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My Progress With

You might have seen the screenshots on Facebook or somewhere else on the web but still wondering if they were all real. This page is dedicated to displaying my personal earnings from

As shown above i joined on the 24th day of March 2015. I purchased my first 5 ad packs on 26th March 2015. On 18th April 2015 I purchased 18 more ad packs. Therefore my initial start up ad packs were 23 in total.

Ever since i joined, i have been consistently earning $1 a day per active ad pack. This figure has grown and keeps on rising daily. I have been repurchasing more ad packs from my earnings once i have accumulated enough in my withdrawal balance. My current goal is to reach 100 active ad packs before I start making BIG CASH withdrawals.

Below are my weekly screenshots displaying earnings from my back-office. I’ll be updating this page every week. You can read my traffic monsoon review here.

Special Update: Its Week 13 (30th June 2015) and i have achieved my first milestone goal – 100 ad packs.

Special Update: Week 37 (14th December 2015) and i have crossed my Second milestone goal – 500 ad packs.

My next milestone goal is to reach 1000 ad packs. Keep following my weekly progress down below.


down below

Traffic monsoon payment proof May 29 2016

traffic monsoon payment proof May 29 2016


Traffic monsoon payment proof May 22 2016

traffic monsoon payment proof May 22 2016


Traffic monsoon payment proof May 15 2016

traffic monsoon payment


Traffic monsoon Back-office May 07 2016

Traffic monsoon back office april 2016

Traffic monsoon payment proof May 08 2016

Traffic monsoon payment proof


Traffic monsoon withdrawals April 2016

Traffic monsoon payment proof


“If a castle gets destroyed, you just build a new one. If you wanted me to I’d build them over and over. Let’s build them together.”
― Fuyumi Soryo


Traffic monsoon payment proof  for- Week 42

Traffic monsoon payment proof for week 42

“There’s no shortage of money, only a shortage of people thinking big Enough” – Grant Cardone



Traffic monsoon payment proof  for- Week 41

Traffic monsoon payment proof for- Week 41

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.” Chris Grosser



Traffic monsoon payment proof  for- Week 40

Traffic monsoon payment proof for- Week 40

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” John D. Rockefeller



Traffic monsoon payment proof  for- Week 39

Traffic monsoon payment proof-WEEK 39

“Be content to act, and leave the talking to others.” Baltasar


My Week 38 Traffic Monsoon backoffice MONDAY (21-12-2015)

earning proof for traffic monsoon

I missed capturing a screenshot for my week 37. But as we are drifting through towards the end of the beautiful 2015, here is my week 38 back office captured on Monday 21st of December.

It has finally happened, 500 ad packs. 1000 up next.

Traffic monsoon payment proof – Week 38

traffic monsoon payment proof

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” -Theodore Roosevelt



Traffic monsoon payment proof – Week 37

traffic monsoon payment proof week 37


My Week 36 Traffic Monsoon backoffice SUNDAY (06-12-2015)

week 36 trafficmonsoon results

I’m so happy and grateful that my traffic monsoon account is consistently  growing. Won’t be long now, God willing next week i’ll be crossing my 500 ad packs milestone.

I’m also overflowing with joy that for 4 weeks in a row I’ve been withdrawing $1000 with no difficulties. Here is the one for this week.

Traffic monsoon payment proof – Week 36

Traffic monsoon payment proof for week 36 withdrawal

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

– Chinese proverb



My Week 35 Traffic Monsoon backoffice SUNDAY (29-11-2015)

week 35 trafficmonsoon results

This week i had 32 packs expire in one day which kind of slowed things up a bit. But its not a big deal as i’m still growing my account with a steady pace. Again that didn’t stop me from making my usual $1,000 withdrawal.

Traffic monsoon payment proof – Week 35

week 35 withdrawal

sooner or later you have to make a choice…leave behind your passion,your dream- or have the strength to look past all discouraging faces and look at yourself and know that you have what it takes..and you will prove them wrong
– Kel-



My Week 34 Traffic Monsoon backoffice SUNDAY (22-11-2015)

week 34 trafficmonsoon results

Almost there, 51 packs to go(500 packs). Another $1,000 withdrawn

Traffic monsoon payment proof – Week 34

week 34 withdrawal, Traffic monsoon

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” Albert Einstein



My Week 33 Traffic Monsoon backoffice SUNDAY (15-11-2015)

week 33 trafficmonsoon results

Almost there, i can smell 500 packs around the corner. But i’m even more excited for the $1000 i just withdrew. I like where this is heading.

