My Advertising Pays: Why I prefer TrafficMonsoon Instead

By | June 3, 2015
my advertising pas vs traffic monsoon

My Advertising Pays: Why I prefer TrafficMonsoon Instead

It’s the new age of revenue sharing. We are witnessing multiple companies gearing in to this rising industry. My advertising pays and TrafficMonsoon are the two most dominant companies in this arena, King and Queen of rev share. Who rules? Read on to find out.

Unfortunately I haven’t done any my advertising pays review on this blog, but you can sure check out my traffic monsoon review as I have been talking quite a lot about it lately. There is more than one reason for that and that is what I’m going to cover today.

But before that, let me clear something out for you.


Is my advertising pays scam? Is traffic monsoon scam?

First of all, I’m a member in both companies. If you are looking to find out if they are scams or not, you won’t find a definite answer here. But I’ll tell you this. Being part of both companies and seeing what others and I have achieved in a very short time, I must say I’m past the scam question. My focus is now on what I can do to earn even more. Here are my results with Traffic Monsoon.

To give you the required comfort, i’ll tell you they are both legit paying companies as far as I know.

Just briefly

I have been part of the revenue sharing industry for about two and a half years now. I’ve only been focusing on paid to click sites (PTC) up until earlier this year (2015). It was tough for me as a PTC earner as I wasn’t earning anything exciting to publicly brag about. Just a few dollars to maintain my subscriptions in other opportunities.

Then came the ad pack concept.

Basically, you buy an ad pack at a certain price, then you begin to earn back from it until a maturity figure (percentage) is reached overtime. The maturity figure is usually higher than the original price. For instance you buy an ad pack for $50 with a maturity percentage of 110%. This pack will make you money until you have earned $55 and expire. Therefore you’ll have made a $5 profit.

The more active ad packs you have, the more you’ll earn back from the sharing distributed hourly or daily depending on the company’s earnings from the previous day. So key is to purchase and repurchase more packs to increase your earning potential until you have reached an ad pack limit or a number of packs you are comfortable with before you can start making those huge withdrawals.


My Advertising Pays versus TrafficMonsoon

So let’s get to the point.

Like I mentioned earlier on, I joined my advertising pays first. Then I joined Traffic Monsoon later, about a month apart. They are both very lucrative online businesses using the same model except one is slightly better than the other. I’m talking about Traffic Monsoon.

Having limited funds to do both at the same time, I decided to shift my concentration from my advertising Pays. My goal was and still is to first develop my Traffic Monsoon account to a 1000 packs before I can look back to MAPs. Main reason being TM is faster than MAPs.


I know that statement could cause some serious arguments between members of both opportunities,

But these are my:

Reasons Why Traffic Monsoon is better than My Advertising Pays.

1. Ways to Earn.

Traffic Monsoon has four ways to earn while My Advertising Pays has only two.

  • MAPs – You earn from Ad packs and Referral Ad packs commissions (10%)
  • TM – You earn from Ad packs, Referral Ad packs commissions (10%), Cash links and Referral cash links commissions (100%)

With MAPs, you can’t earn anything from free referrals (those who haven’t purchased Adpacks yet) while in TM you earn 100% commissions from cash link clicks from your free and active referrals). Get more info on how you can earn from cashlinks

2. Earnings from Ad packs Shares

Traffic Monsoon is becoming increasingly popular because since its launch a single ad pack earns you $1 per day while a single Ad packs from MAPs is less than $1 dollar.

This is so important because the more you earn daily from a single ad pack will determine how faster you will duplicate and repurchase more ad packs for higher earnings. This is the main reason why Traffic Monsoon is much faster.

3. Adpacks limit

You can only have a maximum of 1200 packs in MAPs while in Traffic monsoon it’s unlimited. That means you can earn much more with the later.

4. Withdrawals

Traffic Monsoon has instant daily withdrawals Monday to Sunday (7 days). With MAPs you can only withdraw Monday to Friday (5 days). Moreover you have more universal withdrawing options with TM,  that is Paypal, Payza and Solid Trust Pay while MAPs has VX Gateway and Solid Trust Pay.

The easier it is for people to withdraw money the more you can get comfortable with a program and the more people you’ll get to join your business. Paypal and Payza are universal processors that people are much more familiar with compared to VX Gateway and STP.

5. Referring

It’s easier to recruit people in Trafficmonsoon than it is in My Advertising Pays, main reason being that both free and active members make good money. People like to try things for free  before they can actually invest some cash.

With this people will always find Traffic monsoon as an easier route hence more referrals. I’m currently averaging 1 referral a day.

6 . Membership Fees

Traffic Monsoon has no membership fees. You just join and start earning. While My advertising Pays charges a membership fee

7 . Strength In the Product

Advertisement is solid in both opportunities. However, Traffic monsoon only gets the upper hand because your ads get seen by non members from other sites as well. This reduces saturation and pretty much increases the probability of your ads to be seen by more people.

Where as in MAPs, its only My advertising pays members who can see your ads.

Read more on how you can advertise your other programs with Traffic Monsoon.

Also How you can really make money with Traffic Monsoon

Traffic monsoon review


From the above comparison you can clearly see why i prefer one from the other. Don’t get me wrong though. They are both great opportunities with great income potential. However, when put side by side to compete, Traffic Monsoon is my winner. What do you think? Are you a member of any? Let me know your views on the comment section below.

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26 thoughts on “My Advertising Pays: Why I prefer TrafficMonsoon Instead

  1. Rene Walter

    I´m prefer My Advertising Pays, because: Top leaders world wide and top CEO & Team, TOP communication and ideas and the new maps academy makes it successful for the next 30 years ;). Happy earnings with traffic monsoon ;).

