Make Money Online Fast: 9 Tips

By | February 17, 2016
make money online fast

We all want to make money online fast. I do and i know many other marketers want the same. I have been marketing online for at least two years now. I have come across many positive and negative experiences, both of which have nurtured me and taught me a lot of valuable lessons.

Internet marketing is simple but not necessarily as easy as many of us might think. It only takes you to understand what’s required to succeed in this field, and once you grasp that, life will never be the same again. It’s like learning how to ride a bicycle. Once you discover your balance you’ll never lose it.

Of course it’s every internet marketer’s dream to quit their day jobs, go on vacation and provide for their family and loved ones. But what does it take to get there? Is there a push button software that will do it all for you? Let’s find out.

The objective of this post however, is to give my readers and followers a bit of knowledge. Especially those who just got started with internet marketing. It’s a post i was bound to write after a number of people contacted me asking if I could recommend them a program that would earn them money as fast as possible.

Of course instead of a program, my job has always been to make them understand that it’s not so much about the opportunity they join but rather the understanding of what needs to be done that will get them to make money online fast.


So let’s jump right into it.

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9 Tips to Make Money Online Fast.

Tip no. 1: Spend Money To Make More Money

So yes! I do agree that there are a bunch of free ways you can make money online from home. But if you really desire to take it to the next level, you’ll have to spend money to make a lot more. And i’m talking about the necessary start up and ongoing maintenance expenses of what you are currently doing online to earn a living.

These could be things like:

  • Paying for a domain and proper hosting for your website or blog (You need to appear professional)
  • Getting a proper marketing system or funnel to support your business. (You need to automate your processes)
  • Good email marketing service (For List building )
  • Advertising (You need as many people as possible viewing your offer)

Now we all have money issues and sometimes people will try to give themselves excuses. Things like i can’t afford that Or i can’t afford to put this much into this business.

From experience, i have learned that, getting money is never a problem. Its the desire and reasoning behind why you need that money that will get you to that money. Its funny how our brain works sometimes. Just a year ago i needed like $2000 to get started with a revenue sharing program. Truth is i had no funds at that time. But because i had a strong desire to make money online fast, i got my two grand in less than a month and i went on to make a lot more with Traffic monsoon.

make money online fast

Which also financed my first ever vacation out of Tanzania in Dubai

make money online fast


Tip no. 2: Have Multiple Streams Of Income/Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

It makes sense to say, three or more is better than one. More than one stream will increase your income flow and obviously you’ll make more money online fast. It’s a no brainer

On the other hand it gives you the stability that will sustain you when other streams are not performing well. You’ll be surprised how fast you can go from hero to zero when you depend on one stream of income. One day you are a champion but when there are issues or worse when a program shuts, then you are back to eating scraps.

Tip no. 3: Establish and Build Your Own Online Base Camp

I must have said this severally in my previous blog posts. I don’t intend to repeat myself but what i really mean is, you must build an empire and position yourself as a leader.

In simpler terms, help people achieve what you are achieving by sharing your knowledge and expertise. Doing this, you’ll get followers and subscribers which will create trust and need for information you provide. And of course when you have branded yourself well enough, that can be translated into wealth on demand.

So you might be asking yourself, how do i do that? How do you brand yourself and get people to follow you?

Well, it’s simple really. I can quickly think of at least five ways to do that.

  • Build a website or blog  and help solve a problem through information you provide(your internet home)
  • Social media communities. (Your account,fan pages, groups, etc) This is where people spend most of their time.
  • Build a list and establish a good relationship with it. Market on demand.
  • Get a You Tube channel (video marketing)
  • Etc.


I feel like, to make money online fast, one must at least start from either of the above mentioned points. People will easily follow and join a branded person, someone they can really talk, ask and share stuff with. Someone who seems to know what they are doing rather than a random person who just threw his ad out there on the internet.

Internet marketing can be very tough if you just slam into it without a good approach. I sponsored a lot of people into my different ventures in 2015. 80% of them came from my blog. And most of them joined me because they liked my content and how i respond to comments which really puts my personality out there.  Its almost like welcoming a stranger into your home, pitch him or her your business as you serve him with ice cream or a cup of coffee.

All i’m saying is, when you brand and establish your home on the internet, you stop being a random person. You’ll send an email and people will open and read. You’ll post a blog and people will comment and share. You’ll post a link and people will join you. And of course at the end of the day, that translates to more money in your bank account.

Tip no. 4: Sell your own products.

This might not be a first go to thing for beginners, but ultimately to make money online fast and a lot of it, you’ll have to launch your own product or service. I haven’t personally done this, but i have seen it from people that i have been closely following like Vick Strizheus, John Chow, Glenn Allsop, Michael Dunlop etc just to mention a few.

There are two major ways i have seen people do this.

  • Sell information through e-course, tutorials etc (video series)
  • Membership sites where a monthly or a one time fee is paid.

The above two, could be your own millionaire safe crack codes. You can set your prices according to how valuable you think information is. You also get to keep most of the profits because you own the product.

Don’t rush into it though. You need to have the best product to boost your sales and reduce the refund rates. And of course you have to go through the above 4 tips.

Tip no. 5: Don’t wait up on your sponsor.

Now this is for most of us who are in the affiliate marketing sector, Network marketing, mlms and all online ventures that require recruiting people to earn commissions.

Its being said that almost 90% of people fail in these sort of ventures. Among many reasons, a big problem i see is that people don’t like to take trouble and really own their businesses.

Most network marketers ,internet marketers for this matter like to be babysitted. You’ll here people complaining and throwing blames at their sponsors for lack of support and direction, pinning their failures to that.