Traffic monsoon payment proof – Week 33

week 33 trafficmonsoon withdraw

If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn



My Week 32 Traffic Monsoon backoffice SUNDAY (08-11-2015)

week 32 trafficmonsoon results

When i joined Traffic monsoon earlier this year i knew things would be different and way better by the holiday season. As December approaches nothing is more satisfying than knowing you’ll have enough to spend, enjoy, buy gifts for family and loved one, but even go far on vacation.

Thank you Traffic monsoon, $750 withdrawn this week.

Traffic monsoon payment proof – Week 32

week 32 traffic monsoon withdrawal

Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning. –Robert Kiyosaki


My Week 31 Traffic Monsoon backoffice SUNDAY (01-11-2015)

Traffic monsson week 31 earnings

Another $500 Cashout

Traffic monsoon payment proof – Week 31

Traffic monsson week 31 withdrawal

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain



My Week 30 Traffic Monsoon backoffice SUNDAY (25-10-2015)

traffic monsoon week 30

Awesome run this week. Just Crossed 300 ad packs, 5 more active referrals. It really has been a good week.

As usual i made another $500 withdrawal which was paid instantly into my payza account.

Traffic monsoon payment proof – Week 30

traffic monsoon week 30 withdrawal

“Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying.” – W. Clement Stone



My Week 29 Traffic Monsoon backoffice SUNDAY (18-10-2015)

Traffic monsoon results week 29

In my 29th week i had 17 ad packs expire at once apart from the 3 that expire daily. But that hasn’t stopped my packs from growing.

As usual, i had to make another $500 withdraw. God bless Traffic monsoon and all its members.

Traffic monsoon payment proof – Week 29

Traffic monsoon week 29 withdrawal

“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” – Michael John Bobak



My Week 28 Traffic Monsoon backoffice SUNDAY (11-10-2015)

week 28-traffic monsoon earnings

This week was Traffic monsoons anniversary , one year since the site launched. Good news is that the site is still very stable and growing. More than one million members are enjoying the hourly rev shares.

I’m happy and grateful my account is still growing at a very fast speed . Quite a big jump from 2 weeks ago. I’m now standing at 268 packs and have gained 3 new active referrals.

As usual i made another $500 withdrawal which makes things even much more interesting.

Traffic monsoon payment proof – Week 28

week 28 withdrawal-traffic monsoon

“You don’t have to be a genius or a visionary or even a college graduate to be successful. You just need a framework and a dream”- Michael Dell



My Week 27 Traffic Monsoon Withdraw Proof

week 27 traffic monsoon withdrawal proof

I’m so happy and grateful now that i can comfortably withdraw $500 every week. It hasn’t been an easy path but that just proves that hard work pays. 5 months back i would have not believed that i would be here today. I’m just wondering in excitement where ill be in the next 5 months.

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” –  Carl Bard

My Week 25 Traffic Monsoon backoffice SUNDAY (20-09-2015)

traffic monsoon week 25

This week i want to do things a little bit differently. I have been asked by many that these are just pretty stats, they don’t prove if i get paid. So i’m going to start posting the cash that i withdraw every week from Traffic monsoon.

One more thing, I have currently capped my daily cashout at $35. Obviously my earnings from both revenue shares and referral commissions allow me to withdraw more. The reason is i want to grow faster. So instead of being greedy i have decided to put back all i can back to repurchasing more ad packs.

But of course the figure will keep on rising as my account grows.

