Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Join 4 Corners Alliance Group Now

By | March 22, 2015
4 corners alliance group

My Story with 4 Corners alliance

Just recently, before this site went live, before I joined 4 corners alliance, I was reading Jeremy Page’s blog. I had only come by it a few weeks ago as I was watching his my advertising pays update review video on YouTube. Not only does he rank high for all these money making keywords, but his content is just the kind that keeps you reading.


He so happened to be reviewing this business opportunity by the name four corners alliance that he was already involved in. The first thought that washed through my mind was,

“Oh, this is another of those extravagant projects that abandons you broke with nothing but debt on your credit card”.

I don’t blame myself for thinking like that. It’s the slightest you’d expect from a gentleman who had fizzled wretchedly on Empower Network.

So I cared less for what he had to say about the business for I was just not up for losing more money online.

Then it happened,

A few days later while browsing through my Facebook, in one of the internet marketing groups that I had joined,I ran over this snapshot beneath that truly stood out enough to be noticed.

4 corners alliance

This gentleman, whoever he was, had already effectively withdrawn $40,000 from a business that only costs $18 onetime fee. I was definitely intrigued and wanted to know more. But, I didn’t know it was 4 corners alliance business that Jeremy was pitching the other day.

All this time though, I didn’t want to get so excited because I still had my suspicion. So I clicked the link, opted in and I was directed to this video below that really blew my mind away.

 Get Started Today

I mean really, I had nothing to be skeptical about. Regardless of the fact that four corners alliance group ended up being a trick, What could I possibly loose from an $18 onetime expense? In the event that I lost it, no biggy. Likely, that is one night out with a few companions, and that is nothing I would take a seat and cry about. I was completely sucked in.. Like totally sucked in.


I know you not all that much inspired by how I kicked in off with this. So Let’s become acquainted with genuine intent that had you land here.

But before that,

On the off chance that you missed my review on this organization, underneath is a fast outline


Four Corners alliance group in one passage

This organization began by a fellow named David Harrison (organization CEO). Australian conceived, experienced ex programmer and previous Hotels Manager. By joining 4 corners alliance, you are essentially purchasing Financial training eBooks in two classifications. Individual Financial education and a month to month bulletin. It costs $18 onetime charge to begin and that is all you’ll ever spend on this company out of your pockets. It’s a global business and any one can join. It implements a forced 4 by 6 matrix which plays part as the company’s compensation plan.

More explained in this video

 Get Started Now

Regardless, don’t hesitate to peruse my 4 corners alliance review whenever. Yet I guarantee as you experience this article, you’ll know all the more about the organization.

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen,

4 corners 728

Top 5 reasons why you should join 4 corners alliance group now.



It’s a $18 business and you pay for it once ever.

No up sale costs originating from your pockets.The most interesting approach to put this would be to consider that eighteen dollar as your start up investment. I mean truly, how much do other programs or businesses cost. A couple hundreds? Thousands maybe. You get my point.

Like I said prior on, that could be at least your night out costs with companions. On the other hand you could consider how frequently you have burned through $18 on something idiotic. I have and I can let you know, simply as of late I lost almost 30 bucks on a bet I did on a Chelsea versus PSG European Champion’s League match.

I guess what I’m saying is, this business is quite affordable. For you and for others who crave financial freedom.

Its low entry cost is one of the primary reasons why, with everyone I share this opportunity with, just about needs in quickly. I mean my first referral, was the first person I had shared this ground breaking business with.



5 income streams

They say money doesn’t grow on trees, but I guess someone just discovered a treasure chest and its key by a tree and that is 4 corners alliance. Plug in the $18 and all you have to do is open and become the wealthiest man in Babylon.

Let me explain the five Income streams concept real quick.

The company enforces a 4 by 6 matrix. That means 4 people on your first level but there are 6 levels deep you can earn from. 4 on your first, 16 on your second, 64 0n your third, 256 on your third,1,024 on your forth and about 4,096 on your last

Study this compensation plan chart

Four corners alliance group review

This chart above represents the first income stream,that is Pay from referral commissions. Mind you, the company implements a forced matrix and therefore, not everyone that will appear on your down-line tree, you’ll have necessarily sponsored them. And that is the beauty of this.

