean other things don’t work. The key in advertisement is testing your traffic to make sure you don’t waste your money. But even if you don’t get results from your ads, atleast you’ll earn your money back from the revshares.


    I do not know which outside companies, web portals are buying traffic from TM. I just know that TM is a free to join company and any body who wants web traffic and an opportunity to earn can join and participate.

  166. Avitus Post author


    For your first question,

    The $580 was the total revenue that i had been paid to that point since day one. And that goes up everyday as you continue earning from the packs.


    I can not tell whether there are people who are interested in pets in TM or not. I know one thing though, the results of your campaigns will depend on how well your funnel converts. But i can also tell you that the composition of traffic monsoon members is mostly of people interested in making money online. if You have such offers, they’ll convert well with this traffic. However that doesn’t mean other things don’t work. The key in advertisement is testing your traffic to make sure you don’t waste your money. But even if you don’t get results from your ads, atleast you’ll earn your money back from the revshares.


    I do not know which outside companies, web portals are buying traffic from TM. I just know that TM is a free to join company and any body who wants web traffic and an opportunity to earn can join and participate.

  167. Acid

    Hi Avitus,

    Thank You for Your comprehensive answers.

  168. Admir

    If i buy one ad pack after 55 Days i earn a profit of 5 dollars what happens with the ad pack i bought?

  169. Avitus Post author


    after you have earned $55 overtime, the ad pack expires

  170. Charged-Back


    I have done a bank recharge and have received all of my money back, I know TM is not a scam but I was in need of my money, however I will now open a new account and verify it and put my money back in so I can receive instant rev share. Please can you advise.

    Also the charge back went through PP and TM did not respond within 10 days, so then PP put my Charge back under review for 30 days but then after a couple of days the dispute was over and there was no activity in my resolution center. I then phoned pp and asked what happened with my disputes, they said when it goes under PP review the buyer nor the seller are covered. so if the back has given the money back, then the case is closed. And I get to keep my money.

  171. Petrovic

    SCAM SCAM SCAM,…..they frozen my $ saying there was paypal issue….4 months later when asking when I will be able to take my $ they blocked my account….dont even think about them typical scammers

  172. Sham


    Can you explain to me, how you are making money, when you say you put in $2000 of your own money, and have only withdrawn $1500, and you still need to put in more and more money every day?

    How can you say you are making a profit when you have not even break even?

  173. Avitus Post author


    I don’t put in money from my own pocket every day. I only bought $2000 worth of ad packs once. And since then i have been using the daily profit sharing to repurchase more packs and grow my account. That’s how it works and of course from the daily profit sharing you can choose to be withdrawing a portion of that and recover your seed money after which you’ll be in pure profit.

    Kindly see my progress here

  174. Ken

    I joined TM in June 2015. i have been an active member since then.
    I started with $450 Ad packs purchase.
    I have not been able to withdraw any of my earnings,
    so I kept on repurchasing Ads, because it has been difficult for me to withdraw
    from Nigeria.
    My Ad packs were purchased through Paypal. Now they are nolonger wiyh TM, I signed on with Payza.
    Unfortunately, i have not been able to purchase Ad Packs with my payza account.
    My question is: Can Nigerian TM members residing in Nigeria, be able to withdraw their earnings through payza after purchasing Ad packs through them and how?
    My name is Ken. I am a Nigerian, living in Nigeria.

  175. Avitus Post author


    Yes Nigerian members can withdraw through Payza. You just click the withdraw button from your backoffice and once the money is in your Payza, you transfer it to your bank account or do whatever you wish to do with it.

  176. Alex R

    I’m Alex from NJ I recently went on Vacation and I could not log on to traffic monsoon from my cell phone to click my 10 ads. I started with traffic on my home computer and thought I can log on with my cell also. can you please help me with this problem

  177. MO

    I have been active member of Traffic Mansoon since December of 2015 with 3 active Ad Packs. However, in February of 2016 they changed the payment processer to Payza and SolidTrustPay with out letting members know and there was no grace period for members to withdrawal their money to Paypal and recently they just blocked my account so I cant even login to my Traffic Monsoon account. Folks do yourself a favor stay away from Traffic Monsoon because it is nothing but SCAM.

  178. Avitus Post author


    I’m not sure about your problem, it could be a network issue. But i know you can access TM from mobile devices. I do it all the time.

  179. Avitus Post author


    I guess you are one of those who don’t even know what the word SCAM means.

    Either you have been far from your emails or you haven’t been taking things seriously. As far as i know everything was communicated through emails, facebook and even on the sites update.

    If your account got blocked it’s either you were trying to cheat or worse. But normally blocked accounts don’t stay blocked permanently, only for a few minutes or hours.unless you were suspended for something worse like having double accounts.

    But here is a fact,
    I still get paid

    Visit My payment proof page

  180. motash

    I’ve made a trafficmonsoon autoclicker surf bot
    details/download here

  181. carla m montano

    avitus, me acabo de registrar como tu referida.
    queria saber cuanto es el monto minimo para hacer un retiro?
    si no tengo el dinero para comprar como hago para comenzar desde cero?

  182. Avitus Post author


    i have deleted your link from the comment. Such things will get you banned or worse get your account suspended. But i noticed you are desperately looking for referrals but such tricks won’t get to you anywhere.

    You could redirect those efforts to doing something that actually works like publishing an informative blogpost.

  183. Avitus Post author


    unfortunately i don’t understand that language. if you could say something in English or Swahili, i’d be able to reply or help.