Anyways, enjoy my week 25 Cashout

traffic monsoon week 25 withdraw

Into my payza account

Traffic monsoon week 25 cash received

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out.” —Robert Collier



My Week 24 Traffic Monsoon backoffice SUNDAY (13-09-2015)

traffic monsoon week 24

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.” —Jim Rohn

My Week 23 Traffic Monsoon backoffice SUNDAY (06-09-2015)

traffic monsoon week 23

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.” —Anatole France


My Week 22 Traffic Monsoon backoffice SUNDAY (30-08-2015)

Traffic monsoon week 22

“Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” —John R. Wooden

My Week 21 Traffic Monsoon backoffice SUNDAY (23-08-2015)

Traffic monsoon review

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” —Walt Disney

My Week 20 Traffic Monsoon backoffice SUNDAY (16-08-2015)

traffic monsoon review


Rich people believe “I create my life.” Poor people believe “Life happens to me.”

My Week 19 Traffic Monsoon backoffice SUNDAY (09-08-2015)

traffic monsoon

Are you still watching from the sidelines? One Year From Now You’ll Wish You Had Started Today



My Week 18 Traffic Monsoon backoffice SUNDAY (02-08-2015)

Traffic monsoon review


“To get rich, you have to be making money while you’re asleep” -David Bailey



Week 13 Screenshot TUESDAY (30-06-2015)

traffic monsoon

“What’s keeping you from being rich? In most cases it’s simply a lack of belief. In order to become rich, you must believe you can do it, and you must take the actions necessary to achieve your goal.” – Suze Orman

Achieved In 13 Weeks (SPECIAL)

I can’t say good enough things about Traffic Monsoon. Its been two years since i have been online, I’ve been scammed and I’ve failed several times but that didn’t stop me from getting up and trying again. More than the money  i am now making with Trafficmonsoon and several other programs, i have learned a big lesson for myself and what it takes for someone to achieve desired results.  Even if Traffic monsoon was to tumble today, i’m confident that i’ll go somewhere else and achieve even bigger results.

Attraction is 70% Action. I’m really grateful and thankful that i took the necessary actions to join Traffic monsoon 3 months ago. I’m really proud that i consistently worked towards my goals and its now paying of.

First Milestone Reached

When i started i hard a wish. i turned that wish into a goal. That goal was to reach 100 ad packs. Honestly i thought that would take forever given the fact that i started with only 37 packs. I’m proud to say, its my 13th week and i have archived that goal. Its time to put up a next and even bigger goal (500 packs). Lets again see how long that will take.

The Money

I’m in total profit zone right now. I broke even in my 8th week. More than that, I’m now consistently making over $100 daily, that is over $700 in any given week from now on wards.


To ensure continued growth, i reinvest what i earn from Monday to Friday into buying more ad packs and i only withdraw what i earn during the weekend (Saturday and Sunday). So if my math is right, i’ll be withdrawing at least $200 every weekend which adds up to at least $800 every month from now on wards.

My advise to you all : TAKE ACTION.



Week 12 Screenshot TUESDAY (23-06-2015)

“All my life I knew that there was all the money you could want out there. All you have to do is go after it.” – Curtis Carlson

Week 11 Screenshot TUESDAY (16-06-2015)

“One penny may seem to you a very insignificant thing, but it is the small seed from which fortunes spring.” – Orison Swett Marden

Week 10 Screenshot TUESDAY (09-06-2015)

“The trouble for most people is they don’t decide to get wealthy, they just dream about it.” – Michael Masters

Week 7 Screenshot TUESDAY (26-05-2015)

“The more you’re not taking action, the more money you’re losing.” – Carrie Wilkerson



Week 6 Screenshot TUESDAY (19-05-2015)

“Do what today others won’t, so tomorrow, you can do what others can’t.” ~ Brian Rogers

Achieved In 6 Weeks

This is a summary of what i have achieved in 5 weeks with Traffic Monsoon.

Ad packs

59 Ad packs (active)

I have added 20 more making my total active adpacks  59 from last week’s 39. As you can see from the screenshot, there are 5 packs that have expired.

Earnings from sharing (Ad packs)


My all time total earnings last week were $932.44. That has gone up to $1,285 this week. Thus my net earnings were $352 obtained from the difference between the two figures.

Earnings from From CashLinks


I have been lazy clicking on ads this week and so my cashlinks earnings have just slightly gone up by $0.26.