Depending on what team you join under, like if you join under me, you might wake up one morning and find your tree growing without your own personal efforts, and therefore earn commissions from even those whom you didn’t sponsor. See, the system doesn’t leave gaps. I’m serious about this business just like my sponsor who referred me. That’s your advantage if you get in with us today-now.

But you are still encouraged to refer as many as possible, for that is what will make you shine on the next income stream.

The second income stream is the 100% matching bonus. As confusing as that may sound, it means, whatever your personal referrals make(people you personally sponsored into the program), you make the same.

Taking one person you referred for example. If he/she makes $4, you make $4 too. $100, you make $100 too. $10,000, you make $10,000 too and so forth. Mind you that’s just on one person. What if you refer 4 people, or just say 10. They make half a million, you make the same out of every single one of them.How insane is that?

This is what sends people’s brains numb and pay their $18 entry right away. It’s what made me. What are you still waiting for. Begin your financial freedom journey now.

The Third income stream is from the monthly newsletter from which you plus all your down-lines, the system will auto subscribe for. The concept is the same as the first income stream except this is monthly and so you’ll earn monthly residual income forever from this.

Fourth income stream is the 100% matching bonus on the newsletter subscription from your personal referrals. Again same concept as the second income stream

And the last income stream is from if you choose to re-sell the eBooks at whatever price you choose. But i doubt there’s anyone doing this

Further illustration:

Four corners alliance group

I really hope you see how powerful this is.

Hint: All these five income streams are explained thoroughly on the first video above.



Spill overs

At this point I should tell you this. 4 corners alliance business is a team work game. You don’t only benefit from your own personal efforts, but from everyone else’s above and below you.

In short,the spillover concept works like this

After signing up the maximum number of referrals permitted on your first level (4 people), any person you sign after this maximum ‘spills over’ to the next level. And if the next level is also filled, to the one following it.

Let’s say you join four corners alliance group today which uses a 4 x 6 forced matrix compensation plan. As soon as you sign up the first four people, your first level will be full. There will be no vacant position on your first level to place another.

Once you fill your first level, you are ‘forced’ to place any person you recruit in a position on a level below your first level, i.e. in one of your down line member’s group. This is generally a major advantage or benefit of spillover.

That’s why it’s crucial to place yourself under someone who’s serious enough about this business,like i did under my sponsor.



Convenient Payment System

Four corners alliance group pay its members weekly. There are mainly two ways this can be done. Via Solid Trust Pay or a Visa Debit Card that 4 corners alliance will send you. You can use it to withdraw your money at any ATM machine worldwide that supports Visa.

Pretty cool.

Just a quick demo:

All credits to Frank for this video.



Easy to recruit and Newbie Friendly

This business is one that any person can do. First and foremost’s its just $18 onetime (shabby) and second its anything but difficult to find four individuals who can bear the same onetime cost. It doesn’t require you to spam Facebook groups and pages with ads to get referrals. In fact you can succeed with 4 corners alliance without any kind of online advertising.

I know beyond all doubt that the first and second level of your matrix can be topped up with just people around you. Siblings, relatives, neighbors and friends on top of spillovers that may come from your sponsor above. This is sufficient to get the wheels turning.

Mind you, those relatives, friends and neighbors likewise have friends, relatives and neighbors. So the circle continues endlessly.

But with all that, your first level only requires four people. That should be your primary focus though you could have more should you choose to recruit further.

Now let me conclude this with one simple question then you’ll tell me if this is hard at all.

Out of the 100 people you know (friends, relatives, coworkers and neighbors), how hard is it to find four people that can afford $18 onetime?

I figure you got the answer as of now.