  184. GOLD


  185. Avitus Post author


    You don’t click on ad packs.

    Ad packs are advertisement packages. When you buy them, you get 20 ppc banner clicks and a 1000 views to your ads per pack. Additionally, You also get to participate in the company’s revshare program where you get to earn up to $55 per pack overtime. So technically you get a $5 profit because the price of each ad pack is $50.

    Mind you this is not guaranteed and there is no fixed time when your pack is going to reach $55. However at the moment, each pack earns you $1 per day. Profits distributed daily depend on the company sales the previous day. so it could go up or down.

    There is also a requirement that you need to surf a minimum of 10 pages daily in the traffic exchange to remain qualified for the hourly revshares. There is a clock counter that is supposed to tell you how many hours, minutes and seconds are left before you’ll be required to surf again. Basically when you surf 10 pages, the clock resets to 24 hours.

    I hope that made it clear. if you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


  186. GOLD

    please can u give me a list of trust site one can work with?

  187. Antonio

    I cant withdraw with credit card even when I got a package (52 $us) and error message says wait until we move to payza from paypal… but I used credit card…. hope I can get my money soon….

  188. Avitus Post author


    You can only pay with credit card. to withdraw you need either Payza or SolidTrustpay account. Once you have either of these, you can make instant withdrawals.


  189. duwayne

    I registered but when I tried to log in it says im not recognised as a user what could be the problem.

  190. Avitus Post author


    Try crosschecking your login credentials. Or you could send ring them at there support center +1-877-644-6714, +44-808-238-7548 (Mon-Fri 9:00am – 5:00pm Eastern Time)

  191. lu

    how many packs did you purchase?
    that is my only concern.
    with my current income, its a struggle just to have the $50 left for one adpack.
    i see multiple “proofs” showing people with over 400 (at $50ea) ad packs and praising this company when they withdraw $400.
    how does that translate into a better income where the income is greater than the investment?
    since you have plenty of experiance, can you help me figure this out?

  192. Mike Lawton

    TM was working very well for us. I personally was satisfied with results from the traffic and the adpacks money was just a bonus. Not accepting PayPal anymore has really affected us being able to use the site. Payza had an issue a few years ago in the USA so my hesitation for putting money in their is hard. How do make profit balancing the Payza fees? They seem to high for adding or withdrawing, Much higher than PayPal. Finally what is your opinion of Solid Trust Pay? Great review sir and look forward to your answers.

  193. Avitus Post author


    Moving away from paypal has affected a lot of people since its the most popular payment gateway and a lot of people transact through that. The the company had to move Payza which was the second best option. I do understand that payza had problems in the US, but i can tell you it’s stable now. They also have a debit card which can be used to withdraw funds from your account.

    Fees can’t be avoided. Its how payment processors make money. As a Traffic monsoon member they only affect you when you are paying in for the first time and when withdrawing. But they don’t affect you in profit terms. You’ll still make money.

    In my opinion. Payza is way more comfortable and easy to deal with than Solid trust pay. I think Payza is more user friendly. If i were to recommend a processor i’d recommend Payza. Youn can also have them both for flexibilty.

  194. Dave

    I’m concerned with this. Can you please advise exactly how much of your own money you have put in and exactly how much you have withdrawn into your personal bank account. Have you put in more that you have taken out? How long have you been doing this for?

  195. Avitus Post author


    It doesn’t matter what i put in or what i’ve withdrawn as it wouldn’t guarantee that you’ll achieve the same. Results are not typical, you could earn lower or higher depending with how you approach TM.

    But just to answer your questions, visit my earning proof page here.

  196. Solomon

    I have followed ur piece for a while, although i have created an Account and now i intend buying 40adpacks, if i withdraw sats n suns, will i still be able to build my adpacks to 100 in 3months with the weekend withdrawal strategy?

  197. Rai

    This is one way door. You can invest but can’t wedraw.

  198. Avitus Post author


    That strategy is not good if you have no referrals, id advise you only withdraw $5 for each adpack that you repurchase. But atleast you should have the original packs expire first before you begin withdrawing

  199. Kathy

    If I pay in $50, the company gets $50. I am buying clicks to my site, and I am required to click on other people’s sites. So I’m paying for clicks and being paid for clicks. So for me to earn 10% on my $50 (the $55 I’ll get down the road), the company has to pay me more for the clicks I do than it pays other people to click on my site. I it got $50 from me but has to pay me $55, which is a $5 loss per ad pack for the company. Doesn’t work, at least not in the long run. The company would have to have some other source of revenue to cover the $5 profit paid on each $50 ad pack, but it says it only sells clicks.

  200. Kathy

    Funny, the SEC just froze the assets of TrafficMonsoon because it is a Ponzi scheme.

    When ZeekRewards was similarly busted a couple of years ago, the lawyers went after all the people who been “paid” so they could use that money to pay back people who’d put money into the scheme and not gotten any out.

  201. Durell Coleman

    Question- Forgive my math anxiety but I put in 2000 (40 packs) which had grown into 114 but today 10 of my packs expired, so now I have 104. since I bought them at pretty much the same time, I’m expecting the others to expire soon. I’m trying to get to 500 without spending any more of my own money and no referrals. Is that possible simply by compounding?

  202. Avitus Post author


    Yes it is possible, but unfortunately Traffic monsoon is currently not operational untl further notice due to a restraining order by the SEC. There is a case going on btn Traffic monsoon and Sec.

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