Earnings from Referral CashLinks


My referral cashlink commissions have gone up by $0.86. Almost a dollar

Total Earned During The Week


Personal Referrals

Free Referrals = 18

I have sponsored 7 new people into TrafficMonsoon during the week.





Active Referrals = 0

As of now no referral has bought any adpacks and therefore i still have 0 active referrals


Week 5 Screenshot TUESDAY (12-05-2015)

‘If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later – Richard Branson

Achieved In 5 Weeks

This is a summary of what i have achieved in 5 weeks with Traffic Monsoon.

Ad packs

39 Ad packs (active)

Earnings from sharing (Ad packs)


Earnings from From CashLinks


Earnings from Referral CashLinks


Total Earned


Personal Referrals

Free Referrals = 11




Active Referrals = 0

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80 thoughts on “My Traffic Monsoon Earning Proof

  1. rose

    Hi Avylil

    You say in week 6 that you added 20 adpacks. Is this out of the internal profits or did you put more external money in?
    Can you also explain a bit more fully how you work out what to withdraw and how many packs to buy each day/week? What process do you follow to work it out? Thanks

  2. Abdul

    Hi Avitus

    Thanks for the post, I was trading on the Internet for the last 8 years, mainly Amazon and Ebay as well as offline business.
    its true TM earnings are real and I have joined them last week and I am planning to buy my first adpacks tomorrow.
    My cousin introduced me the system just last week and I have seen his earnings in person, it was really mind blowing.

    Thanks again.

  3. Mikki

    Thanks so much for the info while I am trying to understand Traffic Monsoon.
    My questions follow:
    1 – At the point I were to decide that I want to Cash Out the actual money spent on my Ad Packs, which is where all my money would be, how would one do that?
    2 – What happens to the Ad Pack after it reaches $55 & stops earning?
    3 – I have read that Ad Packs make 10% in 55 days & that they make 110% in 55 days. Which is it?

    Thanks much for your response,

  4. Avitus Post author

    Hi Mikki

    I’m assuming in your first question you are asking how to withdraw. Well if that is the case,you just click the withdraw button next to your account balance

    Second, if your ad pack reaches $55 it expires and stops earning you money.

    And last they are both correct. 10% in 55 days thats $5. 110% in 55 days thats profit plus the original cost combined.

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Avitus,

    Quick question. Bewtween week 1-13 inclusive did you invest more money to by ad packs ie. externally? Or were the results that you achieved at week 13 purely from starting with 23 adpacks then using internal investment (earnings generated from revenue sharing/referalls/cash links etc) to buy more ad-packs every day?


  6. Avitus Post author

    I only invested my own cash(out of pocket from week one to 4) that is about 37 ad packs. From there on its been from earnings.

  7. Kedugan

    Hi Avitus,

    Normally you will have aprox 10 clicks per day (from 0.001 to 0.01 cents). If you buy an ad pack of 55$ how many clicks will you have per day?

    Thank You,

  8. Avitus Post author


    If you are referring to the cashlinks, there’s no specific amount of ads, depends on how often members buy these. Your can find 10, 20, 30, it all depends. This for both paid and free members.

    However if you buy an ad pack for $50, you are supposed to surf 10 ads per 24 hours to remain qualified for the hourly revenues

  9. Maria

    Hi Avitus,

    Thank you so much for your useful articles about Traffic Monsoon, now I trust it much more after I read your articles. I’m wondering about one thing though, could you tell me a rough calculation about how much profit I could make a month if I buy 1 AdPack per day?

  10. Avitus Post author


    Buying 1 ad pack a day my assumption is you have a minimum of 50 ad packs. For maximum growth rate, you can withdraw $5 per pack you purchase daily. That is 5 times 30 which equals to $150 a month at the very minimum assuming you also don’t have any referrals.

  11. Rwechungura

    Hy Avitus

    I like the way Traffic Monsoon pays. I accept and recognize that it is much better to be creative than getting various degrees although sometimes pay. I look forward studying and understanding crops behind traffic monsoon and other similar businesses so as I can enjoy the same.

    A Good move Avitus

  12. Anonymous

    Hi Avitus,

    When the 1 adpack expire, will your total adpacks decrease by 1 also? Or does is stay the same #? Thanks!