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You do not need to quit your job to do this. You do not need any sort of expertise. You just need to take action and let 4 corners alliance do the magic for you


“Do what today others won’t, so tomorrow, you can do what others can’t.” ~ Brian Rogers Loop




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78 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Join 4 Corners Alliance Group Now

  1. Avitus Post author

    Philani, to succeed at anything you need to focus, work and stay consistent. Yes $18 can change your life if you have a plan in place and stay loyal to that. It won’t happen overnight but it will definitely change your life if you believe and start working(taking action)

  2. jerry

    i like to join your team. Can you send me a link…. also tell me from your back office can you view your total downlines

  3. Monica

    I would like to join can you help me how I can,

  4. Avitus Post author

    Yes you need to recruit people and earn commissions to make money with four corners.

  5. Avitus Post author

    Hi Bayulus

    You receive commission for each place that gets filled in your matrix.or in other words for each person that you refer. You also receive commissions for people who are referred by your referrals(matching bonus)

    So for example, if you join under me today, i get a commission and my sponsor also receives the same amount of commission as a matching bonus.

  6. bayulus


  7. Avitus Post author

    This can be requested from your back office. Its $19 plus $10 int.shipment cost. So in total $29. This doesnt have to come out of your pockets. once you have enough balance, you can request .Kindly see the below image for more info.
    four corners alliance group debit card

  8. Zarabotka Lesna


    I have one thing unclear.

    Let’s say: I refer my uncle, and I get commissions from him.
    He refers his mother, he gets commissions from her, I get commissions from both.
    And his mother, if she doesn’t refer anyone, how can she earn money?

    All this story for one question: If I don’t refer anyone, I wouldn’t have any income?

    Thanks for your help.

  9. Avitus Post author


    Four corners is a typical referral business. That means If you don’t refer you won’t earn or you’ll earn very little overtime. But because four corners is also a forced matrix, if she doesn’t refer she will still get downlines overtime(spillovers) from you guys who are above her. And so she will only earn from those spills that fall on her matrix that will depend on your efforts. But again she won’t get any matching bonuses.

  10. Zarabotka Lesna

    Hmm.. I didn’t actually understand how spillovers work… Can you please explain me better?

    Thank you in advance.

  11. Avitus Post author


    Spillover is when your matrix positions are filled on a certain level and so who ever signs up next falls beneath you under one of your downlines as their own but you still enjoy the benefits of sponsoring them. For example, when you sign up under me but my first level is filled already, then you’ll be forced under one of my referrals. But even though you fall under them, i still enjoy the benefits of sponsoring you(commissions and matching bonuses)

  12. Imonga Imonga

    I heard about this Business from Doime Vasco Kamakalu who invited me to attend his Workshop in Katima Mulilo, Namibia on 25/10/15.
    My question is: The 4 Corner Alliance Products are they FUEL, EATABLE, MECHINARIES or CAR DEALERS? I need to know and understand before 25th.
    Another question is: I this Business working in ZAMBIA for I AM A ZAMBIAN?

  13. Avitus Post author

    Hi Imonga

    4 corners alliance products are non of what you mentioned. They are financial literacy informational products(how to manage your personal finances, investments and things of the sort). But also, its a business that is conducted online.

    Yes you can join from Zambia as it is a worldwide business.

  14. Imonga Imonga

    I will be meeting with a NAMIBIAN 4 CORNER ALLIANCE TEAM IN KATIMA MULILO ON 25th Oct,’15.
    But before that I want to know HOW CAN I JOIN NOW?

  15. Avitus Post author


    The one who invited you, will provide you with his or her referral link through which you’ll fill a joining form online and pay a onetime $18 fee. That’s it.

  16. demi

    Hi, I want to sign up for the 4 corners alliance and a strong good team support is a must for me when I need help with adv and referral etc… Will it be someone that easy to reach when I need?

  17. Avitus Post author


    I’m available for help and support in terms of what you are supposed to do which is basically what i do to get sign ups in this and other businesses.

    However, You have to be READY to work and take ownership of your own business because in the end its yours and yours alone. If that makes sense, i’d be glad to have you on my team. Here is my link: click here

  18. kashweka k.

    please we are a group that in Zambia ,sesheke that think of joining 4corner alliance group and we lack enough information and
    sensitizing materials to educate people on validity of joining 4 corners online business.can you sent us brochures ,newsletters,flyers and anything pertaining to this?

