Should You Join Every Revshare Site That Launches?

By | June 18, 2016
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It’s a common thing nowdays when you accept someone’s friend request on facebook, the next thing they do is hit you with their so called best revshare sites. I get this all the time. You have probably experienced the same.

Suppose i joined all of them, i’d be counting more than 50 programs at the moment. With more than 50, you’d say i’d be making thousands of dollars a month. But truth is, more than 90% of these don’t exist anymore as i write this post.

Since Maps and Traffic Monsoon, revshare sites have become increasingly popular over the last few years. I see a bunch of them launching every now and then while others fall at the same rate. This reminds me of the PTC sites era.

That creates a situation where “it becomes harder to tell apart goats from sheep“.

Even though I have written posts on how to spot scams and how to succeed with these programs, i still feel It’s way too foggy out there. You can easily miss the runway and land on your nose.

One thing I hate more than Scams is leading people(my referrals) into darkness. Fact is, most people who get started with making money online struggle and can’t afford losing a cent. When you happen to be the one who facilitates their failure, it becomes a burden and something you can’t be proud of. You might even loose credit from that.

Most certainly, it’s such a good feeling when you succeed and help your followers achieve the same. In fact it’s one thing that identifies a person as a good leader.

When you are trying to build a brand like Multiple Side Incomes into a hub of success for all those wishing to create a passive income onlineRevenue sharing programs are the kind of opportunities you must approach with all 5 senses.

I have joined a few of these myself. Out of that, only  three seem to be stable enough and two of them disappeared from the surface.(One just recently)

Not really a loss since i’m still making good money with others but instead of playing a game of chance, there is a need to really focus and take pre-cautions. That is important because you’ll have people join under you. When you tag yourself as a sponsor, these are the challenges and you don’t want to mislead people.


The Biggest Challenge With Revshare Sites

With such huge revshare influx, some innocent people will get caught on the wrong side. How does it feel when you praise a company, sponsor a couple of people into it and a few months later it disappears.

Apart from the critisim that this industry gets,like PTC sites, people are already starting to loose trust on anything that implements a revshare compensation plan. It’s now a game for those who know how to time it right. (Get in early, leave early)

Problem Is

When it becomes too easy to start a revshare company that many people are doing it, the industry becomes cluttered with junk.

I noticed a trend when surfing through Traffic monsoon ads, there will always be a new revshare being advertised every now and then. I got curious and started wondering, “how easy it must be to start a revshare program?”. Then I discovered that you just need a domain and hosting, script and a processor. Apparently, it could cost you less than $500 to start a revshare site.

When you have such low entry barriers, with no regulations or supervision, the industry will always experience degradation in quality standards. That is what happened to the Paid to click sites and the same shadow is now haunting revenue sharing sites.


With all that,

Is it still possible to find reliable sites and make money?

Tricky but the short answer is YES.

Even diamond and gold are found in dirt. You just need the right knowledge, tools and expertise to dig and wash through mud and dust to find them. That also means reliable sites are rare, kind of like how precious stones are.

You need time to do thorough research before you join anything. Don’t join a program simply because some famous leader is in it. I made that mistake twice and i have already paid the price.

Clixsense and Neobux are two perfect examples of PTC sites that still exist and pay to date even after HUNDREDs of similar sites came and died.

Traffic monsoon is still on track and strong even after a rough time in January 2016 when many people thought it would be the end of it.

All that proves that there are still a few reliable programs.



Enough said, Don’t join every and any site that pops.  Infact, you shouldn’t be in more than 4 at a go. Even that is too high to maintain the required focus on each.  Plus i don’t need to tell you, the less you join, the lower the exposure to risk.

I have decided to focus on Traffic monsoon, FutureAdPro, Beonpush and Fort Ad Pays.


Diversify and Create New Forms of Income Streams

Don’t let share sites be the backbone of your online existence. A building can never stand on one pillar. Create a mix and balance out on your income flow.

Luckily revshares are not the only way to earn money on the internet. At least it shouln’t be all that you do online. There are still a gazillion more, (maybe not) but there are plenty of options.


Challenge yourself, improve, learn and try new things.

Like me,

I have two goals to beat this year:


1. Build Multiplesideincomes Blog Following

I’m proud of what i have achieved with this blog so far. I have gotten referrals, subscribers ,some following on to my social media and i have also made money (still making money). But i have a feeling that i can achieve so much more and double or tripple my current achievements.