  13. Avitus Post author

    When an ad pack expires, it stops being active, and so your ad pack count decreases too.

  14. Azim

    Hi Avitus,

    First of all I would like to thank you for your informative blog about Traffic Monsoon.

    I have some questions to ask if you wouldn’t mind answering:

    1) If I were to buy ONLY 50 AdPacks (costing around $2,700) and follow your strategy you tell us (which is repurchasing AdPacks every time when we have $50 accumulated) but without even withdrawing a single Dollar and having NO REFERRAL Commissions, how soon do you think I will break even?

    2) If I were to continue this practice over lets say 33 weeks where you are right now can i expect my “earnings from shares” have a minimum value to what your’s is currently, which is about $30k?

    3) Have you used any of your Referral Commissions on repurchasing AdPacks at all? Which in turn had an impact on the growth of your “Earning From Shares Value”

    4) Is there a reason why some of your weekly Earnings screenshots are Missing?

    I hope to hear back from you soon.

  15. Azim

    Hi Avitus,

    Every time I try to post my questions here, it gets deleted.

    I’ve sent you a message through this website via contact us page.

    Can you respond back when you can please


  16. Avitus Post author


    First, if you start with 50 packs, then it will take you about 36 days to make $2,500 in total money earned at the point which you should be having aboot 100 packs from repurchasing. But if you meant break even in actual money withdrawn, following the 91-9 strategy(for each pack you repurchase you withdraw the next $5) then it should take you about 6 months. (This is actual money withdrawn from the site and the assumption is that you don’t have any referral commissions coming in.)

    Second, I repurchase ad packs everyday from earnings coming in from both ad pack revenues and referral commissions. So yes i do and that has had a very big impact on my account growth.

    Third, if you were to continue the practice for 33 weeks, your earnings would be around $31,000.

    And last, the reason some of my weekly screenshots are missing is because sometimes i’m too busy or away, so i miss posting them.

    Forgive my late reply as i am currently travelling and so i have very little time to approve and reply to comments.


  17. Avitus Post author


    They don’t get deleted. I have to approve them before they can appear on the site for everyone to see.This is mainly to avoid spam comments. But i have already replied to your questions above.

  18. Avitus Post author


    They don’t get deleted. I have to approve them before they can appear on the site for everyone to see.This is mainly to avoid spam comments. But i have already replied to your questions above.

  19. Charles

    Thanks Avitus,
    When you withdraw where does the money actually go to or how do I actually get my hands on that money?
    Does it go into a separate bank account or it goes into the same Visa card account use to purchase adpacks?

  20. Avitus Post author


    When you withdraw the money it goes to the processor you used to purchase packs. So it can either be STP, paypal or payza. From there you can either send it to your bank account or do whatever with your money.

  21. Mo

    Hi Avitus,
    thanks for the explanations and this blog.

    I started with 29 adpacks, am now on 102 after 12 weeks…and Ive got 3 active referrals…I am currently buying 2 adpacks daily…with 1 expiring everyday aswell.. continuing this way how long do u think it will take me to reach my goal of 1000 adpacks?
    I currently dont withdraw anything

  22. maria

    Hi Avictus,

    I really appreciate your blog and the way you reply to everyone that has commented on your blog. I just started and I was hoping if you could advise me on how to get a sponsor or rather make it using Traffic Monsoon . Am a mother of two and working from home is something I have been trying to break even with. I started with 1 Adpack and got earnings of about 6.9 dollars already . TO be honest I really dont understand how to use the 91-9 approach you wrote about because I am looking to buy extra 10adpack but still a bit confused on the what to do. will be glad to get a feed back from you

  23. Avitus Post author


    You really don’t need a sponsor to succeed with Traffic monsoon or rather any business online. You just need to know what to do and keep applying and improving the same actions everyday.

    To succeed with Traffic monsoon, you need three things

    1. Buy ad packs – The more you start with the better. 1 – 5 packs is for people tasting the waters, 10 is not bad. it will give you a good idea of this business’s potential. But if you really want to see results fast, i always advise my friends to stretch and at least get to 30 packs because that were things start picking up pace.