  19. francis

    Hello. My question is: can withdrawal be made at any level or must i reach level 6 before i will be allowed to make withdrawal?
    and secondly: after i reach level 6 and make withdrawal, do i have to start all over again from level 1?

  20. Avitus Post author


    Even i don’t have all those. I strictly conduct this business online which means i don’t have all those brochures, newsletters and flyers to give to people. I use my experience with four corners and information on their site to market this business.

    However, you can make such materials by yourself and give people as long as they give out true information about the business.

  21. Avitus Post author


    Yes you can withdraw at any level as long as you have already ordered your debit card. However, people choose to wait until they have already upgraded to all level which is the best practice in my opinion.

  22. Lovely babe

    Hello Avitus!
    I’m very interested to join. I just have some questions:
    1. How do I get paid? I’m from the Philippines, how can I claim the card?
    2. Can you show me your recent cashout with 4 corners? As I will also show that proof to the people I will refer. 🙂

    I’m still confuse on the payment system so I have to clear things up first before I refer anybody. I’ll wait for your reply Avitus. Thanks. 🙂

    Ps: if you could spare some time, please elaborate further about how do we get paid. (The payment process literally) Hehe. Thanks man! 🙂

  23. Imtiyaz Shaikh

    Very useful post…cleared a lot of my confusion. thank you

  24. Sayedur

    Hi, I understand it is a one of $18 to join, but do I have to subscribe the monthly newsletter for $29? I need to know before I join. Thanks

  25. romi

    can we enroll more than 4 peoples. or 4 people only. what about if i registered 4 people and they do not work. if there any possiblities to enroll more than 4 people because i do not know who is going to continue the business

  26. Avitus Post author


    You can enroll unlimited number of people. You are right some people are just lazy looking for an easy down slide. The more people you sign up, the better for you.

  27. Rema

    Hi Avitus,

    I have been a little skeptical about joining 4 corners all these days as somehow I feel uncomfortable with MLM programs, but when I read your review here, I did not want to have any more doubts, I have joined as your referral. Hope I can reach out to you if I need any help. Thanks.
    Rema recently posted…Cool Wallets For WomenMy Profile

  28. Avitus Post author


    Welcome to the team and thank you for joining under me. I’m here in case you need any assistance. Wish you all the best

  29. Yogi

    I just want to mention I’m new to bonggilg and site-building and really liked this web blog. Most likely I’m planning to bookmark your blog post . You certainly come with superb posts. Kudos for sharing with us your blog site.

  30. Monique armstr

    Ill join under you if you will help me build my downline. Do we have a deal?

  31. Dominic

    I want to join but I will also want you to help me grow my team. I’m from Ghana and $18 dollars is really a big deal here so it will not be easy to recruit people. But if only you will help me then I’m 200% intersted

  32. Rop

    I am willing to join your team. If you promise to mentor and support build a team.

  33. Avitus Post author


    I always support people who join under me and even those who are not under me.

  34. Leila Bailey Kukuma

    Hi Avitus!

    I am from Papua New Guinea, near Australia. I only heard of 4 Corners three days ago and very interested to sign up . However, I am unsure please clarify the followings questions for me before I can sign up.
    4 Corners Alliance Group have the following products:
    1. 16 Financial Literacy Books
    2. Monthly Newspapers
    3. Starien Subscription

    I have seen from the compensation plan chart that the product costs starts from Level 1 to 6 . The newspaper and starien also have subscription fees.
    Q1: If I have to sign up , do I have to pay for those costs too apart from the $18.00 membership fee?

    Q2: What is the difference between the Monthly Newspaper subscription and the Starien subscription?

    Thank you.


  35. Anointing Asare

    Hi Avitus,i have already joined from Ghana but the $18 is a big wahala(trouble)here…oo so I am finding it difficult to get my first four referrals started.But please I wan`t you to help me get at least two downlines from outside Ghana where the $18 is not a big deal.

    Thank you because you have made me understood so many questions that were moving in my mind.

  36. Anointing Asare

    May God bless you even as I am waiting for my reply.