In doing so, i’ll put my focus on two things:

  • Content.

I’ll focus my content on tips and helpful posts around creating an online empire through blogging. I mentioned in my previous post that people are always in search of information. If you can find out what people are searching for, provide answers and position yourself where you can be easily found, then you’ll definitely be a money magnet.

Blogging is quite a profitable venture and of course one of the safest place online to invest your time and money. If you are interested in creating your own blog, i have a guide. You can read it here.

So i’ll try to publish atleast four new blog posts every Month. That will be one post each week which will ensure enough time for research and writing and also promoting the same posts.


  • Facebook

Facebook is the third most popular site on the internet at the moment. It can’t be ignored for sure. Most bloggers will always try to focus on google search engine traffic, but it’s also important to diversify traffic sources.

Until now, google search engine traffic accounts for 90% of my blog’s visits. I plan to add facebook into the mix.

How I plan to do it

It’s undeniable that most people spend time on social media. I plan to tap into that like never before and grow my facebook page following.

Since i created a facebook page for this blog, i have never promoted it anywhere except on this blog. Maybe that’s why i only have 200 and something likes at the moment.

I plan to grow that to 10,000 targeted likes/followers by December 2016.

Well starting with you.

Like My Page On Facebook

10,000 is quite an achievable number but it won’t be done from this blog alone. Thats why i plan to use facebook ads as well. Not cheating but i have really seen how facebook ads work and i love their targeting options.

This will boost my posts reach, social signals and traffic to my blog. And of course that means more subscribers and money to be made.

  • Youtube

I’m not really a video guy but i’ll try to get myself into that. Youtube is the second most popular site in the world, ignoring it would be such a dumb move.

This will also get traffic to my blog.

2. Niche and Adsense Sites

I have heard and read so many good things about Niche and adsense sites. Definitely not a walk in the park but when done right they are very lucrative.

Will focus on learning all i can about them, then building one before December and scale up from there. Will also give you all the important updates through this blog.



Probably one of the biggest reasons you need to diversify and be careful around Revshare sites is to exercise more control to your income flow. But you are also avoiding to mislead people into the wrong opportunities.

When you invest so much time and money into these sites, you become unstable when they shake.

Admitedly, they are one of the quickest ways to make money online. But that comes at a price of losing on your investment when you make wrong choices.

But like i said, they are still a few reliable ones.

All in all, I feel that the best and safest way to invest online is by creating a passive income stream that you have more control over. Something like creating authority blogs like i mentioned before. You should also focus on grounding yourself  (building a list and a huge following)

I hope i made sense with this post. If you have additional points of discussion or questions, please don’t hesitate to leave your comments below. I’d appreciate more if you followed me through my facebook page.

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5 thoughts on “Should You Join Every Revshare Site That Launches?

  1. Dirk

    I absolutely agree what you mentioned in your post.

    People should not forget what the main reason for this sites is :
    That are sites where people can advertise their Business and to get more visitors they pay a “Bonus” for people who are watching the advertisings….

    But more and more sites forget about that… 😉

    There are a few sites which are working good and really generate Traffic to your site. But most of the “Newcomers” are BS….

    Thanks for your post


  2. Moises Fermin

    I made up my mind. I’m joining Wealthy Affiliate through your link. I’ve kept your website saved and have ready through quite a bit of it. I’ve put off W.A. for too long now.

  3. Andy Smith

    Haven’t you figured it out yet that ALL revshares are unsustainable ponzi schemes?

    Owners like Charles Scoville will be locked up soon enough and so will many of those that recruit because they are knowingly promoting ponzi schemes that are illegal. When will people learn.

    Traffic Monsoon is dead. MAPS is dead in the water. Zukul is now collapsing. Beonpush is over. Mo Brabus is dead and so are many more.

    You can’t earn money in revshares even if you think you have done because all those that withdraw profit are forced to repay it by the FBI or you go to jail. What is the point?

    If you want to earn money online that you can keep, then you need to work dam hard. It’s taken me 25 years to learn how correctly. I’ve earned a fortune several times and lost it because of mistakes. Revshares are mistakes that people need to avoid.

  4. usoro

    really like the post. I now have clear understanding about revenue sharing sites

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