    2. Promote Traffic monsoon. The aim here is to get referrals who will also buy ad packs and earn you commissions. These commissions can also help and play a big role in boosting your account.

    3. A good strategy which brings us back to 91 -9 strategy. Its like this, for each pack that you repurchase, you withdraw the next $5.

    That’s almost about it. Otherwise don’t give up, be consistent and you’ll make it.

  24. virgo

    Hi Avitus,

    If I maintain 100 active adpacks everyday, how much money will I make in a week (pure profit that I will withdraw)? Thank you

  25. Ali

    Hi Avi, ive really enjoyed your blog…i just wanted how you’ve been able to get referrals really quickly…increasing weekly?

  26. Avitus Post author


    It doesn’t happen over night. all this is happening as a result of the small actions i do everyday(replying to comments, emailing my list, social media presence and pretty much everything i talk about in this post.

    Key is to be patient and stay consistent.

  27. aRI


  28. Avitus Post author


    There are 2 best options. Either you can purchase more packs out of pocket which will definitely give you momentum and reach 100 packs faster OR you can start promoting your traffic monsoon link so that you get referrals and earn commissions which you’ll use to purchase some more packs. If you are tight on your budget, option two is the best.

    Otherwise you can continue repurchasing everytime you have enough balance in your account.

  29. Ravi Sharma.

    hello avitus ,
    my name is Ravi Sharma and I am from India. I like your bogs. I would like to know how to get more referrals in Traffic monsoon. I am going to join Traffic Monsoon. Please send me your referral link.

  30. Avitus Post author


    Welcome, if you want to join under me, you can click here and sign up under me.

    There are so many ways to get referrals:

    Blogging, social media sites, traffic exchange sites, ptc sites, solo ads, pay per click advertising etc are just a few among many.

    Kindly these two posts, they should give you a pretty good idea on what to do.

    Post one
    Post two

  31. Abdu

    Hi Avitus

    I bought 20 ad pack and now after 65 days and two referral I have 57 active sharing position and total earning 3179.38. I want to know what is total earning? Is that money I own?


  32. Avitus Post author


    Total earnings stands for total revenue sharing you have received since you joined. Account balance however is what stands for money you can withdraw or use to repurchase more ad packs.

  33. Hafi

    Hi, great job! I just wanted to ask, I just started TM with 150 adpacks. If I follow the 91-9 rule by week 32 how much profit will I have made. And how much would I make if I keep repurchasing the 150 adpacks I started with?

  34. Avitus Post author


    Actually its something that i have been praying Traffic monsoon implemented for a long time because i’m one of the people that do surfer from Paypal country restrictions. The introduction of TM world bank and Traffic monsoon master card is a good thing because now people wont surfer from processor restrictions. Many programs that implemented that grew to be more successful like the Empower Network and Four corners alliance group.

    As Charles explained, it gives the company more control over the money and great stability to processing members payments in and out.

    I suggest you watch the videos if you had skipped them.

  35. Dave

    No update on Jan payout.

    I think what you have achieved is fantastic as I wouldn’t have the balls to invest (in this gamble) after seeing this guys previous scams – if its true now its a shame he has tarnished his reputation with Ponzis in the past.

    I know people doing well from this in UK but I think its only going to be limited time before PayPal shut it down or he pays out his bigger users and cant then pay the remaining 500,000 smaller users.

    Well done for the taking the jump when you did – I truly wholeheartedly believe it will close around Sept-Oct 2016.

    Good luck!


  36. Jenny

    Hi Avitus 🙂

    So, you haven’t spent any other money from the real world other than the first $2000?
    Yet are withdrawing $1000+ a week at the same time as buying multiple adpacks every day?
    Also, with 500+ ad packs… what if I don’t have 500 websites to advertise? Can I use the same website but different pages – eg, home, about, product, etc… essentially they’re different urls but still the same main website.
    Is it worth signing up now or wait until the new bank is ready as I like to use Paypal not the other 2.

    What about spammers and bug hackers? How are we protected from those vermin – clicking adverts online has been proven in the past to cause more than a few PC and email problems. What’s to stop them from attaching things to the adverts we all click on?

