Traffic wave surfing Review: $230k Paid In a Month

By | April 23, 2016
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traffic wave surfing is a $1 dollar ad pack type of revshare site that seems to be gaining popularity in the recent times. With approximately 200 people joining in daily and having paid close to a quarter of a million dollar in a month, the company got my attention right away.

Let’s look at this more closely.


In my efforts to know more about the company, I had to visit the site’s official Facebook group.

Right away I could tell that it has pretty satisfied customers. Most members post there results and achievements especially payment proofs which is a good indicator that the company is currently doing well. Not forgetting to mention that it has already paid over $230k in less than a month.

No problem or complains from members so far.

The admin is also very transparent and makes an effort to keep members updated with site news. More on the admin will be covered later in this post.

traffic wave surfing review, trafficwavesurfing,

Not enough to dive head first, I had to do more research.

My second big question was:

How Popular Is traffic wave surfing?

trafficwavesurfing,, traffic wave surfing, traffic wave surfing review

Alexa rankings for this site seems to be on the rise. I observed the stats for a week, in which time it has gained 2000 positions. It was ranking at around 50k and it is now sitting at 48k as seen above. Of course its not fixed as these stats change from time to time depending on the sites traffic. For now the rankings are bound to rise since more and more people are introduced to the site each day.

Also, there seem to be a good percentage of unique visitors (non-member hits). Around 30% of the site’s traffic come from other sites but mostly from Facebook and Google. This creates a good mix and exposure to member’s advertisements.

In depth Traffic Wave Surfing Review, trafficwavesurfing, traffic wave surfing review-disclaimer

This review is based on research that i have done on the company. You can always go further and do some more research before you decide to join the program even if i happen to recommend it.


Like any other revshare advertising company, members buy advertisement packages and participate in the company’s profit sharing. The model used is similar to other popular sites like fortadpays, trafficmonsoon and futureadpro.

According to scam adviser, was registered on 14th February 2016. That is a month before the actual launch which was on 23 March 2016. The site is running on proXcore, a famous error free script. On the day of this review, its exactly one month since launch.

Thomas Fuccenecco is the site’s admin.  He is a well know player, top earner and leader in the revshare industry. Most of us know him from Facebook revshare communities, well connecting with admins and also a solution provider.

This is obviously his first big venture, but we have already seen many good signs from his administration since pre-launch to date that are positively impacting the company. But of course it’s important to know that he has never scammed anyone before.


Product line

TWS product line is a well stretched one. It includes Pay Per Click (PPC), Paid To Click (PTC), Banner Ads, Text Ads, Login Ads and Solo Ads services.

The company also shares its profits with members participating in the revenue sharing program. Of course this is not guaranteed and earning could fluctuate depending on the company sales.


How to participate in the Revenue Sharing Program

First you have to be a member. Then you’ll have to purchase ad packs which are current sold at $1 each. This gives you 10 banner and 25 text ad credits.You can purchase and repurchase up to a limit of 30,000 ad packs. You’ll receive hourly profits until maturity which is currently at 125%.

There is a 50% repurchase rule where your earnings will be split into two between your cash and repurchase balance. Whatever is in your cash balance is what can be withdrawn at any particular point in time.

Similar to other revshares, you are required to surf a minimum of 5 ads daily to qualify for hourly profits. Recruiting is optional but when you do, you’ll be paid commissions up to 8% going 4 levels deep from your referral purchases.


Payments and Withdrawals

There is a total of 5 different processors you can pay or withdraw from. This includes payza, Payeer, Perfectmoney, Solidtrustpay and Coinpayment.

To purchase a service, you must first make a deposit into the site (minimum $5 and $20,000 maximum). Then you can purchase any service of your choice.

Withdrawals are also fast done within 24 hours. You can only withdraw once a day to a maximum of $300.


Should You Join trafficwavesurfing?

Pros and Cons


  1. Its an affordable revshare. At $1 per pack, anyone can afford this program. There are many rev shares that will charge you $50 per pack which can be a bit expensive for most people especially those just starting out with internet marketing. This one however is for everyone.
  2. Has a fairly good ROI. As i mentioned earlier ad packs mature at 125% which is is fairly higher than most popular programs out there.
  3. Commissions are four levels deep. So not only will you get paid commissions from your direct referrals, you’ll also get paid paid from there referrals going 4 levels down.
  4. No need to recruit. Most internet marketers scare away from business opportunities that requires you to recruit to earn like say 4corners or AIOP. This one has no such ties. buy packs and earn.
  5. Withdrawals are processed on time. That is within 8 hours but maximum 24 hours. No reported withdraw issues so far.
  6. Variety of payment payment options. There are all other major payment processors which almost covers everyone around the world. 5 payment options makes it convenient enough to pay in and out of the site.
  7. It is a global opportunity. Anybody from around the world can join in and earn. There are no country restrictions
  8. No reported issues. The site has been operating smoothly since launch
  9. Good leadership. As i had said before Thomas has leadership qualities, transparent and knows what he is doing.
  10. Clean website layout. Its fairly easy to navigate through traffic wave surfing site. Banners and ads are well placed with a theme that is familiar to most revshare members.
  11. No membership fees

join my trafficwavesurfing team here


  1. You can only have a maximum of 30,000 packs. When that is high enough, as a serious internet entrepreneur it limits your growth to that level. We have revshares that don’t have a limit.
  2. Withdrawals are limited to $300 daily per user. Even though it’s not so much of a problem, i believe members would have been more satisfied with a much higher figure.
  3. 50% repurchase rule. Even though its meant to maintain a good balance, this limits funds available for withdrawal.


There are so many good things being said about this revshare. Members are praising the admin for his commitment to hold things in place. Many sites experience technical issues during pre-launch and even after launch but TWS has been having a smooth run since day one.

Again, its encouraging to see that the company has been consistently paying a daily rate of 4% which is high enough to attract new members. Might go up or down, i don’t know, but for now its good enough to keep members motivated. More than that, a quarter of a million dollar has already been paid out in one month which is a good sign and indicator of the company stability.


Even with all the good things being said, there’s no person who can guarantee the future. Unfortunately like most people, my vision is only limited to now. So as the old rule book says, only put in what you can afford.

This is a real business, nothing is guaranteed. If you are afraid of loosing money, then you better leave it in your Bank account.

Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning. –Robert Kiyosaki

You should also know that

If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

That’s why i joined Traffic wave surfing on 15th of April and honestly, I’m happy with the company. I created a page to document my growth and earning proof. You can follow my progress.

Lastly, i invite you all to join my team here. I hope you found my review useful. I’d appreciate your feedback through the comments below. Kindly like and share this post with your friends.

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  1. Charon Parker

    Is 30,000 ad packs the maximum you can buy in a month or for as long as your account is alive?

  2. Avitus Post author


    That is the maximum number of packs you can have at the moment, not in a month. Maybe the limit will be increased later, i don’t know. But you can only have up to a maximum of 30,000 ad packs at the moment.

  3. Avitus Post author


    I’m seeing a lot of red flags myself, but lets wait and see.

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