  2. Avitus Post author

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Rene. Yes my advertising pays is a good program. i just chose to focus on Traffic Monsoon first.Happy earnings to you too.

  3. Navraj Singh

    Very nice review on Traffic Monsoon and MAPS. Thanks

  4. Adeloye

    I started with MAP. Well, being from a country that is not allowed on VX, being unable to withdraw more than $500 per week, I was advised to stop growing the adpacks, having got to 740. I then joined TM. Growing fast as I put my $500 per week into TM, plus more purchases from my pocket (fresh funds). From my experience, 740 packs allows me to withdraw $500 a week without having my number of packs drained. I also want $500 a week from TM. How many packs would you suggest?

  5. Avitus Post author

    Hi Adeloye

    It all depends on a lot of things like referral commissions and may be what strategy you are using etc.

    But to answer your question, assuming you have no referrals and you are using the 91 to 9 strategy, then you’ll need around 710 ad packs. using the 91 to 9 rule, at 710 ad packs you’ll be repurchasing 14 ad packs daily and withdrawing the next $70 daily totaling $490 a week. a few more ad packs and you’ll be at your 500 dollars a week

  6. Andrew

    Hey Avitus

    Great information, thanks for sharing. I’m interested in joining Traffic Monsoon and I have £2400 that I can put in to purchase adpacks. I’ve read your guides so I think this is a good opportunity. I saw lots of screenshots of people’s dashboard that shows their sharing positions and amount earned but I’m confused. Can you earn more than $1 a day, per adpack? I’m only talking about adpacks, not referrals. I saw a guy’s dashboard screenshot where he had 22 active adpacks and earned $124 just from the adpacks. Can you explain this to me or is that screenshot fake? Because it says you can earn $1 a day per adpack so I don’t understand.

  7. Avitus Post author


    Currently earnings are around $1 per pack each day. You were probably looking at the Total earned section where it shows how much he has earned since he joined trafficmonsoon

  8. Robert Kandagor

    Hi Avitus,Am a member of both MAP and TM am from East Africa-Kenya specifically,can I get your mail please bro

  9. Kavinah

    I’m really grateful I found your site I have recently joined TM and was researching more about the company. I did join MAP before but never understood it neither did my sponsor.

    What is the ‘using the 91 to 9 strategy’ you mentioned?

    Thanks for a thorough analysis of both PTCs.
    Kavinah recently posted…Sound of abundanceMy Profile

  10. Avitus Post author


    The 91-9 is a strategy where by you take your profit per pack right away. meaning for each $50 you spend from your account balance to purchase a pack, you withdraw the next $5 earned.

  11. Andrew


    I wasn’t looking at the total earned section, but the earnings from sharing and I also looked at my account balance. Example: Today I now have 55 adpacks and my account balance was 0 yesterday. So from the 55 adpacks in 24 hours I earned $69 (account balance). How is that possible if the current earnings are $1 per pack each day? I’m not complaining lol as this is great but just don’t understand how. Does this mean my adpacks will expire before 55 days as I’m earning more than the $1 per pack per day?

  12. awais

    Hi overall would you say traffic monsoon is better then Maps , as I am currently a member of maps with 30 packs would you recommend me to continue with maps for now and then transferring to TM

  13. Avitus Post author


    I said earnings per pack per day is around $1 meaning it could go up or down.Its not fixed. Higher earnings per day means your pack will expire much sooner and vice versa being also true.

    So you shouldn’t be looking at the number of days. 55 days is just a random calculation based on $1 per day. if earnings go up, days will reduce and vice versa.

  14. Avitus Post author


    Yes, overall Traffic monsoon is way better than maps. You can continue with maps as you also strategies to grow your traffic monsoon.

  15. Ricardo


    Can i deposit money with solidtrustpay on TM and later withdraw the money by Paypal?

  16. Avitus Post author


    Traffic monsoon is moving away completely from paypal. So you can’t. Only through payza, solid trust pay and in time its own processor.

  17. mercy

    Your review is amazing. am just a member of maps but now in love with TM. I think I’ll join soon. thks

  18. Peter

    Maps and TM looks like you are sister company with almost the same terms etc
    We have been deceived by TM. How can someone be sure that Maps is genuine or a scam like TM?

  19. Avitus Post author


    TM is not scam. follow closely whats going on. Don’t carry peoples’ opinion as your own.

  20. mobe

    does this TM still working? i want to join and start with 1 ad pack

  21. Alan

    I came across your blog quite by accident, and after I had joined Traffic Monsoon. My upline knows very little about how it all works, so consequently I am much in the dark as well. I wish I had found you before I joined TM, as I would have joined under you. Even so, perhaps you can help me.

    My first hurdle is that I have not been able to fund to buy adpacks, because when I try to get the Allied Card, the TM website just keeps putting me in a loop back to the homepage rather than to any page where I can order the card and pay for it. I tried 4 browsers and turned off the adblock software, but nothing seems to work! Any advice?

  22. Avitus Post author


    Do you mean you haven’t purchased any packs? If that is the case i would also guess you have no balance in your TM account balance. I’m not sure if you can order an Allied wallet card if you are not a paid member. But there are multiple other ways to fund your account like through Payza and Solidtrustpay.

    I’d advise you become a paid member by purchasing packs first through payza or STP. If you have verified your account already(uploaded your ID and proof of address) the allied wallet option should be available for buying packs as well.

    I hope this helps

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