    All those questions about tax – many countries have an income tax and so they’re basically asking how to declare their earnings to the taxman of their country. As for Dave, there’s still 9-10 months till he thinks it will end, so lots of opportunity to find out if it really is a scam or not 🙂

    Thanks so much for all the information. Have a happy day!

  37. Avitus Post author


    All i ever spent from my own pocket was $2000 and nothing else. Yes i repurchase more packs as others expire daily and i also withdraw money when i want to.

    When people have 500+ packs, it doesn’t necessarily mean they advertise 500 different things. You can have just one ad and purchase more packs daily on that same ad,more like topping up.

    The best time to start is always now. When you wait for the perfect moment, you’ll never start. Paypal is good in some countries but its not on others. The same applies for the other processors. Traffic monsoon is now rolling its own processing system and will also introduce their own master card. Once its in full motion, there will no longer be any third party processor.

    On spammers and bug hackers, Traffic monsoon always manually approves ads together with other security measures. Chances of these guys getting to you is very minimum. I haven’t heard or seen any complaints on that.

    On the tax issue, i guess like you say every country has its own tax collection procedures. The best way to know how to pay your taxes would be to ask the tax officials in their respective countries’ tax offices. As for me i just send my money to my bank and i’m free to spend it.

  38. Michael

    Hi Avitus,

    are you waiting on pending payout from TM as well? I check your blog weekly to see the payment proofs but haven’t seen anything for over 1 month now, I was looking to start withdrawing from my own account, now waiting on Payza account to be confirmed.

  39. Avitus Post author


    So far i only have one pending but it will clear soon in say a week or less because of this transitioning period. I had not updated this page for over a month that’s why you couldn’t see my proof. But i just updated today.

  40. Jan

    Hi Avi, a question I haven’t seen here yet: do I have to click on ads every day? What happens if I am away on holiday or I’m ill or just too busy one day? And re income tax – we can’t avoid it here in the UK so I guess everyone needs to be aware and keep some money back in a separate account for the day the taxman comes knocking!

  41. Sam

    Hi me again do you only use adhitprofit and your adspinner and AIOP
    to build TM ?
    nice blog keep posting

  42. Avitus Post author


    You have to surf 10 ads daily to stay qualified for revenue shares. If you are away on holiday and you have no access to the internet, that means after the timer runs out, you wont be earning anything for that time you are not active.

  43. Avitus Post author


    I don’t use adhitsprofits. I use AIOP for my marketing funnels. And also this blog which gives me a lot of referrals.

  44. Ruby Ruth

    Hi Avitus,

    Thank you for this wonderful blog, I have been with TM for only a week and I am so excited! I only have one ad pack but we all have to start somewhere right? 🙂

    I am also impressed with how well you answer all the questions that are put to you, you are knowledgeable on the subject and so I will be keeping my eyes on you 🙂

    I really like the format of your blog and would like to imitate it to grow my TM business, may I ask who designed this for you? Are you able to put me in touch with them?

    Keep on shining bro!

    Ruth from Johannesburg, South Africa.

  45. Avitus Post author

    Hi Ruth,

    Thank you for the complements.

    I designed the blog myself and its actually very easy than you think. You create the same kind of blog in less than an hour.

  46. christine

    Hello Avitus,
    I would like to join traffic monsoon, but unfortunately, i don’t know how?

  47. Anna

    hello Avitus,
    I have been reading your blog and am a member of Traffic Monsoon. What is the future of this company? I have not been able to recover my money yet and in the last 24 hours i see that the revenue sharing amount per adpack has decreased considerably.

  48. Avitus Post author


    Charles had sent an email WITH A video to every member explaining all that. Kindly go and read it. it explains everything

  49. jabran

    Dear i wanted to register on it but i wanted to see new payment proofs nowadays ?
    its still paying ?

  50. Naseer

    Hi Avitus,
    If I buy one ad pack .how much money I get back after 55 days.
    Do I get my invested money +55 days earning = 105 dollars
    Please reply thanks

  51. Faizan

    Sir can you please tell me that repurchasing adpack is better or buying a new adpack is better..

  52. Avitus Post author

    Repurchasing is better since you just use money from your account and not out of pocket. Also when you repurchase there are no fees involved. But when you are starting out there is no way but to purchase straight out of pocket.

