The Ads Team Review- Here Is the Truth (Scam?)

By | May 1, 2017
The Ads Team review scam

Its 2017 and as always there is a new program that everyone is talking about. The ads team has taken the spotlight this year and hundreds are flocking in daily. No doubt its one of the rapidly growing revshares at the moment.

BUT is it a business you can trust?

First, i must say

This is going to be a non affiliated review. I’m not promoting this business or any other revshare site at the moment. Not for the bad reasons, but i figured i should take a break and focus my energy on something more permanent like (blogging). However, i’m not completely detached. I still use traffic from these sites time to time.

Which brings us to,

The Ads Team Review

First Impressions.

I first heard of this site back in November 2016. I believe that was just a month after it launched. Of course i didn’t pay much attention to it, probably because there are a gazillion of these NEW revshares popping out every now and then.

But the noise kept getting louder and louder until a close friend approached me with an affiliate link. And of course there followed a lot of people who tried to recruit me into their tree. That’s when i decided to take a closer look at the opportunity itself.

For several months i have been observing and studying the site which led me to write this review.

Generally the site looks well organised maintaining a typical look and feel of a normal revshare. Important information such as  number of ad views, members and days online are openly displayed on the home page. Of course this doesn’t guarantee anything and can be scratched off as irrelevant data. But it does begin to show that owners are willing to disclose such sensitive information to the public.

However, i was disappointed that numbers that matter most like payouts  and site earnings were not provided. This could have given us a clear picture of how the business was performing and the direction of the company. As for now we can’t really tell.

Overall, the ads steamers seem to be pretty satisfied with the current site performance. This is judging from several Facebook groups and pages i visited and from its main group which has little over 35k members almost half of the total site’s current members.

The adsteam is currently paying its members on time. Also there seem not be any issues of great concern apart from a few bugs here and there which is pretty common and expected for these kind of sites.


According to the sites about page, Muhammad Azam and Najam Ul-Hassan are the two men behind this revshare. They  come from a corporate background and only got themselves into internet marketing in the recent years.

That is to say, the adsteam is their first online business as owners. But of course they have been involved/distributors/members of multiple other online programs. Onecoin and traffic monsoon come out top of the list.

Most reviewers have said that these two are scammers because of their past involvement in the above mentioned programs.

I have a different opinion ON THAT.

Just because Onecoin scammed people and traffic monsoon was shut down, it doesn’t mean its members/distributors are scammers. If Muhammad and Najam where part of the Administration structure of these companies, then we would have held them accountable.

Otherwise they were equally victims as everybody else who participated.

The Business

The business launched on October  2016, 7 months before this review.

According to WHO.IS, the domain was registered on 27th May 2016. That is a couple of month before launch. Due to a protection service i could not get the domain owner’s name, however the registration phone number and address are from PANAMA.

But as i mentioned above Muhammad and Najam are the current known CEOs. These two are based in UK, which may lead to the assumption that their business headquarters is also based in the United Kingdom.

The business is made up of 4 sub operations each under its own domain:

  1. Advertising Platform
  2.  Shopping Platform
  3. The academy
  4. AdsTEAM Pro


The AdsTEAM Advertising Platform


This is where members can purchase advertising(traffic) to their offers. And also earn back money through profit sharing or revenue sharing.

Products offered include:

  • Banners Ads
  • Text Ads
  • Login Ads
  • PPC and PTC Ads
  • Traffic exchange traffic


  • Ad packs

Ad packs are different from the rest. They are the main product and primary focus of the business. They are the main reason people join the ads team in the first place.

Basically when members purchase adpacks, they get an advertising bundle and a position into the sites revshare per pack. This bundle includes ppc  banner clicks, website credits, text credits and banner credits.

There are 3 different packs, $10, $25 and $50. Depending on which one you purchase, bundles varies in size up to a max of 20 PPC Banner Clicks, 1000 Website Credits, 5000 Text Credits and 5000 Banner credits.

the ads team scam, TAT

Revenue Sharing

Like i mentioned before each ad pack a member purchases, gives him/her one position into the revenue sharing plan. A pack expires after it has earned you a certain percentage. for e.g a $50 pack will earn you up to 120%, that is $60 after which it will expire. That will give you a $10 gain from the original purchase price.

However, you can only have a limited number of these. As shown on the image above, 200 max cap for $10 packs, 500 for $25 and 2000 for $50 ones. Earnings are distributed every hour.

Other Benefits

  • Commissions – You will earn sales commissions 5 levels deep. 8% from sales resulting from your direct referrals(level 1). 2% from your second level referrals and 1% from level 3 to 5.
  • Leadership rank tokens – leadership ranks range from Silver to Black Diamond each with its own reward as shown below.The Ads Team
  • Leadership pool Earnings – Gold members and above become part of a Leadership POOL. 8% Commission from All AdPacks sales going directly to the company are put into this pool and shared with Gold Members and Above.

Withdraw/Cashing Out

The are multiple funding and withdrawing options.  Payza, Payeer, Perfect money, STP and
Bitcoin are the available processors.

However there are withdrawing limits based on your level.

