My Traffic Wave Surfing Earning Proof

Welcome to My Traffic wave surfing Income proof page. No hiding no BS, this page will show you my earning 

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My Traffic Wave Surfing Progress

So i actually joined the company on 15th of April 2016. I purchased 900 packs for $900 since each pack costs $1. I created this page to document my progress as i try to grow my account to the 30,000 packs limit.

Traffic wave surfing is an exciting new revshare. Apart from it being cheaper, i like the fact that the revshares are currently standing at 4% daily. Of course that could change, its not meant to be fixed but it also means higher daily shares and also packs take relatively short time to expire. With a 900 pack start, i’m earning at least $38 daily and adding at least 38 new packs daily.

My current strategy

– 100% repurchasing Until i reach 5,000 packs before i start withdrawing.

– Getting referrals

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Traffic Wave Surfing Payment Proof 11 May – 23 May 2016

traffic wave surfing payment proof

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Traffic Wave Surfing Payment Proof

So this week i did try to make test withdrawals just to see how long withdrawals took to completely process. I was satisfied that withdrawal requests are almost instant. Averaging about 5 mins before you receive your money before you receive your money inside the processor.

traffic wave surfing -WITHDRAWALS

Received into my payza account.

traffic wave surfing -PAYZA WITHDRAWALS

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My Day 10 Back-office

trafficwavesurfing, Traffic wave surfing income proof DAY 10

Still maintaining a maximum growth speed.I’m still not going to withdraw anything. I’m 100% repurchasing from my earnings. Time to get referrals, I’ve been working on my trafficwavesurfing review, you can click here to read it. I’ll be trying to rank it on first page of Google as i also implement other strategies

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My Day 6 Back-office

Traffic wave surfing review,

Almost a week since i joined Traffic wave surfing. I continue to soar with packs on sprint. From 900 i now have 1125 active packs while my total earnings from sharing standing at $250. Using my strategy, assuming i had cashed out $22 3 days ago then i would be in a position to withdraw $25 again.  And i would still maintain a maximum growth speed without considering any referral commissions. I just love this site

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My Day 3 Back-office

Traffic wave surfing review, traffic wave surfing income proof

In 3 days I’ve been able to grow my packs from 900 to 1048 having a gain of 148. My total earnings from sharing stand at $169. Using the 91 – 9 strategy i could have withdrawn $22 and still maintain a maximum growth rate. This is without a single referral

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