  53. Matt Spears

    Im reading your blog, and I cant help but ask. How many adpacks you have built up to by now? Thanks ahead of time.
    Matt, 21, USA

  54. Matt Spears

    Why do you only have 100 active? & what does pending mean?

  55. kumar

    Dear Sir,

    I have seen all your videos and read all details and about to start. But I have few doubts if you kindly answer for these queries from your experience in your free time it will be very helpful for me:

    1. 20 add packs at the initial investment woul be a big amount around 70K. isn’t it risky business and is there any chances of loosing money…

    2. Each and every add packs we purchase it will generate an average $1 everyday up-to 55 days, so if we have purchased 20 add packs at day 1 they will stop generating revenue of $1 from 56th day onwards?

    3. if I repurchase more add packs only then my daily income will increase.. and if we don’t purchase extra add packs old add packs will get over after 55 days… So how will we get back our initial investment as cash and still maintain generating daily revenues?

    4. what happened if for a single day we missed clicking those 10 Adds, will we get daily profit sharing from next day onwards or it will stop permanently? 

    5. Is there any joining bonus available for new comers?

    thanks a trillion in advance…

  56. Avitus Post author


    Life is all about risks. That is what separates great leaders from average typical people. Traffic monsoon is a business that works. Just like any other venture, there are risks and nothing is highly guaranteed. So its up to you to make a decision. I actually started with $2000. I took a risk and decided i wanted to do this.

    That is correct, after an ad pack expires, it stops earning. That’s why as a strategy we repurchase new packs from earnings everytime we have enough balance in our accounts so that when some packs expire, we still have many more that we earn from. $1 a day is not a rule. It could go higher or lower depending on the sales the company makes.

    You recover your money through withdrawing. Of course you must employ a good strategy, one that will have you withdraw and still have your account grow. One good example is the 91-9 strategy(for each pack you repurchase, you withdraw $5). But ofcourse there are many other strategies you can use.

    When you miss clicking 10 ads in 24hrs, you earnings will be paused. and will resume when you surf 10 ads again.

    Traffic monsoon doen’t give any joining bonuses.

  57. Harsh

    How much u r making per day with traffic monsoon?

  58. Angelo

    How many ad packs do i need for earn 2.000 dollar every months? and how do you calculate it?

  59. Avitus Post author


    That can be achieved in a number of ways depending on the strategy you are using.

    But whichever way, maybe 500 packs would atleast be a good point to start withdrawing $2000 a month

  60. M Jagadish

    Hi Avitus,

    How are you, i have seen your blog and very impressed with it and started my journey with TM. I have a small doubt, please clarify.

    I have purchased my first adpack few minutes ago but in the payment processor, i have s_elected credit card as i was paying through that but i haven’t chosen payza. Will that be a problem ?

    I want to withdraw my funds using payza as i have signed up with them for this.

    Please help me in this regard.

  61. Avitus Post author

    M Jagadish,

    there’s no problem. you can withdraw through payza, you just need to activate your payza by purchasing any service through payza say a $1 cashlink etc.

  62. Phua

    Does Traffic Monsoon get saturated. Look like very hard to get referral.

  63. Avitus Post author


    It depends on your marketing. You can’t do the usual staff and get sign ups pretty much with anything. I still get sign ups to date. Try blogging, solo ads etc

  64. Aman chadha

    Hello Avitus,
    First of all this blog is a motivational blog for traffic monsooners.I just started my journey with T m 1 month ago and now I have 77 adpacks. My target is to achieve withdrawn of $1000 monthly.So can you please tell me how much time it will take ?

  65. Avitus Post author


    Depends on a lot of things (referrals, strategy, ad packs ets). If you work hard on your business and refer people, that can happen in a very short time. But without referrals using the 91-9 strategy, you’d need to have around 350 packs

  66. Jagadish

    Hi avitus,

    It seems like the site is down for a long time. Have you got any updates regarding the site ?


  67. M Jagadish

    Hi Avitus,

    I mean the trafficmonsoon site is down for a very longtime. Do you see any other website which is doing ok in revenue sharing ?
    Please let me know.

    Thank you,

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