  • Position Limit/Day Limit/Month
  • No Position $200/day $6000/Month
  • Silver $250/day $7500/Month
  • Gold $300/day $9000/Month
  • Diamond $350/day $10,500/Month
  • Blue Diamond $400/day $12,000/Month
  • Black diamond $500/day $15,000/Month


The AdsTeam Shopping

This is a platform that puts most internet retailers in one place. That enables members and non members to search, compare and shop for products or services.

When a purchase is done through the platform, the company earns a commission from these so called “partners”.  Ebay, Amazon,, Alibaba are just a few retailers that the adsteam is affiliated with through the shopping platform.

You can search, compare and shop for products, book flights or hotels and also buy gifts.

The AdsTeam shopping

Is this Helping?

My guess is the adsteam created this platform to insure sustainability. That is help fill in the company’s monetary gaps should it come to that.


Is this shopping platform strong enough to shock-absorb the revshare challenges?

My thoughts…

A few commissions from purchases here and there aren’t going to do a thing at all. Most retailers offer commissions below a 10% mark depending on a product or service.

Unfortunately i don’t have important data like daily, weekly or monthly purchases and commissions to measure the performance of this platform.

But we can still use the available information we can fetch from the internet.

According to Alexa, is ranked at around 466,858th place in the world. As you can see the curve is not showing any signs of going up. Maybe there will be slight improvements as members increase.

In short, at the moment the shopping platform is not popular enough to crank in enough revenues to support the revshare. It will take some time and extra efforts to boost its popularity. But that will also depend on how long the company survives.


The AdsTeam Academy

The academy is a series of internet marketing materials(eBooks, video series webinars and 1 to 1 coaching). It’s a 4 stage internet marketing course available at one time subscription payment for each level.

Honestly i haven’t gone through each course to  validate the quality of the materials provided. But i must say it covers enough to equip an internet marketing NOOB with all the necessary information to get started.

The course doesn’t come free for the members. Each level has its own price which gets higher as you advance through.

  • Level 1 – $20 – (Ebook: Passive Income Online, Introduction to internet Marketing)
  • Level 2 – $100 – (Ebook: Web & Social Media Traffic Basics)
  • Level 3 – $300 – (Video Series: Creating a website, Traffic Generation)
  • Level 4 – $600 – (Video Series: Monetization, Internet marketing Tools)

The Academy Affiliate Program

The academy is an earning opportunity for the company and for the members as well. You can learn and earn at the same time.

Members can earn 20% commissions on direct sales, 5% on sales from your referrals referrals 9 levels deep. You also get a 50% matching bonus on your level 1 direct refs.

You can watch the adsteam compensation plan video below for further details.

The AdsTeam Pro

The AdsTeam pro

Yet to be launched at the time of this review, but basically a set of internet marketing tools.

What is included in Pro?
• Landing Pages Creator
• Banner Creator
• Autoresponders
• Sales Funnels Creator
• Social Media Manager


Pros and Cons


Cheap Traffic – revshare traffic is still among the cheapest on the internet. Not really the best but and not useless either. If you set up your funneling well, it can change your life.

  • Looking to build a list, here is a place to start.
  • Have a blog? You can tap on this traffic
  • You can also market your other opportunities, etc

Earn Money – You can make money through their revshare and also through the commissions.

You can Learn Internet Marketing. The academy is brilliantly set. If you can afford it, you have a chance to learn more than a thing or two from there.


Sustainability – 99% of revshares die within 2 years. Even those that survive beyond do not perform as well as they used to. Its hard to say for sure that the adsteam is going to survive longer but only time can tell.

Yes they are taking measures to ensure the longevity of the program like limiting withdrawals, and prompting members to inject fresh funds after a certain withdrawal threshold, but is it going to help?

Withdrawal limits – Apparently you can only withdraw up to a certain limit depending on the number of ad packs that you have.

Not only that, but you can’t withdraw more than double of your total adpack purchases unless you purchase new packs with fresh funds.The AdsTeam withdraw

Legal Issues and Negativity surrounding revshares – I can say the revshare industry is hanging in the balance. Its Doom or Salvation will depend on what rules out of TRAFFIC MONSOON case. Traffic monsoon was a giant revshare that collapsed after the SEC in the US seized its assets in early 2016 on grounds that it was operating a ponzi scheme.

Currently there is a legal case going on. If Traffic monsoon wins, it could mark a new era and revolution for the revshare industry. If they loose, things can go south for other revshares as well including this one.


Conclusion – Should You Join The AdsTeam?

I was a revshare fanboy for quite sometime. I was a member of at-least 6 of them, and each time i was disappointed.

First Traffic monsoon was taken down by the SEC, the rest just collapsed i don’t even know what happened. Since then I’ve learned a lesson and now i only use them as sources of traffic. If i happen to make money in the process, well and good but i do not treat them as my primary sources of income. That’s why i don’t promote revshares anymore.

That said, i do not recommend you to have a revshare as your primary and only source of income. There are much better and guaranteed ways of making money online like blogging.

The AdsTeam seems like a good program and probably will survive longer than most but you can never be too sure. The program is still in its infancy stage. Its too early to judge. Even though the owners are doing a great job creating multiple inflows of income into their company, we don’t know for sure if this is helping or not.

So still,

If you join, only spend what you can afford to loose. And don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. If you found this review great, like and share it with your friends.

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