Now, your sponsor might have hard a very sweet presentation, maybe promised to take you by the hand when you join him or her, but the reality is, when you join any business on this Earth what happens next is your responsibility. Success or failure will fully be determined by your own actions.

It took me a while to grasp this, but once i got hold of this understanding, i started seeing money. To make money online fast, you have to break out of your cocoon, learn and take action towards the things that will get you printing money regardless of whether your sponsor is there for you or not.

Lacking support from your sponsor is no reason why you can’t make money online fast. Your sponsor could be just as new and naive as you are or maybe just too caught up helping other people. Luckily the internet is full of learning resources. Try google and YouTube.

Most of the things i have learned online today didn’t come from my sponsor. In fact i never contact my up line once i join a program unless its really necessary. Because i know waiting up on him or her, will loose me more money than if i assumed ownership of my business and started taking action right away.

Trust your guts, learn and do. You’ll make more money online fast than your sponsor. He or she might come for your advice. Take action.

Tip no. 6: Build your online business daily

The reason why your employers business is flourishing and maybe making huge profits is because it has people constantly working for it across all departments Monday to Friday on a minimum of 6 hours per day per person.

To flourish online you need to give your business the same kind of attention. If you can work for your employer 6,7 or even 8 hours a day, i don’t see why you can’t dedicate at least two hours each day engaging in income producing activities for your online business.

  • Work on your blog daily (write posts, reply to comments, promote your blog etc)
  • Advertise daily (Test different sources of traffic, test different campaigns, try out new landing pages etc)
  • Engage your social media followers daily (Publish a post, share a tip, share a note, share your income proofs etc)
  • Bond with your subscribers (e mail them daily sharing valuable information)
  • If you are a video guy, post videos frequently (grow your channel, post  guides, tutorials etc)

You don’t have to do everything everyday. If you can dedicate each day to at least one of the above mentioned activities, you should be on a good path to make money online fast. It won’t happen overnight, but you’ll notice a gradual upward movement in your online income.


Tip no. 7: Avoid the crowd / Don’t be a zombie.

I want you to imagine this. You receive a 100 door bells in a day and each time you open the door you find a guy in a red cap and all he tells you is, “buy my product” or “join my business”.

What will you do? I don’t know about you but i would start ignoring them and probably even call security.

But what if on another fine day comes a gentleman in a suit, carrying a briefcase and probably a couple of brochures. He greets you well, introduces himself and tells you about his company, the benefits and what he has achieved from it.

You are more likely to consider the second guy and buy or join him even though it could be the same offer pitched by a 1000 other guys in red caps.


I have observed that most internet marketers grab a red cap and go on business. What i mean is, they use share codes, default business landing and capture pages, copy pasting their sponsor’s email swipes etc and wonder why they don’t see results.

You’ll never make money online fast if you are being lazy and too dependent. These are people who knock their heads, scam list legit programs and spread negativity all around the internet, pointing fingers at this and that complaining that nothing works.

You’ll be no different to a World War Z zombie that everyone is running away from. You want to be a rescue helicopter that everyone wants to escape in.

How does a guy like Frank Collabro Jr become a top sponsor in almost every business he joins? Yet they are people who joined before him but still fighting for scraps.

There’s no magic, witchcraft or push button software that does it for him. Making money online requires discipline and efforts.

You really need to step out and find a custom suit and present yourself as you. You become a brand that people will follow and trust when you move away from the crowd and customize yourself.

Just to give you a few hints

  •  Create a blog (best way to brand yourself and move away from the crowd)
  • Create your own custom sales funnel (you become the gentleman in a suit)
  • Create your own email swipes (builds a good relation and spreads your personality)

It’s not rocket science. The above three can be done by anyone who can follow simple instructions. Google and YouTube is there to help you make money online fast by sharing information you need. There are millions and millions of how to tutorials on the internet. There is absolutely no excuse.

Tip no. 8: Training and Motivation

Learn from the industry leaders. Learn from the successful people.

The best way to train and motivate yourself is through:

  • Seminars
  • Webinars
  • Events
  • Reading books
  • Reading blogs
  • Buying courses
  • YouTube
  • And also practicing what you learn.

Marketing online requires you to be sharp. It’s an ever changing environment. You have to be ahead of your competition to earn more money. Learn new staff and implement them.

Motivation is also something that every internet marketer needs. You can be motivated by others but i have come to discover that self motivation works best.

The best way to self motivate is by challenging yourself. You challenge yourself by setting  milestones and keep raising the bar every time you accomplish a target.

For example

When i started this blog last year (2015), my goal was to publish a post at least once a month. I did that and i managed to make quite a lot of money from that small content. So now that i’m comfortable with that, i’m raising the bar to ten blog posts a month. This will boost my organic traffic and of course i’ll make money online fast than i did last year.

I have implemented this self motivational technique with several other programs and opportunities like four cornerstraffic monsoon and allinoneprofits and it has proven to work.


Tip no. 9: Save money to make more money.

My first tip was spend money to make more money. Very true. My last tip of the day is Save money to make more money. These are two things that complement each other.

As you save more, you get to have more funds at your disposal to spend into other ventures which will boost your income. I talked of multiple income streams on tip no 2.  Having a reserve pool of funds is what will make expansion of your current projects and start of new campaigns, a much easier process and hence make money online fast.



I gave you 9 tips to make money online fast. But probably the biggest tip yet, is to let you know that there are no shortcuts to earning money online. Avoid the easy stuff like push button softwares being pitched everyday because that could also mean you loosing money online fast. Above all, believe in yourself, believe you can do because the process that will print you more money starts inside your head.

“Believe you can and you are half way there” Theodore Roosevelt

I really do hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. I’m looking forward to your additions, questions and more tips in the comments below. Kindly like and share.


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