  37. Avitus Post author


    I do understand $18 can be a big deal for many people around the world, not only in Ghana. But you’ll come to find that there are a lot more people who are willing to spend even more than that to succeed with a program such as Four corners. You just have to know where to look for them or you must position yourself where they’ll easily find you.

    I just have one question, how are you promoting Four corners?

  38. Anointing Asare

    By spreading this bussiness opportunity to them through phone calls and whatsapp

  39. Avitus Post author


    I did try that a while back and it didn’t work. Most people where either not interested or they were just too afraid to involve themselves with anything of the nature.

    But there is a solution to that
    – a paid solution
    – a free solution.

    The Paid solution is through Paid advertising (solo ads, ppc ads, facebook ads etc). But that is for people who already have a budget for that. Or people who are already earning.

    But what happens when you don’t have much to spend on advertisement. There are a lot of free ways.

    One that i like to recommend is Blogging. I know blogging is quite effective for sponsoring because it’s all i’m using now and the results are pretty satisfying.

    So you register a blog, write a good review and optimize you post for search engines. When you start ranking, you’ll start getting visitors to your blog, people are already interested to know more about four corners.

    I’m actually doing a post on a guide (how to create a profitable blog) that will explain the entire process. It should be up in a few days.

    Good thing about blogging is that you can have itself as an income stream.

    In the mean time you can read this post and this one.

  40. alwin

    Hi Avitus,

    I am interested to join 4 corners however would like to check with you on the payment request. i am from Malaysia, can i use my country’s debit card to withdraw money? has any of your downline tried that before? if yes, how long has it taken to reach your own account?

  41. Jemmy

    Please can I reffer more thank 4 pople at my first level

  42. Edwin

    Hi, if I understand the plan no money will be collectable until all levels are paid for; would you care to share what level you’re on at this point? I’m interested, but, I still have questions. I would also would like to ensure the upline team is solid.

  43. Avitus Post author

    I could be level 1 or 6 but your success in this business should you choose to join depends entirely on your efforts. Work is involved and you have to work to get sign ups and earn those commissions.

  44. Edwin

    I understand about the work involved, but, I would like to know if my perception is correct: Will all initial commissions go toward paying the different levels? I’m trying to establish realisticly how long it might take to actually start collecting some money; this is why I asked about your current level. Going by your article’s dating it would be a little over a year since you started, and although I know my success depends on me, I would like to have an idea of how long I’d need to work without spendable income, whether it is $20 or whatever. Thanks!

  45. Avitus Post author


    I’m at level 5. And yes your initial commissions will go into paying for the 7 levels products(depending on your preferences you can have this happen automatically or you could upgrade manually). But that doesn’t restrict you to withdraw cash before you reach level 7.

    How long you get to level 7 depends on a lot of things like i mentioned on the previous comment.

  46. donn

    i love ths,im from Zimbabwe and how will i boost my network if i sign under u…
    get in touch also through my email bro

  47. Mercia

    Hi there, I’ve been researching four corners for a while now. When I wanted to join, I really had so much trouble getting my account verified at Solid Trust Pay. Eventually closed my account with them. I didn’t know you can request a debit card from Four Corners. Can I also pay the 18$ with my debit card?

  48. Lawrence Osei

    Am not at getting referals for theses kind of programmes because all that I recommend becomes a scam, so how am I going to earn from this incase of no referals?

  49. Avitus Post author


    For this you must have referrals.

    Yeah i know, it’s had to know if a program is going to last or not, that’s why i’d recommend you start your own blog which is the most safest way to make money online. Read this post for some guide

  50. pauline Punjimill

    I want to join please help me.who do I sign up under?

  51. Agoko Peter Keith

    Hi Avitus, I want to join and I can afford the $18 required but the problem is getting the 4 referrals to complete the cycle and I request you to help me the downlines anywhere where $18 isn’t a big deal.

  52. Steve Mel

    Hi Avitus

    Interested in Joining, can I sign under you?

    Papua New Guinea

  53. John Hebowi Manau

    II want to join up with 4 Corners but I need a sponsor (referral link). Can I be contacted by someone who can help. Thank you.

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